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Nature has a lot to offer through its five basic elements namely the earth, water, fire, space and air that are known to constitute the complete world around us. It keeps us breathing and supports most life aspects of all living beings which makes nature a surprise package.

There are various phenomena that have left mankind in utter disbelief and amazement, it induces curiosity in all. The inquisitiveness related to nature makes people question the existence and explore more about it.

As the digital world makes everything available at just a few clicks there are few incredible Nature YouTube channels that document great series, film animals in wild, record the most unusual happenings around us.

Here we have listed the best 7 nature YouTube channels that inform, educate and enlighten viewers with best of the knowledge.

7 Incredible Nature YouTube Channels

  1. National Geography channel

Science, exploration and adventure being the main forte of this channel, it is one of the people’s most favourite nature YouTube channels. They have a team of creatively talented photographers, journalists, writers, storytellers, filmmakers, scientists, explorers and researchers. The channel with 14.7 million subscribers and counting showcases some of the finest wild tales from the jungles around the world beside imparting information about nature out of our cities. Nat Geo is a dream company for many people these days and it deserves all your attention.

  1. BBC Earth

BBC Earth is full of the best information and facts related to the wild and nature. It is surely one of the most trusted Nature YouTube channels known as the official channel of popular Sir David Attenborough series including planet earth, frozen planet and blue planet II. It has over 7.6 million subscribers beside millions of views on its wildlife documentaries, nature-related series and stories of the planet. Wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, researchers and passionate people can find all their required details in this channel. Do watch their mammal tales and stories on dinosaurs to enrich the mind further.

  1. Johnnie Lawson

The verified YouTube channel is very popular for introducing natural sounds and music from the wild for peace of mind. If the lockdown has trapped your soul with endless procrastination, insomnia, depression issues, mental trauma etc. then do check this channel. It is one of the most helpful & incredible nature YouTube channels that will heal all the stress & chaos. They have nature sounds that help relax, rejuvenate and achieve complete healing with all the calm and serene sounds in the world. These videos have handpicked sounds and noises that are meant to relax the mind and provide an environment for meditation.

  1. Work with Nature: How to Grow Food

It is one of the most interesting nature YouTube channels that teach about co-existing with nature. With 119k subscribers, this verified nature YouTube channel shows ways to grow food naturally while imparting proper guidance & knowledge about bees & beekeeping, organic farming, blacksmithing, plant breeding, composting and everything that equips man to be independent of anything else but nature. The videos are very interesting and provide step-wise guide to building, converting or creating things from scratch.

  1. Nature Connection

Short educational videos educating people about the different forms of nature that support life and living. With over 35.8 k subscribers, nature connection is one of the simple yet passionately develop nature YouTube channels. It has videos on recreating natural spaces, understanding climate change & global warming, realising the hazard of plastic waste and maintaining biodiversity. Nature connection is a great channel where audiences can learn about safe methods to carry out nature-friendly projects.

  1. 4K Relaxation Channel

Being one of the most creative nature YouTube channels that is dedicated to capturing and streaming 4k and 4k HDR resolution feature videos, 4k relaxation videos are a must-watch. The best part about the channel is it brings out the real sense of nature into homes with its amazing audiovisuals. The main aim of the channel is to help people rejuvenate and relax with the sounds captured straight from natural sights like waterfalls, birds chirping in woods, the rustling of dry leaves and much more. They have over 563k subscribers to their verified channel that post regular videos on the same subject.

  1. Real Wild

This is one of the most incredibly informative nature YouTube channels that launches full-length weekly documentaries and short-form videos on the wild nature. The verified channel has 784k subscribers that get all information in simple short videos and are exposed to the real nature offerings outside. The videos they post will take you on a virtual tour around the world’s most magical places with the best of experience related to nature.

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