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Akshay Chandra6 years ago

The ongoing unrest between India and Pakistan has resulted in backlashes from a wide array of industries especially film and media. In such a scenario, the best place to hear actual voices from both sides of the fence is social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is where people actually express their views.

But Pakistan has had its share of issues with social media before. Remember when Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had blocked YouTube in 2008 because of “non-Islamic objectionable videos”? Also, in 2010 it had banned Facebook for popularizing “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. (Eventually, it had to lift the ban in two weeks though!) However, it took some time to lift the ban on YouTube. YouTube had to buckle down and launch a local version of the site in Pakistan. It is quite ironic though to monitor and censor the internet so closely when only 10% of its population is online!

In this blog we list down some of the biggesst YouTube channels from Pakistan. The list is based on the number of views that the videos of these channels have clocked.


YouTube channels of news corporations perform really well in Pakistan.
Music and Entertainment are the other two genres that perform well in the country.

Total Video Views – 764,211,779
Subscribers – 766,628

HUM TV is an entertainment TV channel that uploads full episodes of its soaps like Jhoot, Saya e Dewar Bhi Nahi, Sang e Mar Mar, Kathputli and others. It is the most viewed and subscribed YouTube channel in Pakistan.


Total Video Views – 223,986,863

Subscribers – 284,971

In terms of total video views, SAMAATVNEWS stands at number 2 with over 220 million views! Its videos also have the most impressive average watch time at around 20 minutes!

Total Video Views – 134,286,169
Subscribers – 319,994

One of the most popular News broadcasting channels Geo News is at number two in terms of the number of subscribers. With more than 37 thousand videos, it is also one of the most active YouTube channels from the country.

Total Video Views – 48,896,055
Subscribers – 64,499

Do ghosts exist? Are demons real? Watch their YouTube channel to know more. Raaz TV is a channel dedicated to decoding paranormal phenomena.

Total Video Views – 47,487,260
Subscribers – 48,581

Urdu TV hub covers entertainment topics like Hollywood, celebrity gossip, movies, biographies etc. The channel has the highest average views per video.

Total Video Views – 30,900,073
Subscribers – 54,113

NEO is another TV YouTube channel that generates an impressive amount of viewership with more than 30 million views with just 54 thousand subscribers.

Total Video Views – 764,211,779
Subscribers – 766,628

HTV is the most popular health, wellness and lifestyle YouTube channel from Pakistan. With over 3 thousand videos so far, it is also one of the most active channels.

talk showTalk Shows Central
Total Video Views – 171,221,767
Subscribers – 279,216

This youtube channel uploads comedy shows like Khabardar, Khabarnaak, Mazaaq Raat and Hasb E Haal. Talk Shows Central is the 4th most viewed YouTube channel in Pakistan.

3Rohail Hyatt
Total Video Views – 207,227,590
Subscribers – 603,714

Rohail Hyatt is a popular singer who has made frequent appearances in Coke Studio. You can find his original songs and also videos from the first 6 seasons of coke studio Pakistan.

Total Video Views – 135,086,030
Subscribers – 157,590

With its in-house production, this YouTube channel produces popular music featuring many Pakistani singers.

7Drama Central
Total Video Views – 59,550,178
Subscribers – 90,604

This drama club provides full episodes of popular Pakistani TV soaps like Tum Kon Piya, Dumpukht – Aatish e Ishq, and Intezaar.

9Mazaaq Raat Official
Total Video Views – 45,121,190
Subscribers – 77,151

This is a popular Pakistani Comedy Entertainment show that airs on Dunya TV. With only 77 thousand subscribers, this popular YouTube channel has generated more than 45 million views till date!

Despite being home to an online celebrity like Tahir Shah, the social media culture in Pakistan is still in its nascent stages. There is still scope for a wide variety of videos (like sketch comedy, Gaming, travel vlogging etc) to be made by Pakistani YouTubers. I’d really love it if some travel vloggers emerge out of Pakistan covering its scenic landscpae like margalla hills, rama lake, or Hunza valley etc. Let’s wait and see who hits the 1 million subscriber mark first in Pakistan and gets the Gold Play Button.


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