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Live game streaming platforms as an industry are a more significant force than they appear in general. Gamers now seek paradise online with unique game content and exciting offers on it.

E-sports redefined video games for Youngsters & game enthusiasts by incorporating the live option to them. Gaming and their live streaming in High definition video have attracted many people towards social media gamer platforms. Live game streaming platforms

Major live streaming platforms popularised the concept of capturing live gaming moments and posting the videos on the channels.

Viewers can gain a lot of original gaming content from these channels, but new broadcasters may face challenges in surviving the dog eat dog market.

The live game streaming platforms are the most beneficial mode of turning revenues and reaching the right niche market. Hundreds of millions of People around the world take an interest in watching gaming videos than they do for HBO, Netflix, Hulu combined. Live game streaming platforms

There are some popularly dominating game streaming platforms in the industry, yet up comers have created their own space. They are continuously working towards providing quality game content to the viewers.

Top 10 Live Game Streaming Platforms

1.YouTube gaming: It is one of the dominating live game streaming platforms. The site enables creators to generate good revenue because of its collaborations with Google AdSense.

Establishing a broader viewer base for the creator’s channel is an advantage here as the YouTube gaming site allows users to target specific audiences only. Live game streaming platformsMost of the channel creators provide content ahead of just live game streaming. Channels are seen giving commentary on streamed video games, adding humorous & rare background to the stream, etc.

YouTube gaming was launched in Asian countries like India, Philippines, Malaysia which improved their universal reaches and ensured engagement on the site.

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The platform streams live games keeping the creator’s efficiency and viewers interest in priority. It involves lesser cost, attracts real-time active users and consumes less production time.

2.Twitch: Discussing live game streaming platforms would automatically bring us to Twitch as they are almost synonymous with each other. Video game live streaming got popularized after online retailer Amazon purchased Twitch back in 2014.

Twitch is the most popular live game streaming platform which is user friendly and efficient.Live game streaming platforms

As broadcasters, the platform has acquired most of the gamer markets thus it gets difficult to stand out on it but for a viewer it provides a lot of content to engage and indulge.
Billions of online gamers consume on the content provided by streamers on Twitch regularly. Live game streaming platforms

Twitch exhibits varieties of content that have good engagements and views due to which it is a loved platform for streamers of all age and diversity.

Know the Top 10 most popular games streamed on Twitch and explore the options live.

3. InstaGib TV: The platform is independent and needs no installation of special streaming software. Gamers can record their Videos at premium quality and stream it on the platform. They can learn many techniques of getting better at being a live game streamer. Live game streaming platforms

InstaGib allows users to consume the content to a certain extent after which the bandwidth is limited. Users interested in surfing ahead can overcome the limit by upgrading their accounts to a VIP one.

The platform is convenient and helpful for game streamers striving to establish their base as quality game content producers.

4. Mixer: Unique and niche than the other platforms, Mixer allows its live game streaming users to mix and match with co-creators or other like-minded users on the platform.

The platform provides co-streaming as an option where a maximum of four users can stream their content at a time. Live game streaming platformsIt is probably the most efficient and quick platform for gamers. The co-streaming options, real-time analytics, statistics produced and live chats make it faster. Live game streaming platformsThe mixer has become popular amidst enthusiastic gamers and with features similar to Xbox Live and PlayStation live, it is expected to grow into a top site for gamers.

5. Hitbox: This platform has all the features desired by gamers on streaming sites, yet the color schemes and combinations here are different. The videos streamed at the channels can be categorized into Public, private and adult.Live game streaming platforms

The platform is good with the options it provides to the users in terms of categorization. It offers attractive and unique interfaces.

Access to the site is free but a high performing computer is necessary for the best results. Inbuilt capture cards and external devices support video recording and streaming on Hitbox.

6. Azubu: This platform is known for the organized high-quality content, which makes it easier for viewers to watch their desired game streams only.

This site has got developers working on it to enhance the reaches and develop its overall features. Azubu is gradually growing popular in e-sports category amongst its gamers and viewer audiences. Live game streaming platforms

The content produced in a channel at Azubu is very well optimized and regular too. Top video game enthusiasts enjoy live game streaming platforms like Azubu for the detailed information, creative content and ideas in it,

7. BigoLive: The specialty of the BigoLive TV is it helps to build bridges between users on its platform. It helps in connecting video streamers directly with the Bingo live community. Live game streaming platforms

This tool is available on Mac, google play and Android APK which helps live game streaming platforms gain appropriate reaches. The platform provides users with unique options for broadcasting gaming videos.

8. Gosu gamers: This is just the right place rookie game streamers on live platforms. The Gosu gamers are well familiar with gamers who are new to the Live streaming gamer community. It supports all known file formats that produce high-quality video game clips. Live game streaming platforms

The site offers excellent convenience to gamers for better communication and interactions in the community that would further help in building the live game streaming platforms business. Gosu gamers are attractive in layout and concentrated on e-sports only.

9. Dlive: Live game streaming on the platform is all about ease in getting started, provision of getting rewards, availability of newer audiences and growth in Live game streaming industry.  Live game streaming platforms

Pewdiepie recently popularized this platform by mentioning how efficient and fast Dlive works which he will be using to stream his content. The YouTube sensation partnered with the channel in support of the creators and raised funds for the same. Live game streaming platforms

The platform supports creativity in content and is good at saving time in producing game content.

10. DiscoMelee: The platform is dealing with triple layered streaming, gaming, social media steps. It is known to empower gamers in live game streaming on the platform and to retrieve any support required in the game content from one location. Live game streaming platforms

Gamers get seamless interaction facility inside the community. DiscoMelee is known to merge online gaming, social media streaming and information sharing.

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