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Gaming and Esports is a flourishing industry worth millions across the globe that is supported by top brands and companies. India being a booming hub for gamers, many Indian brands are involved in big deals with popular game makers like Tencent, Activision Blizzard, Sony, Nintendo etc.

Meanwhile, influencer marketing has played a major role in adding to the value as well as worth to the industry. Best gaming influencers in India are few of the big contributors to the esports and gaming world around the globe.

Gaming is widely accepted by people of all ages & walks of life where they connect to explore the most fascinating virtual space for their different needs. It requires brainstorming, focusing, strategizing and clever hack skills to clear levels of video games. The industry is a niche that has survived through various drastic economic, financial, societal issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online networks are continuously improvising their products and offering to assist video game enthusiasts to have a hassle-free, smooth gaming experience. Gaming not just helps relax, rejuvenate and get entertained but also influence, promote and earn. Right from game reviews, gadget unboxing, live commentary, live streaming and product promotion, these best gaming influencers in India are known for their creative ways to do things a certain way.

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Here we have listed best gaming influencers in India who have changed the definition and idea of video gaming for all. Apart from being the faces of top associated brands these influencers are responsible for creating a lasting impression over their audience.

Best Gaming Influencers in India

  1. Dynamo Gaming- Aaditya Sawant

Aaditya Sawant is the mastermind behind this 8.31 million subscribed YouTube channel that goes by the name of Dynamo gaming. He named himself as Aadii “Dynamo” Sawant fondly and loves to stream sessions from his DOTA, PUBG mobile, GTA, BF1, BF 3 etc. gaming. Aaditya is one of the most creative and best gaming influencers in India who also collaborates with top brands like One plus. Dynamo gaming usually reviews games, discusses hacks and tricks to clear levels in video games and communicates with his audience more often.

  1. CarryisLive- Ajey Nagar

Who doesn’t know Carry Minati aka Ajey Nagar! He is a popular entertainer and recently his spat with few TikTok users made headlines all across the country. CarryisLive is the official gaming channel of Ajey who not just plays with great skills but also entertains his viewers with some dope commentary. He is one of the first YouTube influencers who started the roasting culture in India. He is young, vibrant, full of ideas and supported madly by his fans online. Gaming lives with his friends, audience and other influencers make the channel fun. Being one of the best gaming influencers in India, Ajey is sharp, spontaneous and skilled with Esports and video games besides comedy & roasting.

  1. MortaL- Naman Mathur

Naman Mathur is the creator of the incredible gaming channel christened MortaL that streams his gaming shows and sessions with PUBG Mobile especially. Moreover, Naman was ranked as one of the best PUBG players in the world and received much praise for the same achievement. He has special tricks that can help players crack the most difficult levels. MortaL has over 5.83 million subscribers who wait for his funny, entertaining Hindi commentary while the game is being played. Naman also reviews tech gadgets, brands and latest updates on the social media channels too.

  1. Ankit Panth

Skilled video game player and fitness inspiration Ankit is a top-class Esports expert who plays various online games and tries to associate amazing tricks with them. He practised a lot to establish himself as a great DJ, fitness expert and one of the best gaming influencers in India. Being a Red Bull Athlete and brand ambassador to companies like Intel & Alienware, he is good with brand associations. With amazing engagement and view ratios, Ankit is considered as one of the best gaming influencers in India to collaborate with top brands.

  1. HydraFlick- Rohan Ledwani

Rohan is a fellow Gujarati gaming expert with immense knowledge about online video games and Esports industry that function online only. Quality gaming videos, functioning tricks to crack the PUBG sessions, great vlogs, etc. make Rohan one of the best gaming influencers in India. He is skilled to stream great sessions on video games that are popular everywhere these days. Rohan reviews tech gadgets, associates with good brands, sponsors products by successful companies. His entertaining Hindi commentary makes his game streams relaxing and worth all the views and watch.

  1. Kronten Gaming – Chetan Sanjay Chandgude

Chetan is a passionate video game player and YouTube with over 2 million subscribers on his channel. With amazing brand associations, partnerships and collaborations, Chetan is one of the most credible and best gaming influencers in India. He is the achiever of the golden button by YouTube due to the huge number of views on his organic conversations and fun commentary with fellow players & audiences. Doing charity work, collecting funded money for good cause, helping the society are few other good works of the cool influencer setting great examples everywhere.

  1. Gunshot- Harnit Khatri

Be it PUBG Mobile, call of duty, Fortnight or any other web video games, Harnit has always researched the best ways to handle situations. His video content is full of creative talks, fun statements, genuine reviews & roasting etc. that in some ways is considered as top materials to entertain the audience. He inspires his viewers to try until the end and never give up in tough challenging cases. It is surely a good place to learn the world’s best-ever simple hacks to win games.

  1. Rakazone Gaming- Rishab Karanwal

Titled as “Streamer of the year 2018” for gaming content, Rishab owns the gaming channel with all his interest and passion for the profession. He has partnered with companies like Red Bull and Intel to promote their beneficial products and discuss the topics related to gaming. He endorses multiple gaming platforms and streams sessions from PUBG mobile, Call of Duty, Minecraft and GTA 5. Rishab is popularly known as raka among his fans and is one of the best gaming influencers in India.

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