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Statistics and numbers play a vital role in giving the right shape to a marketing idea or campaign. Knowing the what works with the audience, when and how matters a lot when a brand is planning to be regular on social media.

Social media analytics tools are basically the guides that help us reach out the right audience at the most relevant time with the most accurate and engaging content. These tools are the necessities of a good marketer and brand these days.

Using social media analytics tools makes the brand appear more credible as it helps study engagement patterns and success rates of posts from the past. These tools mostly assist in social media listening that ensures accuracy in the content and various other operations associated with the online branding.

social media analytics tools

Analytics tools are a good fit with social media management tools that help schedule, optimize and publish material based on the facts and figures obtained from the former.

Here we have compiled few of the best free and paid social media analytics tools for digital marketers and brands that would help them ace the race this 2020.

Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers in 2020

  1. Sprout Social

Marketers out there, you must have surely heard about the amazing social media analytics tools that sprout social offers besides its social media management options. It is functional over five major social media platforms that are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Their website was quoted as:

“Save time and stop second-guessing. Speed up data collection, prove ROI and inform strategy using Sprout Social”

The tool compiles data for easy study that would eliminate obstacles during monetization of platforms. It measures several outcomes of data gathered and arranged for better presentation of its impact thus driving decision making.

social media analytics tools

Social sprout has an easy-to-understand toolset where you can learn to examine results to obtain actionable insights. It also provides a single screen report of all the connected social media profiles for better comparative study on the performance of posts. Moreover, the tools help compare results to that of the competitors for more exclusive ideas and opportunities.

social media analytics tools

The Sprout social analytics tools are available for free for 30 days along with reports for team performance, social media channels and other comparative studies. One can explore more features and offers with their paid upgrades of $99, $149 and $249 per month too

  1. Rival IQ

It is one of the most interesting social media analytics tools which helps users study competitor performances, strategies and failures to determine campaigns and ideas for self. It provides competitive analysis, influencer tracking across multiple networks, social reporting with comprised data analytics and on demand customizable social media audit reports with data backup.

social media analytics tools

Rival IQ store historical data up to 24 months that helps recognise the overall well-functioning strategies and campaigns for the competitor.

The tool provides analytics for the top social media networks namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Overview of the performance of social media metrics including hashtag analysis, content quality, engagement rates and impressions can be obtained and analysed with it.

social media analytics tools

The analytics tool obtains data to analyse the Facebook and Instagram ads specifically for more benefits to the user’s brand. These insights are helpful in improving overall digital performance of the platforms.

Rival IQ provides free analytics for 14days including all the data and facts from the above mentioned networks beside a flexible monthly planning for brands in need of upgrades.

They offer three packages names Drive, Engage and Engage Pro at $199, $299 and $499 per month respectively.

  1. Hootsuite

We will now have a look over one of the most widely used social media analytics tools for marketers. It is known to be the all in one tool which marketers can use for social media listening, analytics, management and publishing. Hootsuite assists in improving the quality of content in posts, know the type of content that works best for the brand, recognise the right time for posting, increase the overall effectiveness of ads and synchronize the complete social media process over multiple networks and channels.

social media analytics tools

It provides customizable intuitive interface to create insightful reports using over 200 metrics and measure the influence capability of content across platforms.

Using this tool one can keep a track over the team’s performance on social media platforms. User can also know about the important brand mentions for better integration and reach.

social media analytics tools

The tool is available for free with all its features intact for 30 days on a trial version. Marketers can purchase the upgrades at $19, $99 and $599 per month for more advanced reports and analytics.

  1. Buffer Analyze

Generally, marketers prefer buffer analyse over other option due to the ease of features available on the analytics tool. Obtaining detailed data and in depth insights is quite easy on buffer that would further promote growth in overall social media presence. It provides all materials and templates necessary to create amazingly customised impressive reports as it gives recommendations related to the engagement rates and sales.

social media analytics tools

On buffer analyse we can get an overview of aggregate performance across multiple social media channels, track all the key engagement metrics, examine the credibility of hashtags/mentions/stories or posts. It also helps get the right medium, time and opportunity to reach the target market by pinpointing demography distribution over all channels.

If you are looking for any social media analytics tools to know what to post, when to post and how often to post then, do try the buffer analyse for accuracy, impact and result.

social media analytics tools

They function on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram only.

All of the features can be utilised for free within 14 days after which one can subscribe to their $35 and $50 per month packages.

  1. Social Bakers

It provides some of the finest insights that can assist brands in outshining their competitors in the same market. Social baker helps add context to one’s social media expenditure with great insights that benchmark a brand’s performance in the market. Users can witness the changes in their social media engagement levels beside studying the functioning of their campaign strategy. It assists in comparing the effectiveness of online marketing moves against metrics likes ad costs, advertising engagement, performance of content and total ad spend.

social media analytics tools

The key point of difference with this analytics tool is that it consolidates brands digital audience data along with AI generated persona profiles to help create tailor made content that “resonates with your audience segments.”

Social baker can read performances across several social media platforms. It also develops the head-to-head Facebook and Instagram comparisons to show user how their strategy works against their rivals.

social media analytics tools

Unlike other analytics tools, Social Baker is a pro at sentiment analysis which lets the brand know what is liked by specific target audience. It uses its predictive analysis features to help decide whether to boost Facebook posts or not. The tool also provides options that optimize and publish content, map the right demography, track team performances as well as customer care responses for better user experience.

It can be used as trial for free with all the options and features for 14days after which one can subscribe to the toolsets at $200 per month or get customised packages.

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