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If you’re an Instagrammer (who isn’t! duh!), you know the ‘food-scene’ really is a trendsetter that never misses to catch our eyes. Food and related hashtags always remain amongst the most popular ones. Restaurants, food bloggers, chefs and individual accounts- they all post swoon worthy food content. And if you’re a marketer, you are definitely in for a ‘treat’ as a lot of them generate really engaging content.

Let’s look at some of the best restaurant Instagram accounts:

1) laststrawatx: Total Posts: 464 Total followers: 11.3k

laststrawatx - best restaurant Instagram accounts

Last Straw celebrates all things retro. Inspired from the 80’s and 90’s their feed transports you to the era of pop and jazz. Beautifully prepared cocktails and snacks make up the perfect feed. They also have regular updates on fun events and parties.

2) Sketchlondon: Total Posts:  2,678 Total Followers: 367k

sketchlondon - best restaurant Instagram accounts

Often considered as one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ places in London, Sketch has mastered the art of Instagram. Soothing and plush feed with dominating pink hues, one just can’t get enough of this handle. The images showcase the ambience, food and drinks in a way that is almost surreal. The handle also uses the right engagement tools like stories, highlights and reels.

3) baelittletokyo: Total Posts:  347 Total Followers: 43.1k

baelittletokyo - best restaurant Instagram accounts

This Los Angeles based dessert boutique wins hearts of both, their store visitors and Instagram followers. Their Instagram feed is delightfully coordinated with regular posts. If you’re starting your food or restaurant handle, this is going to be a great inspiration.

4) chipotle: Total Posts:  323 Total Followers: 1.1m

chipotle - best restaurant Instagram accounts

If there is one Foodchain brand which has used humour to the tee, it has to be Chipotle. They are winning the meme game, gunning for a laugh riot, churning out super relatable content that the TG love to share and engage with.  This is one brand that can inspire any marketer to be bold and to take risks with the content- specially when targeting the young Instagram crowd.

5) sqirlla: Total Posts:  2267 Total Followers: 116k

sqirlla - best restaurant Instagram accounts

Another classic example of effective Instagram marketing, Sqirl is beautifully minimalist. At its core, the restaurant promotes community building. The best thing about this Instagram handle is how much love it generates. The followers engage, plan their visits, tag each other…in a word it’s an example of a thriving active Instagram community.

6) tacobell: Total Posts:  1567 Total Followers: 1.4m

tacobell - best restaurant Instagram accounts

If there is one food chain that has checked all the Instagram marketing parameters, Taco Bell will be a strong contender. From hitting the millennial crowd with bold, fun and authentic content to never losing the ‘brand game’- Taco Bell is going places and how!

7) amassrestaurant: Total Posts:  1457 Total Followers: 98.1k

amassrestaurant - best restaurant Instagram accounts

Standing for ‘Responsible deliciousness’- Amass Restaurant is visual storytelling personified. With enticingly detailed descriptions, colourful presentation- Amass Restaurant has taken up a prominent position in the culinary map. What is more heartening is to see that they value sustainability and culture.

8) wendys: Total Posts:  157 Total Followers: 1m

wendys - best restaurant Instagram accounts

Another food chain that stands out for it’s intelligent and quirky humour is Wendy’s. They even engage with their followers through high hearted banters. Fun riddles, serious ‘drool-goals’, sassy memes, contests, updates they have covered it all.

9) nomacph: Total Posts:  1118 Total Followers: 923k

nomacph - best restaurant Instagram accounts

This Copenhagen restaurant is putting Scandinavian cuisine into the top of the food spectrum. With Michelin stars in its kitty, Noma already has an iconic presence. The Instagram handle is no different- it oozes class and charm- hard to not get swayed away by. From new menu additions, locally sourced ingredients to celebrating team members.

10) hardrockcafe: Total Posts:  1900 Total Followers: 417k

hardrockcafe - best restaurant Instagram accounts

Born in London, this brand is truly a citizen of the world. Bridging cultures and people with their drool worthy food. Hard Rock Café is not just a global food chain, it is a lifestyle and every post is thoughtfully crafted to this same tune. Any marketer can learn a thing or two from this Insta handle- be it the feed itself or the perfectly curated highlights. 

However, original and engaging content never goes out of context. These restaurants are setting new benchmarks and there is so much to learn from them. Instagram is an ever changing platform with newer algorithms and tools.

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