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Majority of us believe that ascending a summit or a hill is traveling. Well, Yes part of it is real, but it’s not the full truth. We gonna tell you “What is traveling meant for the Nature Footsloggers?”

Travelling could be a motivation, it could be a devotion, it could be an aim, it could be emotions, it could be an expedition, it could be a reunion, it could be a place where you make new companions, or it could be just a simple voyage.

Of course, evolving in a city is what everybody desires for. But there is also a small realm of individuals living independently from these concrete metropolis constructions. A tiny, salutary, and full of circumstances world, just outside our boundaries.

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The pronounced mountain ranges are few of the most magnificent and enthralling areas of the world to look out. As is also generally not utilizing roads, they may also be the most unconnected and remote location to get at, and the only existent way to obtain them is by the expedition.

Style of their Travelling

They travel, they wander, they enjoy, these are traits which all the trekkers have in common. Though every trekker carries some distinct styles of their own.

Some of the styles which they follow are

  1. Action Cam on to their Bikes
    As to reach the foot of the mountains they use their Royal Enfield’s and pulsars and to shoot their adventurous journey they generally mount the action cameras on to their bikes.
  2. Wanderlust Partners
    Travelling is dull when you don’t have your loved one with you. Some YouTubers don’t want to be apart, so wherever they go wherever they stop they check that they have their partners with them.
  3. The cinematography on traveling
    The ever so beautiful scenery of the mountains gets more fascinating when it’s been captured with all the B-Rolls shots, these shots help in getting to see the jaw-dropping landscapes in every frame.
  4. Keep it Simple
    This style has been preferred by the indomitable wanderers who prioritizes adventurous trekking and the fun associated with it rather than shooting that fun. The videos shot by them generally point and shoot type.

Places they Visit

When it comes to mountain trekking, there are so many beautiful as well as adventurous places here in India to explore. But some of these travelers don’t want to end their cravings for the expedition, so they explored places even outside India. Here is the list of sites which is very popular among these travelers:

1.      Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh.
2.     Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh.
3.     Zanskar, Jammu & Kashmir.
4.     Kanchenjunga Trek, Sikkim.
5.     Garhwal Hills, Uttarakhand.
6.     Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu.

Gadgets they use

With ever so emerging technology, nowadays these travelers are also getting techy and loaded with cutting-edge gadgets. They love to carry gadgets with them. Here is the list of gadgets which these travel YouTubers generally carry.

1.      Universal Travel Adapter
2.     Tripod/ Selfie Stick
3.     Action Cameras
4.     Powerbanks
5.     Earphones
6.     Navigating Device

Engaging With the Viewers

If travel vloggers are uploading content on youtube, then it becomes very much essential to engage with the viewers. This helps in building viewership and a healthy relationship with the viewers. So let’s have a look at some of the stats of the travel YouTubers.

  • On calculating the average lifetime views of top 10 Indian travel YouTubers, we get a score of 37,37,996 views.
  • On calculating the average subscribers of top 10 Indian travel YouTubers, we get a score of 41,928 subscribers.

So, its ok to say that even in India they have a potential target audience in this field.

List of top Indian Travel Channels on YouTube

Now that you know what places Indian travel vloggers likes to visit and gadgets they use, here are the best Indian travel channels on YouTube right now. Choose your favorite travel YouTubers from this list, and you can rush to their channel and can perceive the alluring sights captured by them.

1.      Thrillophilia

Thrillophilia is an online platform for a wide selection of curated tours and activities. We are your one-stop solution to book tours, activities, staycations and much more. We offer activities ranging from food tours to treks to helicopter rides over the city and everything in between. Subscribe to our channel to see what we’ve got in store for you.

2.     Hippie in Hills

They are here to share with you the best experiences and take you to places where travelers lose track of time. With them, explore the pristine beauty of Himalayas, connect with the land and its people, experience the local culture and gourmet, witness the diverse flora and fauna, be humbled and evolve as an individual into someone wiser.
Just like us, for the explorer in you!

3.     Mountain Trekker

Channel is hosted by Varun. He has been traveling in India for many years now. Recently he started exploring outside of India and realized, how incredible the world is! He always tries to travel on a budget.

4.     Himalayan Roads

A car with a camera, driving on Himalayan roads to the remote destinations. That’s about it. Some of the roads are the world’s most dangerous roads, so this channel provides the first-hand experience of driving on them before actually taking the journey.

5.     Touring Travellers

He is a Delhi based Travelling Vlogger on YouTube with the dream of climbing Mount Everest. If you are planning any TRIP to INDIA and still not sure about the route and the places to visit? Just contact him, and he will sort it out with you.

6.     Wandering Mind

Wandering Minds is a community of filmmakers who also happen to be travel enthusiast. They promote traveling spirit, adventure sports, photography and explore different cultures.

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7.     Tripoto

It is a platform to share and discover fantastic travel stories and itineraries. They are bringing together travelers from around the world to share and discover real, actionable, crowdsourced travel stories.

8.    Bikat Adventures

They have been doing this since 2007, but the came into existence only in 2013. Their trips are designed in such a way that audience can learn about the people, culture, flora & fauna of the region they are traveling.

9.     Prakriti Varshney

She is a  wanderer at heart with the aim to live life in the mountains, all the while capturing the joys of life from trekking and traveling the world, fashion and anything that leaves her in awe.

10.  India in Motion

They love shooting timelapse. They wanted to capture as many frames as possible even in the shortest possible video.

11.   IndiaHikes

Indiahikes is your source for trekking information in India. The Indiahikes team discovers, explores, meets people and brings out information on trekking trails in India. By information – they mean detailed information about the trek – with maps, photographs, and useful contacts.

12.  Shenaz Treasury

Shenaz Treasury is an Indian American actress, TV host, writer, and travel vlogger. She has become a serious Travel Junkie & Is Giving Everyone Serious Vacation Goals!


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