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Instagram is not mere a social media platform anymore. It’s a repository of inspirations, hobbies and knowledge. If you have an affinity towards automobile, then there are so many interesting handles that can keep you inspired and engaged. Let’s look at top 10 accounts car enthusiasts should follow:

1. Michael Shaffer:

capitolsunset - best car accounts on Instagram

What happens when a former automobile photographer starts an Instagram page? You get professional looking photographs of top automobile brands like Ferrari, Mercedes and so on. Michael Shaffer is the man behind this page and this handle has quite a few loyal and niche audience.

2. Amy Shore:

amyshorephotography - best car accounts on Instagram

Love vintage car? Rush to amyshorephotography. Amy Shore, a Nikon ambassador, has some breath-taking shots of vintage cars. The feed feels personal which captures memories, moment by moment.

3. CarLifestyle

carlifestyle - best car accounts on Instagram

Futuristic, fast and fabulous- that’s how we will describe this Instagram handle that was started by Gabe Florido just two years back. From covering top-notch brands to showcasing some crazy futuristic cars, this handle does it all.

4. Tim – Shmee:

shmee150 - best car accounts on Instagram

This literally lives the ‘supercar dream’. Posing with supercars, attending auto-shows- this handle will surely win you over with its content. You will also get fairly technical details about different cars including Lamborghini, Ferraris, Rolls-Royce and so on.

5. Dave Sparks:

heavydsparks - best car accounts on Instagram

Dave Sparks is a US based entrepreneur, car enthusiast and media personality who is also the brain behind this handle. If you’re looking for knowledge driven content then this will totally be your go to handle.

6. SupercarsofLondon:

supercarsoflondon - best car accounts on Instagram

Started by Paul Wallace, this handle will give you a mix of everything…knowledge, wanderlust, automobile inspiration- you name it. Paul started this page while he was still in university and due to his passion this handle picked up in no time.

7. Carsgasm:

carsgasm - best car accounts on Instagram

A unique handle where you not only get to see some stunning looking cars on the road but also can enjoy memes, funny videos and reels. No wonder this handle is so popular.

8. Off-Road Dynasty:

offroaddynasty - best car accounts on Instagram

We cannot complete this list if we do not capture the trendy off-roading handle. You get a glimpse of new trends, auto-mobile offerings, tips and guidance on off-roading from this handle. So if you’re an off-roading enthusiast or planning a four wheel trip, this handle will surely come handy.

9. Classic American Muscle Cars:

classicdaily - best car accounts on Instagram

Love classic American muscle cars? This is your place to be. Colourful and classy and at times even futuristic- this handle showcases tour and original automobile. With picture-perfect Mustang, Bronco, Pontiac this page will surely keep you hooked.

10. CarsWithoutLimits:

carswithoutlimits - best car accounts on Instagram

As the name suggests, this handle covers cars across the globe. Started in 2012, Carswithoutlimits has seen phenomenal growth. It features highly engaging content with the right usage of imagery, captions and tools like stories and polls.

Whether you’re an adventure lover, futuristic-car enthusiast or love to explore the classic automobile. These handles will surely keep you hooked. 

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