Lists5 Best Instagram Story Hacks You Should Use to Boost Engagement

Instagram can be a dynamically challenging platform for business owners, entrepreneurs and brands. Despite its ever-increasing popularity among the youth, it is a complex network site based on pop culture trends, eCommerce upgrades and visuals that can be a task for marketers to understand.

While Instagram is a powerhouse of various features to act as a tool for promotions as well as approach target markets, it can be difficult to figure out the functioning of it along with the right way to leverage the same.

Instagram story hacks

Instagram story is one such powerful facility provided by Instagram that can help users attract the right audience, entertain & inform them besides encouraging interactions. It plays a vital role in building a brand on the platform while assisting marketers in achieving their set goals for advertising and promotions.

Here are some best Instagram story hacks that can help marketers boost engagement and attract an audience.

Best Instagram Story hacks to improve engagement

  1. Use Instagram Live

Broadcasting a real-time session with the audience helps connect with them directly. It further builds the brand image and makes it appear yet more reliable and relevant. The live functionality of Instagram is a powerful tool to enhance the reach and benefits of the story.

This live connection will show the followers joining the session as well as those commenting and trying to communicate through it. Using this feature as a question and answer session can amplify the effects of using Instagram stories for engagement.

Some best ways to get creative with the feature is to provide sneak peeks of work, upload behind the scene clips, upload live videos from related events etc.

  1. Post polls

Having an Instagram poll is one of the most interesting ways to interact with the audience. These polls allow the host to post questions along with two choices of answers that will display the overall percentage of answer of other people to the responding person. The Instagram poll is a very creative way to let the audience know that their opinion matters and they are heard.

This technique can be utilised to obtain ideas, know what people like, customise the content as per audience demand, achieve a clear and direct market research result in order to develop relevant strategies for social media.

These polls can also help in getting feedback from the audience related to any launched product, service or idea.

Instagram story hacks

  1. Promote collaborations and appearances

These days Instagram has become more about the layouts, aesthetics and presentation abilities to attract followers due to which staying on the brand theme becomes a priority. When there is a certain event or collaborations or guest appearance program, it becomes complex to share the information on the feed and that is where the stories come to the rescue.

Be that any guest on the podcast, someone from the same industry on live chat or just any event promotion, post it as a story instead of going for graphics on the feed. This helps tag and mention the brand or person involved so that they can share the same on their wall and increase the scope for further reach and widen the funnel for audiences. Moreover, it keeps the brand theme intact while promoting the important events besides helping stay on top of the follower news feed.

Instagram story hacks

  1. Show-off UGC

The User-Generated Content can be reposted on the Instagram story wall which will be notified to the users too. It connects people directly with the brand and helps build a trusted relationship with them. This will not just encourage people to speak about the business and its offers but also expand the reach as people will share the story with their followers.

Sharing UGC by tagging the user behind the creation makes it more interesting because this content is unique and authentic.

Provide a polite thanking note or related response to make the sharing yet more personal for the user while giving out the audience a sneak peek of the human side of the brand on Instagram.

Instagram story hacks

  1. Develop a themed series

It can be a thought drop, quotes, poetry lines, fact checks, visuals, interactive polls, comparison polls or QnA sessions, consistent story posts, in the same manner, help the audience relate the content with the brand.

Strategizing the particular story theme and posting them regularly can help build a strong online presence. Daily tips or weekly motivation dose can provide the audience with a specific type of content to connect with the brand and associate themselves with it. However, one must always remember to stay relevant and updated with the story idea.

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