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Planning to start a business? Looking for effective marketing campaigns? Need a purposeful direction at work?

Data plays a major role in getting the appropriate answer to these questions.

One must understand that any idea without a set of data remains an imaginary thought that would barely transform into a tangible or implemented action. Brands and companies keep renewing their presence in the market and growing with the help of data collection followed by analysis and interpretation for preparation of required action plan.

Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools

Collecting information is very important these days because of the diversity in the market that changes the demands dynamically. A compilation of authentic and right data set provides stability to the business by clearing out the baselines, setting a benchmark and defining the goal for them.

Why Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools?

It is rightly said that data turns into information and that transforms into insights helping people build marvels with it.

Initially, people collected information and data through long, difficult manual procedures that bought multiple types of errors along with it but eventually technology developed to change the system once and forever. Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools came into existence that got simplified with time. In the beginning, these software and tools were made of long, partially irrelevant questions that were answered by unknown respondents and were could only be accessed on personal computers only.

This made it a complicated process of collecting data and gradually data collection went online and there were several amazing Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools that organised the activity thereby simplifying the work.

Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools

Marketers ditched the monotony and began working with more customised data sets for better targeting and branding. Now that we have the advanced methods of data collection, analysis and interpretation, brands get the most out of the facts and figures gathered.

Online Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools are equipped to handle the overall business agenda and manage most out of the targeted audiences. They are not just cost-effective but consume less time too. Nowadays, businesses and brands must by heart the quote:

“In God we trust. All others must bring data”

By  W. Edwards Deming, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and consultant.

7 Best Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools

  1. HubSpot

One single dashboard with all the essential survey finding to analyse overall brand performance is a boon for all and HubSpot makes it just that way. Their unique feedback tools are masters in extracting information from the targeted audiences. It is surely one of the most effective Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools to use in order to get more out of the users for the responsible team at work.

Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey helps measure the customer loyalty while the Customer Effort Score (CES) survey assists in understanding the difficulty level faced by customers in getting support from the brand in times of need. The Customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey is yet another self-explanatory & essential form that works to get the vital information. It is a brilliant tool to monitor the functioning of the business.

  1. Google Forms

The most popular on this list that has a drag and drop facility to help marketers and brands in acquiring desired data and findings for further usage. Google form is one spectacular Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools that provides real-time datasets in form of charts and other visual representations for easy interpretation. The survey forms can be customised in several ways so as to sync with the actual brand agendas and goals to conduct the survey. Moreover, it connects with other google products for more refined outcomes.

Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools

  1. KwikSurveys

It is one of those helpful Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools that simplify the processes and are not too difficult to work with. KiwikSurveys has a user-friendly interface that provides an easily navigable dashboard with all tools to analyse the findings and drive research. Brands may not be able to customise the surveys but can have access to over 30 templates for the same. Moreover, it enables subscribers to manage multiple different set of projects within the same organisation along with sharing the resources.

Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools

  1. Survey Monkey

It is one of the most popular and widely used Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools that enables users to create and run online surveys in a much professional manner. They provide a basic and a premium plan for effective surveying where creators can add over 10 to 15 questions with a maximum of 100 responses per survey in basic plan whereas getting unlimited questioning and response space in premium plan. Brands can pick from the available templates and categorize the questions as open-ended, close-ended and descriptive accordingly. It is a must-try tool for all.

Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools

  1. Pollfish

It is the amalgamation of organic sampling techniques, artificial intelligence, mobile delivery and a strong network of audiences that bring out the best information form the target market. Pollfish is easy to use, self-serve Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools that is expert in pinpointing the right audience groups and getting the survey done for maximum results. Using the survey tool will ensure the best error-free data set for easy learning and understanding process for brand building and growth.

Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools

  1. GetFeedBack

We have come across the ads by this brand very often and that exhibits the best example for its efficiency. It is an easy to use tool with an integrated dashboard that assists in developing appropriate CSAT surveys for an in-depth study of the market demands and other purposes. Apart from providing amazing real-time analytics, it helps create mobile-friendly engaging surveys and research forms. The in-built templates and upgraded features help customise surveys for sales, events, marketing campaigns, Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction score etc.

Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools

  1. Crowdsignal

This highly organised and neatly functioning online survey platform was previously known as PollDaddy that has come a long way from the start. They have two specific ways to collect data, one is by embedding survey forms on the websites and the other is by inviting respondents through emails. It is one strongly designed Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools that collects data, allows access to filters for refining the collected information for more accurate analysis and final interpretation. All of this can be easily done with excel, PDF, google docs etc. and be viewed in real-time.

Survey Software & Questionnaire Tools

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