Lists6 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Metrics and Insights

Research & market surveys, data collection, analytics, forecasting and implementing plans towards the desired goals are few basic parameters that social media marketers swear by. Analytics amongst them plays a key role in driving the set objectives towards their most profitable fate.

Understanding the data relevant to customers or audiences is essential to design a marketing scheme that compliments them and helps marketers achieve more benefits at the least price. One can effectively leverage the existing data set and insights to reach the right audiences as well as tap into relevant markets with potential customers.

Considering some of the popular and best Instagram analytics tools to understand the market conditions in the real world can elevate the success rates of the marketing strategies. It has become a necessary prerequisite for marketers to use the right tools to ease the complete process.

Here we have listed a few amazing & best Instagram analytics tools that will assist social media marketers to reap more benefits of their efforts.

6 Best Instagram Analytics Tools

  1. Instagram Insights

The official tool of the social media platform is the first and foremost on the list because who will know it better than Instagram itself. In order to use the Instagram insights tool, one needs to have access to the business account or creator profile. It will be useful in tracking the reach, audience, followers, engagement data, and Instagram ads details along with many other metrics that marketers can explore within the app. It is one of the best Instagram analytics tools that can provide basic essential information about the overall performance of the account.

  1. Creator Studio

Yet another native business account tool that is accessible through a computer instead of being available on the mobile application. This tool not just assist in scheduling, creating and posting content on Instagram but also helps in hashtag research, analysis and other activities needed to understand the right use of data available. It has a calendar view option that marketers can use to see the posts all at once. Moreover, the creator studio is one of the best Instagram analytics tools that assures a complete study of the important parameters guiding towards a great Instagram marketing campaign.

  1. Keyhole

Now tracking the hashtag trends, Instagram campaigns, measuring Influencers ROI, designing audience related content with data and insights gets easier with Keyhole. It is one of the best Instagram analytics tools that marketers can utilise to study the impressions, reach, engagements rates, audience preferences, etc. along with other insights specifically related to the Instagram stories. Moreover, this third party tool is more helpful when an influencer is to be selected. They provide details about the follower insights and other performance metrics of specific influencers so as to help marketers decide better.

  1. Quintly

It is a single dashboard analytics tool that functions with several social media platforms with Instagram being one of the prominent ones. It is specialised in reading data sets and providing the follower insights of competitors for better comparative analysis. The tool also allows users to understand the reactions of the audience to the images and videos used as well as the effects of using specific filters. Even if it is a paid service provider, Quintly is one of the most reliable and best Instagram analytics tools for marketers.

  1. Squarelovin

It is not common for all analytics service providers to let their users know about a right and wrong time of day to post on social media platforms. Squarelovin provides all detailed metrics and insights regarding the appropriate time to post along with data on recent growths, the performance of best & worst posts, history of previous performances etc. It is designed to help optimise the content to be posted so as to achieve maximum benefits in terms of views, likes, engagement and reach. All of the performance reading abilities of the tools makes it one of the best Instagram analytics tools.

  1. Iconosqaure

Widely used and trusted analytics tool, Iconosquare is one of the best Instagram analytics tools that provide information regarding activities in a month or past seven days. It offers assistance in understanding the performance of the posts, distribution, geolocation reach, filter use and other metrics that marketers can utilise to uplift the growth. The tool can also provide studies on the average longevity of posts, the impact of hashtags, post timings, etc. It also offers reports on followers and the following of the account for better function of campaigns and other efforts.

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