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For a marketer, who wants to remain up to date with the latest trends and knowledge, Instagram can be of great help. Various dimensions like creatives, designs, strategy, news and PR coincide as some of the prominent Instagram accounts keep on posting about the same. Today, let’s look at some of the top Instagram accounts, dedicated to marketing. 

1) Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk:

garyvee - best marketing Instagram Account

If we are talking about best marketing Instagram accounts, it has to start with Gary Vee. This 5-time New York Times bestselling author, is a well known content creator who can surely be case study on strong personal branding. Gary is also the founder of  Vayner Media, a full service global advertising agency that specializes on the niche of story-telling. Vayner Media has clients like Uniliver, Hulu, Toyota etc. to name a few. Memes, collaboration news, campaigns insights you will get everything I in these handles.

2) Adweek:

adweek - best marketing Instagram Account

Another must follow marketing Instagram account is Adweek. Dedicated to shouting out for creative advertainments. This account hosts the highlights the trends of design, concepts and copy-writing. This is the perfect place for any marketer to keep up with the ever-changing advertising world and also to get inspired from what other brands, across the globe, are doing. 

3) PRNews:

prnews - best marketing Instagram Account

With digital marketing ever increasing its footprint, digital PR and influencer marketing have become very important. PR News is helping marketers understand how this space is shifting. New trends, data, inspiration- this handle promotes and post them all. They also organize different summits, award-shows where the marketers can participate as well. 

4) Neil Patel:

neilpatel - best marketing Instagram Account
Arguably the most prominent thought leader there is in the field of digital marketing. Neil Patel has made his mark in all verticals of Digital marketing but probably SEO is his most strong suit. He was listed as a Top 100 Entrepreneur Under 30 by Obama, became New York Times bestselling author and is also ranked as Forbes Top 10 Marketer. 

5) Hubspot:

hupspot - best marketing Instagram Account

Marketer’s favourite CRM platform makes it to this list of best marketing Instagram accounts for its interesting and cohesive feed strategy through usage of colours, fonts and designs and of course content. The handle shares data points, industry, insights, service trends and Hubspot’s value propositions. No wonder this handle is garnering more and more followers by the day.

6) Dain Walker

dainwalker - best marketing Instagram Account

The moment you’re on Dain Walker’s Instagram handle, it gets you hooked- the yellow, white and black thematic, content that actually makes sense, insights, design tips that you will remember- it’s the perfect place to be.

7) Marketing Humor

marketing_humor - best marketing Instagram Account

What’s life without a bit of fun! That’s probably the brand statement for this Instagram channel. Memes, quotes that feel very personal and, of course, make a marketer LOL. However, down under its hilarious tone- marketing_humor doesn’t shy away from calling out trends and brands. After a long and gruelling day at work, this handle definitely takes some stress away from us.  

8) Alexis Andra

theshiftcreative - best marketing Instagram Account

Founded by Alexis Andra, Theshiftcreative is dealing with a concept that not the most talked about in the marketing fraternity – Experiential Activations. Here you can get glimpses of stages, event decorations, event theme etc. And needless to say, it is very satisfying for a marketer to see these activation designs take shape, from a mock up to real execution. So if you’re someone who is looking for inspiration for different events and activations- this handle should be on your radar. 

9) Hootsuite:

hootsuite - best marketing Instagram Account

The platform that takes care of a lot of digital marketing automation for marketers also has a very vibrant Instagram feed. With bold colour, design elements and fonts- their Instaram handle keeps on sharing insights, reports, interesting data points, usage tips for Hootsuite, case-studies and so on. What is interesting here is even when Hootsuite pushes its services through the Instagram posts, it never really feels forced- as the company creates value for its audience. 

10) DTC Newsletter:

dtcnewsletter - best marketing Instagram Account

Who says newsletters have to be long and boring? DTC Newsletter delivers all the power-packed industry information in a condensed and unique fashion. They also have curated an array of value-adding Story Highlights for their audience. They create highly strategic and engagement driven content so that the users can find the trends, tricks and answers easily available, without getting weighed down by just a lot of information they can’t relate to.  

If you’re a marketer or owns a business that need marketing help, these handles will help you immensely by building your foundation to keeping you updated with everything that you need to know.

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