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Vishal Sharma4 years ago

Videos are a great way to create brand awareness, and a large majority of businesses are using videos as a marketing tool in 2019. Customers today are more convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video, and it’s not a surprise to see big brands and marketers investing a handsome amount on video making and marketing. Keeping in mind the inclination towards videos, we have brought to you a list of the Best Royalty Free Stock Video Websites.

With the level of competition between video marketers increasing each passing year, maintaining consistency in delivering high-quality videos and making them stand out is a tough task. Doing so requires a hefty marketing budget and years of video making skills. But what if you are just an early startup with limited money to spend on video making or don’t have video skills to craft breathtaking videos? This is where stock videos come to your rescue.

Stock videos are uploaded and archived online for anyone to use in their websites, ad campaigns, social media posts or for getting amazing and professional free video footage for personal or professional use. The best part about stock videos is that they are usually free and there are different licenses when it comes to their usage.

While there are a number of websites out there with beautiful footage and video collections, choosing the best free stock video website for your business can be a bit trickier. Here, we have listed some of the best stock video websites which will take your videos to the next level.

1. Artgrid

Stock Video Websites

Launched in the spring of 2019, Artgrid features story-driven footage that aims to become the starting point of your creative process. Borrowing much of the same licensing freedoms from its parent company Artlist, Artgrid offers unlimited downloads and allows you to use the footage in any medium you want, even commercial.

Artgrid’s 3 different payment plans differ only in the format available for download. 

  • The Junior plan gives access to videos in HD – $25 per month ($299 billed annually) 
  • The Creator plan gives access to videos in 4K – $40 per month ($479 billed annually) 
  • The Pro plan lets you download clips in Raw and Log formats – $50 per month ($599 billed annually)

2. Pixabay


Pixabay offers a collection of more than 1 million high-quality photos and videos shared by their community of generous creators. All their royalty free stock videos are released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0), which means you don’t need any permission to use or modify the clip, or even credit the creator (it’s best practice to credit a creator whenever possible). Their video library includes motion graphics, HD footage, and 4k videos. The videos are mostly under a minute in length and formatted as MP4s

3. Depositphotos

free stock video website depositphotos

Depositphotos is an international marketplace that features royalty-free stock videos, photos, vectors, illustrations, music tracks, and sound effects. 11+ million high-quality footage is available under Standard and Extended licenses for personal and commercial use. 

Trendy categories and thematic, curated collections offer go-to videos for your convenience. The AI-powered search filters allow you to sort clips by length, date, number of people, age, and gender. offers affordable subscription and on-demand plans to acquire HD and 4K footage. However, there are also 70,000+ watermark-free visuals available at no cost. Create a free account on the platform to download visuals and boost your creative projects.

4. Pexels


Launched as a free stock photo website, Pexels has an extensive library of free stock videos in plenty of categories, all under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). The site has a good collection of time-lapse videos and plenty of “mockup” stock videos. On the home page, you will find “Trending Free Stock Videos” and recently added videos. Although the videos are provided in MP4 format, there are no 4k videos on the website.

5. Videvo


Videvo offers free HD stock footage and motion graphics curated from a community of videographers and freelancers. The site has a huge collection of HD videos and a small collection of 4k videos. Some of the videos are delivered in MP4 format while others in QuickTime format. Before you download a clip, remember choosing any one of the three licenses offered by the site,

  • The Videvo Attribution: The clip is free to use, but requires crediting the creator
  • The Royalty free: Free clip usage without crediting the creator
  • The Creative Commons 3.0 Unported: This is similar to Videvo Attribution license and also allows free distribution of clip in original, unedited form (selling of original clip is not allowed)

6. Videezy


The site offers a wide variety of free HD stock footage videos and 4k videos, with a great collection of aerial drone footage. While some of the content costs money and has a green “Pro” tag on their thumbnails, there are tons of free stock video collection designated for personal and commercial purpose. If you wish to use Videezy’s free stock videos, you are required to give one of the following attributions,

  • Adding a credit link to “,” if you plan to use it on TV, YouTube or some other broadcasting platform
  • If planning to use the clip on your website, adding the below HTML code on the webpage
    <a href=””>B Roll provided by</a>

7. Life of Vids

life of vids

Owned and operated by Leeroy, a Canadian marketing agency, Life of Vids has a fantastic collection of free stock videos, loops, and clips. All the videos are in MP4 format and are free to use without any restrictions. The only condition is that the users can redistribute a maximum of 10 videos on other websites. On a weekly basis, new content is added on the site.

8. Distill


Distill has a vast range of high-quality free stock videos that are free for personal or commercial use. The library has every video clip handpicked by the creatives team, and creators need to submit their videos on the site for approval. Users can sign up to their mailing list to get ten free HD stock video clips delivered to their inbox every ten days.

9. Splitshire


Primarily a stock photo website, SplitShire has a small, yet very beautiful collection of free stock videos, available for personal and commercial use. The website is created by a web designer, Daniel Nanescu, to share his collection of stock photos and videos with others. The site has professional outdoor and nature clips, which are mostly drone footages. The videos are hosted on YouTube, making it easy to use them in your content

10. Motion Places

motion places

The website has a curated collection of free high-definition stock videos, focusing primarily on breathtaking landscapes and country footage.  All the HD videos are free and available in MP4 format, but purchasing a 4k clip will cost you $99. Using a free clip requires adding a credit link to “”

11. Stock Footage For Free

stock footage for free

The site is full of excellent quality stock footage and videos, covering a wide range of categories. With royalty-free licensing, the are various types of video clips, including time-lapse, aerial, slow-motion and looping. All free stock video files are available in HD and delivered in the MOV format. There is no 4k footage on the site. All videos on the site have detailed description and number of views and comments.

12. Motion Elements

motion elements

Motion Elements offers more than 4000 free high-definition stock videos, free to use for personal and commercial purposes. The site has videos in MP4, MOV, and QuickTime formats. They have a small collection of 4K videos and other content like GIFs, images and audio clips

We are sure that this list of Best Royalty Free Stock Video Websites will help you a lot. So don’t forget to share your experiences and suggestions in the comments section below.

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