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Video content is ruling 2019 and has become the key to digital marketing success for brands looking to boost online reach and growing their business over the internet. Video content has seen a remarkable growth in social media in recent years. Finding an audio to acquaint with your video can sometime be cumbersome and that is why we have prepare a list of Top 13 Websites to help you in your pursuit to Find Free Background Music for your Videos.

According to a study, 87% of the marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool, while 51% of them consider video content having the best ROI. Consumers love it, too! Be it blogs, YouTube or Instagram, users expect video content and are seen to have been influenced more by a video than a text or picture post.

For any video, background music and sound effects play a powerful impact on how the video is perceived. Choosing the right background music makes your video far more engaging and conveys the intended message to the viewers. Especially in the case of short videos which often last 15-90 seconds, the right music choice not only hooks the viewers from the very beginning but also creates emotion around your message which further helps in strengthening your brand. However, choosing the perfect background music for your video that appeals to your viewers can be a bit tricky.

If you are not sure where to search for the best Free Background Music for your Videos, we are here to help you in choosing the best-suited background music to induce the intended emotion in your viewers. We have scoured the internet to find some of the best websites where you can find high-quality Free Background Music for your Videos.

1. HookSounds

HookSounds for free background music for your videos

HookSounds has a royalty-free music collection of high-quality MP3 and WAV files that can be easily downloaded and used in video projects. Owned and operated by artists, HookSound has separate files for instrumental, vocals or loop versions.  

Artists can make money from their music by licensing their exclusive and unique content for $24 under the Standard License, $49 under the Extended License and $580 for TV/Radio license. With a $29 per month subscription, you get access pass of added benefits including unlimited downloads, complete access to the library including premiums and valid licenses for YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and LinkedIn. 

Price: Free for use and mention (non- commercial ), otherwise $29 per month

2. Artlist

Find Free Background Music for your Videos

Artlist is an excellent source of affordable royalty-free music, having a catalog of over 12,000 original songs by real musicians that grows every day. To find the right music for your video project fast, you can filter songs by genre, mood, instrument, video theme (like Wedding, Vlog or Travel), as well as by instrumental or vocal tracks.

For a very affordable one-time fee of $199, you get a yearly subscription that gives you full access to their library, unlimited downloads and the right to use any song you download forever even if you don’t renew your subscription. The best part about Artlist is their license, as it covers any video project, even commercial, so you don’t need to worry about licensing whether you’re making a video for social media or broadcast TV.

3. Mixkit

Mixkit - Free Stock Music for Videos

Mixkit offers over 1,000 free stock music tracks that can be used in your next commercial or personal video project. Choose from cinematic and experimental to uplifting or dramatic themed tracks to give your video the perfect mood. Each music track is super simple to download and use, with no sign up or attribution required.

Created by some of the world’s most talented artists, Mixkit music is royalty-free and are ready to be used in YouTube videos, background music, podcasts, and online advertising.

Finish your video project by adding one of Mixkit’s free stock video clips or free Premiere Pro templates.

Price: Free

4. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio LibraryYouTube Audio Library for free Background Music
YouTube Audio Library for free Background Music

YouTube Audio Library is a free collection of music and sound effects. It allows you to add music files directly to your video when you are working online. Also, you can download these files directly to your device by clicking on the download icon available on the right side of a music file.

This music can be used with your videos and without any hassle of a copyright claim. These music files are owned by YouTube, and thus they are Royalty-free.

To access these music files, you need to go to YouTube Creator Studio section where you can find Audio Library tab that is available in the left sidebar of the Creator Studio page. You can also go directly to,’ where you will find two tabs, namely, ‘Free music’ and ‘Sound effects.’ You can choose any, as per your choice.

Price: Free

5. Facebook Sound Collection

Free Background Music in Facebook Sound Collection
Free Background Music in Facebook Sound Collection

Just like YouTube Audio Library, Facebook has launched its own sound collection to help creators get Royalty free music files for their videos. This library is available under Facebook’s recently launched creator studio. Facebook Sound Collection is an open repository of Facebook-owned high-quality soundtracks and sound effects and can be used in videos uploaded on Facebook and Instagram without any copyright claim.

After logging into Creator Studio, you can find the sound collection tab on the left side menu. Inside the Sound Collection,  there are two tabs in it, namely, Tracks and Sound effects of which you can make a choice as per your requirement.

Price: Free

6. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive for background music for videos

At the time of writing this article, FMA is not functional due to some ownership change issue they are having. But still, we want to keep this massive library in the third position on our list of Free Background Music for your Videos because of the vast collection of copyright-free music that it offers.

Free Music Archive acquire by Tribe of Noise

All mp3 tracks on Free Music Archive are legal to use and are not restricted by copyright laws. Most of the music files are licensed under creative commons of easy usage policy. The website also offers licensed tracks at a cost attached to it.

Price: Free

7. SoundCloud

soundcloud for free background music for your videos

With Soundcloud, you can search for anything you require and preset a filter for the license. The license filters are available under the share tab in the left navigation pane. Some available options are:

  • To modify commercially
  • To use commercially
  • To share

So what you can do is go directly to this link which has an applied filter ‘To share’ and start searching for the tracks and effects you like. The search can be made for a specific record or based on genre like rock, pop, etc. Most of the music files on SoundCloud is licensed under Creative Commons, which allows creators to use them by following the guidelines mentioned by the artist.

Price: Free

8. Freeplay Music

Freeplay Music for free background music for your videos

Scene, Genre, and Mood are the classifications available at the homepage with a search bar to quench your thirst for more. Freeplay Music enlists more than 50000 copyright free songs which can be used for your YouTube and Facebook video.

After you have found the file that matches your need, the usage is simple as you can simply click on the cart icon available at the right of the music file and you will be prompted to log in with your Google account. That’s it.

Price: Free

9. IncompeTech

Incompetech for free background music for your videos

IncompeTech is another awesome collection to find some Free Background Music for your Videos. Just like other platforms, you can either choose the categories to browse or use the search bar to find the music of your choice.

Downloading a file is simple, as after search you can click on the download icon which will tell you about the artist you need to give credit to under creative commons license.

Price: Free for use and mention (Creative Common License ), otherwise standard license starts at $20/file

10. Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music for free background music for your videos

Free Stock Music offers free production music which can be legally used in your projects without spending any penny.  With a 100% royalty-free license and no attribution, there are different categories of free music such as Cinematic, Classical, Hip-Hop, Pop Music, Easy Listening, International, and more. There are regular additions to the free soundtrack music library, and the supported file formats are WAV, AIFF & MP3.

Price: Free

11. Josh Woodward

Josh Woodwards for free background music for your videos

Josh Woodward is an acoustic indie rock singer/songwriter who has released many albums in the past decade, but he has chosen to give away all of his music for free. In a world of lawsuits and copyright claims, Josh offers more than 200 songs as free downloads from his website.

After over six-and-a-half million MP3 downloads from his site, he’s living proof that the music world is changing. His brand of passionate delivery with vivid stories, clever wordplay and occasional dark humor may not be for everyone, but the Internet has made it possible to find its audience.

You can simply go to the website and play or download any available music track with just a click. Users also have a choice to buy lossless FLAC files of the regular and instrumental versions of every one of Josh Woodward’s songs.

Price: Free

12. ccMixter

ccMixter for free background music for your videos

Community site, CCMixter has a curated collection of free music for commercial use under Creative Commons which can be used in videos, remixes, games, and apps. All it requires is a credit to the musician or artist. You can browse the perfect background music for your project based on filters such as “free for commercial use” and “royalty-free ccPlus license.” You can make generous donations to support the site to stay free for everyone.

Price: Free (Creative Commons License)

13. TeknoAxe

TeknoAXE for free background music for your videos

Last into our list of Free Background Music for your Videos is TeknoAXE. TeknoAXE Royalty-Free Music hosts files which are covered under a Creative Commons license 4.0. There are more than 1534 music tracks over here from all genres. Most of the categories are listed on the home page, and you can choose anyone out of them to find the music of your choice. Once you find the file you can select it and listen to it on the provided YouTube embed.

After listening to the music track, you just need to click the Download button aside to it, and your download will simply begin.

Though there are less number of tracks when compared to the others but the selection is precise to meet your Background Music needs

Price: Free

We hope that the above-given list will provide you the best of what you need. Please do share which website was most helpful in the comment section below so that it can help others in their pursuit to find “free background music for your videos.”

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