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Video content strategies have become an integral part of almost every social media campaign. With brands and creators reaping more benefits out of video advertisements there are more tools and software making way into the digital marketing segment.
Social media platforms evolved with more video-related features over other forms of media in order to meet market demands and consumption patterns. As Instagram rolled Reels and improved its version update for stories & posts, Facebook, Twitter too made sure that their audiences stay in trend with video media facilities.

Creating a video to explain the brand story evidently receives more targeted attention than that garnered by simple content or image. It not just depends on a content idea but takes in a lot of editing, cut & trim, graphics and other representation to achieve that desired final draft. Here are a few free video creation tools/software for marketers in 2021.

Best Free Video Creation Tools/Software

1. DaVinci Resolve 17
By now most of us are either artists or travellers or maybe both. Something that stays common is the hype on social media platforms with marvellous pictures and video content. DaVinci Resolve 17 is an advanced colour correction, non-linear video editing application for macOS, Linux and Windows. The paid, as well as free video creation software, has facilities for visual effects, motion graphics, audio post-production etc. in just one place. It is definitely one of the most useful, diverse, and effective video creation tools for marketers due to its ability to resolve most requirements pre, post and during video making.

free video creation tools

2. Adobe Premiere Rush
It is an all-in-one video creation and editing application by Adobe that allows users to create on the go without much hassle. The best part about the software is that one can shoot, edit and share high-quality visual content across platforms with intuitive editing features that place the frames properly for more relevancy & effectiveness. All you got to do is select the image or video for a transition that is done automatically by one of the best free video creation tools by Adobe and has options for customization too.

free video creation tools

3. Wondershare FilmoraGo
The easy to use comprehensive video editing application is one of the best video creation tools that have usual features such as the varied themes, texts, transition as well as unique range of editing tools like trim, split, speed control, voice-over, audio mixer, reverse etc. All of these facilities at one stop help users create the most wonderful video content for social media and other platforms. The most luring part of the app is that it allows unlimited free video making without adding any watermark to the final product.

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4. Biteable
It is one of the most popular and best video creation tools for learners who wish to create some unique videos for platforms. Basic animation clips, stock footages, image resources are already available on the application that can be used to create some of the best videos. The free version is limited as one cannot upload own videos on it and the videos made will consist of a watermark. It can only be embedded or shared via a biteable shareable link. It has premium plans that can be taken for more advanced video making facilities.

free video creation tools

5. Movavi Video Editor Plus
With a huge stock of stickers, effects, transitions and special filters, Movavi Video Editor Plus is one of the best video creation tools. It is a user-friendly video maker that enables users to create some of the best content for the social media platform. It is a powerful movie maker for GoPro action camera users as it helps them easy edit footages by applying filters, frames, transitions, crop and rotate parts of frame etc. There is a stabilization feature that assists creators in stabilizing the blurred or ‘shaky’ videos along with audio addition and its editing.

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