Lists6 Best Live Streaming Software for YouTube in 2021

Video streaming space is dynamically changing with the shifting consumption pattern of audiences. People are more attracted towards content that is interactive and highly engaging besides being relevant. Things have transformed from being just a one-way communicating video post to both side interactions incorporated live streams.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google, holds great capabilities to transform the video market. Users access the platform to connect and communicate with their audiences directly in order to achieve certain set goals.

Hosts are not just informing or presenting to their audiences but also taking live questions, discussing with viewers, expressing immediate reactions and more through the live streaming software for YouTube.

Here we have listed a few best live streaming software for YouTube that users can leverage for better and smooth streaming conditions.

Best live streaming software for YouTube

  1. One Stream

The cloud-based service provider is popular for its unique video streaming features across multiple platforms. One Stream is a brilliant choice when it comes to picking a one-stop-solution live streaming software for YouTube channels. It provides all the necessary tools to multicast videos on 40+ platforms, stream pre-recorded videos, engages with audiences through real-time live streaming, and more opportunities. The software helps develop powerful videos and expand reach with them besides creating an impact on the market.

live streaming software for YouTube

  1. Restream

Brands that are searching for the ideal platform to collaborate and connect with the widest range and network of live streamers can go for restream software. It is known for its abilities to help streamers live record and interact with their audience over leading platforms like YouTube. The features are advanced with multi-stream analytics, one dashboard solution for all chats and networks, superb branding tools, graphics facility on live streams and more. Restream is definitely a premium level live streaming platform for YouTube that assists its users in more than a single directional solution. It is comparatively expensive than Onestream yet the customer support, quality, features and efficiency rate are higher than any other.

live streaming software for YouTube

  1. Wirecast

One of the oldest live video streaming production tools, Wirecast is here to help entrepreneurs, content creators, brands and marketers achieve their set goals in future. The advanced features of the live streaming tool assist users with live on-demand video streams for broadcasting on the web. The best part about the popular live streaming software for YouTube is that it can control real-time switching between multiple live video cameras while mixing other media sources dynamically. It has stayed updated along with changing trends and digital advances hence, remains the first choice of many. Screen transitions, 3D graphics on videos, quick time streaming server support, keynote integration, are a few of the basic yet unique facilities that can be leveraged by users.

  1. Xsplit

It is live streaming and video mixing application that works best for gaming streams on YouTube Live. Xsplit helps users record and live stream videos on YouTube as well as benefit from the live TV production features that are easy to learn. Some of its best features are providing good virtual backgrounds on webcam tools, record and live stream virtual events, develop impressive presentations, smartphone-friendly in absence of a webcam etc. Xsplit is surely a must-try live streaming software for YouTube in 2021 due to its efficiency in decreasing efforts during the pandemic and enabling complete virtual assistance through its amazing features. It just keeps adding to the output and improving on the total facilities available.

  1. OBS studio

Open Broadcaster Software studio is an open-source, cross-platform recording and live streaming software for YouTube that helps users in creating the perfect video for their channels. There are several add on facilities like image, transitions, text boxes, capture cards, window captures etc. that can support the video building process and make it easy. The software has a custom transition feature that allows creators to shift between scenes multiple times during the broadcasting. The application also has unique options to edit the audio along with the visuals. One can gain or suppress the sound and improve the overall quality of the video for the stream.

live streaming software for YouTube

  1. LightStream Studio

It uplifts the live streaming experience for its users by providing a cloud-powered broadcasting facility that can be accessed through a web browser. The software has separate price plans for gamers and creators on YouTube where the Creators plan is comparatively higher due to the choice of quality and varied maximum resolution of streamed videos. The plans however, offer various features like applying images, video clips, texts and transitions as well as third party integration for alerts and dynamic content for the video along with long streaming hours.

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