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There is something about motorcycles! The adrenalin rush, the free-spirit, the speed and the thrill…you name it! No wonder content on Bikes and Motorcycles is hugely popular and we spend hours on end consuming and feeling the adventures. In the world of Youtube, where there is so much going on, it’s tough to name only a handful of channels. However, we will try our best to explore the top 10 Motorcycle Youtube Channels that have caught our eyes.

1. BaronVonGrumble

A channel dedicated to road trips, safety tips, detailed reviews and motorcycle guides-BaronVonGrumble is definitely going to stay in our must-follow motorcycle Youtube channels’ list.


If you’re looking for unbiased and borderline journalistic content on this segment, this is your channel. This Canadian young man has created his own niche through trustworthy and engaging content. We could find extremely useful videos that a lot of other channels did not host- like this one about “How to Cross Water on Your Motorcycle”- interesting isn’t it?

3. Red Bull Motorsports

The official Red Bull Motorsports channel gives you the chance to explore and connect with the racers from some of the most eminent titles, including: F1, MotoGP (Inside Pass), WRC, Rallycross, Hard Enduro, Motocross, Endurance, Dakar Rally, Drift and more. They generally update weekly content on race previews, news, interviews and behind the scenes etc.  No wonder they have a whopping 1 million plus engaged followers on their channel.


What happens when fun meets serious motorcycling? WALTERRIFIC would be your answer to this question. Whether you’re looking for race highlights, motor enthusiasts’ meetups, or superbike reviews- WALTERRIFIC has got your back. With 2.36M subscribers and counting, this Youtube channel will be always on your watchlist when looking for motorcycle Youtube channels

5. Chaseontwowheels

Motorcycle video blogger, “Chase” is considered one of the top in the niche and his Youtube channel is a testament to that. In this motorcycle Youtube channel you can explore top-quality video content and also very popular series such as motorcycle First Rides as well as the WBR Garage show. Chase is also very active on the channel and regularly keeps in touch with his followers.

6. Mumbiker Nikhil

One of the pioneers who made moto-vlogging popular in India, Nikhil Sharma aka Mumbiker Nikhil is a young and noticeable figure in the industry. Other than regular updates on motorcycle expeditions, reviews, events etc. you can also get a glimpse of his personal life through his playlists. And may be this is another reason for his followers to stay hooked to his content.

7. Itchy Boots

If you’re looking for some ‘girl-power’, you must check out the Itchy Boots- where Noraly, a passionate Dutch motorcyclist puts up thrilling content on her love and adventures with motorcycles. In her own words, “In 2018, I quit my job, sold my belongings and have been travelling the world full time by motorcycle since then…My loyal companion is named Alaska, and she is a Honda CRF300L Rally.”
Her videos are bound to give you your daily dose of adrenaline rush.

8. Jatt Prabhjot

Another popular Indian face makes it to this list! Jatt Prabhjot is an Engineer by profession and a motorcyclist by passion. You will be hooked to his content which does not only include travelling on bikes and featuring top motorcycles but also share his personal adventures (and at times, misadventures too!). Lastly, don’t, miss his content with his furry friend Coco! 

9. RoyalJordanian

Unlike a lot of his peers, RoyalJordanian possesses a rather quiet demeanour. He is also extremely structured with all his content. If you follow him regularly, you are bound to grow a habit of watching his ‘Daily Observation’ series where he jots down interesting things that have happened to him during the day.

10. JS Films

JS Films is another channel, devoted to motorcycles, that has become an internet sensation with its ‘Desi-Style’ light-hearted content. He also calls himself an ‘extrovert on a bike’. His channel is dedicated to ‘biking lifestyle, bike reviews, custom motorcycles, store visits & launches, and trips to locations with the best interests of riders, primarily on his Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja H2, Ducati V4S, BMW 1250 GSA and BMW S1000rr.’

They say, “If you want to be happy for a lifetime, ride a motorcycle” and we agree! Motorcycling is more than just a hobby- it’s a lifestyle. These top motorcycle Youtube channels will surely find their way to your heart. Happy Watching

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