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Wondering which is the best place to launch your recorded podcast?

Well, there are plenty of podcast hosting platforms available for free and subscription based online. The task here is to pick the best one for your recorded content.

Launching a podcast is not as simple as uploading audio records to iTunes or any other audio platform. Podcast hosting platforms are responsible for a series of results desired by the podcasters.

Picking a media host for your podcast stream is like choosing the web host for your new website or blog, hence it is essential to choose wisely here.

Whether you are looking for a better platform than the existing one or save some bucks over your podcasts, there are several podcast hosting platforms that would cater to your needs.

There are free host sites, paid platforms and subscription based places which you can easily pick for launching your records.

With millions of podcast listeners around the globe, it is important to pick the best podcast hosting platform which can widen reach and maintain quality of podcasts. Choosing the suitable platform can be time consuming, confusing and complex way out therefore here we have listed a few.

With the options enlisted below, we hope you find the most suitable and best podcast hosting platform.

Best podcast hosting platforms for audio content creators

  1. PodBean

It is one of the most user friendly, functionally efficient podcast hosting platforms that works best with serious podcasters. It started off back in 2006 when podcasting became popular. It provides unlimited hosting and promotion services across major apps like Spotify, Amazon Alexa, iTunes etcetera.

podcast hosting platforms

Initially the hosting platform can be used for free and users can upload up to 5 hours of content every month within 100GB of bandwidth. The regular pack provides basic analytics to podcasters which can be more detailed in the $9/month plan. Professional podcasters can subscribe for the PodBean Unlimited Plus Plan for more options on video storage and audio hosting. It also allows users to add their own ad campaigns for better and quicker monetizing.

  1. Simplecast

We can tag Simplecast as one of podcast hosting platforms that offers industry leading features to its users at just $15 a month. The platform has huge contribution in the success of some top notch brands in podcasting such as Nike, Shopify, HBO etc. They provide various analytics, functional tools, publishing on a click facility to their podcasters along with complete website for posting and other work.

podcast hosting platforms

Their page announces that

“From your first listener to your first million, Simplecast provides powerful tools needed to manage, distribute, share, and grow your podcast.”

Their Recast tool allows podcasters to post on social media sites for more convenience.

  1. Buzzsprout

This is one of the most loved and demanded podcast hosting platforms that is popular amongst professionals and rookies equally. Buzzsprout has been in the podcast hosting space since 2009 and never demanded any upfront cost. It is a great option for people starting up with podcasting. Without subscriptions, they would host your files up to 90 days and also allows uploading up to 2 hours.

podcast hosting platforms

With upgraded plans they provide unlimited storage, host files for indefinite period and a 250GB bandwidth per month. Buzzsprout is counted among best podcast hosting platforms because it has an easy-to-use analytics dashboard that informs podcasters about details like how many listeners turn up within the first 90 days of any upload. Such information is vital for any user. the platform makes uploading, optimizing and distributing podcasts easier than ever.

It is surely one of the first choices of content creators.

  1. Transistor

Everything that you need to grow your listeners is here. Transistor is one of those podcast hosting platforms that assists podcasters in scaling up subscribers and audience with the variety of tool options on the platform. Apart from providing detailed analytics, the podcast hosting platform provides tools that can host unlimited shows, manage multiple users per account, distribute and promote podcasts etc.

podcast hosting platforms

There are different plans that podcasters can pick as per requirement after using the free 14-day trial. The platform provides 2 months of free trial on annual payment too.

  1. Soundcloud

The platform has ability to host podcasts for free on their site. They provide limited options and features yet are one of the most widely used best podcast hosting platforms. Soundcloud is world’s largest audio and video hosting site that has an unbelievable 12 hours of content upload every minute.

podcast hosting platforms

With the advanced version, podcasters can schedule their release, embed controls and pin up to 5 podcasts per profile. Soundcloud’s hosting services also provides access to twitter cards, timed comments and all of their embedded players. It is definitely a must try for all starting up podcasters.

  1. Blubry

With a customer-first approach and user friendly dashboard, Blubry is one of fastest scaling and expanding podcast hosting platforms. They provide a variety of features that assist podcasters in launching some fine content. Apart from tools that help edit, upload and optimize audio content, Blubry also gives tips and suggestion to users that would assure them a bigger number of audience.

podcast hosting platforms

The advanced plans provide detailed analytics deck which further supports podcasters in releasing audience friendly content. It allows users to know which topics work best at what time which makes sure that the podcast works best.

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