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Are you looking for the perfect TV series to binge watch? With so many options out there, one feels overwhelmed with the amount of content available. Trust me, I have struggled a lot to find the perfect English web series for a lazy weekend or a simple weekday night after office. And when it comes to a platform that gives you a humongous variety of shows, Netflix is on the top. Personally, I am in love with Netflix. You can say that I am a certified binge watcher.

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But with so many new shows coming every month on Netflix, one needs a little guidance as to which shows are worth your time, right? So, from all the amazing English web-series that I have ever watched on Netflix, here are my personal favourite Netflix shows of all time which you can use as your cheat sheet. Now, this may or may not include some popular shows that have a big fan following but I am sure there will be a few new shows in the list that might become your next favourite show. So without much further ado, here is my list of the Best Netflix Original English Web Series to Binge Watch.



1.) Black Mirror
So how do I explain this show? Black Mirror is a science fiction English anthology web series which explores the impact and consequences of technology on modern society. Each episode is a new story that deals with a high tech world which has been evolved from current technology and then a story is played through it. It’s one of the most twisted take on the human behaviour and each story is unique. The writers of the show create an extraordinary near futuristic world and everyone needs to experience this innovative show. Personally I would say that watching this show is like sitting on a roller coaster ride and for me, this the best show on Netflix to binge watch.

Season 5 will be launched on 5th June. So, go on, watch the previous seasons at the earliest!

2.) Making a Murderer
A true crime based docuseries spanning over a decade which follows the journey of a convicted man, Steven Avery, who is fighting the system that has allegedly falsely accused him of a crime. This show will keep you guessing as to who is telling the truth and will shock you at the same time. No wonder this show is both “Destructive” and “Thought-Provoking”.

The show has aired 2 seasons on Netflix and instantly became an American phenomenon as the show exposes corruption within the Police departments and Justice system in USA. It is easily one of the top shows on Netflix.

3.) Narcos
Set and filmed in Colombia, Season 1 & 2 of this American crime drama web series tells the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (played beautifully by Wagner Moura) and how the American narcotics agents captured him. The show is gripping with a tight storyline. Each episode will draw you in and you won’t be able to pause the show. Narcos is one of the best bilingual shows (English and Spanish) out there with captivating performances. It should be on your watch list!

4.) Master of None
Aziz Ansari brings to you a show that will touch your heart. The show may seem bleak at first, but don’t let that fool you. This comedy web series is loosely based on Ansari’s real-life experiences as a struggling actor & comedian. The show explores friendship, love, heartbreak and everything in between, even the most mundane things in life. Master of None is one of the sharpest and infectious comedies out there which will definitely bring a smile to your face with tears as well. The show is warm, fresh & welcoming and one of my favourite Netflix comedies of all time in the English language.

5.) Mindhunter
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10
Mindhunter is one of my favourite crime thrillers. It is both dark and ambitious. It follows two FBI agents who go about interviewing serial killers to understand what makes someone a sociopath. The show is set in the 1970s and has a very vintage feel to it. However, the show is quite graphic and not everyone may be able to digest it. The show is smart, intriguing and binge worthy.

Season 2 is yet to be launched on Netflix.

6.) The Haunting of Hill House
This is a show that is equally scary, emotional and beautiful. Yes, you read that right. The Haunting of Hill House is the best horror web series ever made in English, in my opinion. It’s a story of a dysfunctional family that is haunted by the memories of their old home and how certain events lead to a terrifying story. The acting is top notch and so is the creepiness level. This show definitely is Netflix’s best offerings.

7.) Ozark
Do you miss watching Breaking Bad? Well then, Ozark is the perfect replacement. Jason Bateman plays a financial advisor who has to launder $500 million dollars for a drug lord after his friend tries to rob the drug boss. The characters are all grey and Jason Bateman convincingly plays a man who will do anything to protect his family.

Ozark is an engaging crime drama which you should not miss! Season 3 will be out soon.

8.) Stranger Things

Well as the name suggests, Stranger Things is strange. The show is basically a cult phenomenon. This American fantasy show is about a woman who’s in search of her son who suddenly disappears one day. She along with a police officer and her son’s friends try to find him but there is also a strange supernatural force in the town, a mysterious small girl and a dark government agency that are a key part to the story. The show is so different that you will be glued to your seats thinking about what will happen next. Plus the show gives you a complete 80s vibe.

Stranger Things is one of the most popular shows out there and definitely one of the best original shows on Netflix.

9.) House of Cards

One of the most popular shows on Netflix. This American political thriller is about a Congressman who, alongwith his manipulative wife, seeks power and climbs the hierarchal ladder through cunning and immoral methods. The show is one of the best shows out there with great acting by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

All six seasons can be streamed on Netflix.

10.) DC Titans

Based on the characters of the DC comics, Titans is a live action web series of the popular animated show The Teen Titans and is a refreshing look at the DC heroes. This English language show follows the story of young superheroes led by Nightwing, who was Batman’s first Robin. The team fights off a strange supernatural villain and also try to explore their internal conflicts.

The action is amazing, the characters have depth and the story is tight. Watch it and see how different the show is.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to Netflix right now and start watching these shows. Happy binge-watching!

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