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High-resolution video calling along with the audio system and live streams, online webinars software is a blessing to brands, institutions, organisations and communities. As the coronavirus pandemic makes social distancing, & quarantining normalcy for everyone, there are online audiences working online.

Best online webinar software platforms with their user-friendly interfaces, multiple video recording-editing-publishing options and cloud-based storage facilities have turned out to be helpful amidst the lockdown.

These webinar hosting platforms are effective in running smooth, seamless and systematic online meetings that can accommodate a huge number of attendees. It not just opens up a virtual space for the online audience but assists people to host necessary webinars easily.

It provides the presenter/host with a great stage to connect and communicate with the audiences as most of these best online webinar software platforms are equipped to share the screen while streaming the video live so as to ensure elaborate demonstration. Using these platforms will help organisers host the best event from the safety of their own homes and reach the global online audience anytime, anywhere.

Here we have listed a few helpful, effective and best online webinar software platforms that marketers and organisations can use to present and communicate with their real audiences virtually.

Best Online Webinar Software Platforms

#1 Zoom

It is one of the best online webinar software platforms to host meetings, training sessions and online courses for a global audience. Zoom is popular and widely used by popular companies, online institutes, educational organisations, NGO’s and almost all kinds of groups, communities & start-ups. It offers amazing audio-video conferencing, cross-platform content sharing, screen share facility, document sharing and many other options to aid online webinars. The integration is loved for its amazing features that provide complete assistance to users during web meetings.

Best Online Webinar Software Platforms

#2 Livestorm

On-demand webinar setup, multiple hosting, customizable branding, reporting, analytics, Q&A sessions, polls et cetera are few of the top features that make Livestorm one of the best online webinar software platforms. It allows users to organise some of the best online webinars that can be easily shared in different spaces. With Livestorm, users can create effective landing pages, develop a content strategy, establish great internal communication system and help marketer reach the masses easily apart from just hosting webinars online.

Best Online Webinar Software Platforms

#3 Business Hangouts

It is surely one of the well-crafted, powerful and best online webinar software platforms that can accommodate any number of attendees to literally hang out for as long as one likes to. The web conferencing software for google apps is also ideal for webinars with all the necessary facilities and options. It is just the right webinar application for government agencies, educational institutions, religious forums, political groups and others. Business Hangouts is considered as a game-changer during the pandemic lockdown as a lot of offices depending on the google suite used it instantly and benefitted from its screen sharing, easy video making and presenting areas.

Best Online Webinar Software Platforms

#4 GoToWebinar

It is known for facilitating webinars with easy exchange of mails, convenient recording and simple survey report conditions that condition the environment for effective webinar hosting. Meetings can be easily scheduled from anywhere anytime and all collaborations can be effectively done with clients and customers. Social media promotion, screen share options, multi-hosting, live chat and the on-demand webinar are few of the best facilities provided by the application. It can be used on desktops as well as mobile devices.

Best Online Webinar Software Platforms

#5 Demio

It not just provides the best waiting room experiences but also provides built-in analytics and insight as resources for marketing tools. Demio offers cloud-based event handling and recording along with an automated notification, email and reminder opportunity that makes it one of the proven best online webinar software platforms. It has provisions to develop customised set up so as to match the brand image and all the video conferencing features like landing pages, automated webinars, live streams, registration etc.

Best Online Webinar Software Platforms

#6 WebinarNinja

With quirky “thank you” and registration pages on its site, WebinarNinja is one of the best online webinar software platforms that helps make webinars easily in just a few minutes. It offers 4 types of webinars on its platform and they are Live, Automated, Series and Hybrid which ensure that users can categorize and use the stage according to their specific requirements instead of wandering around a lot of confusing options. Hosting companies can run polls before, during and after webinars, share screen instantly, & display scheduled marketing offers in between webinars.

Best Online Webinar Software Platforms

Highly converting abilities, wonderful registration landing pages and organised analytics options are key features of the platform.

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