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The largest video platform and the second most used search engine in the world, YouTube has come a long way since the first video was uploaded on the platform on April 23, 2005. Back then many wouldn’t have imagined this video platform will become a source of livelihood, a full-time career option, a dedicated revenue source for many companies. Therefore, in this blog, we list some of the best practices for the YouTube community of content creators and publishers to effectively manage their YouTube channels.

Strategizing plans for YouTube channel optimisation requires understanding the audience interests, types of content consumed, and ranking of keywords. These can be the precursors of optimizing the video content for creating an effective brand presence across social media. It further assists in building links & embeds, engaging viewers, expanding networks, paid collaborations, and improving YouTube channel viewership.

Best practices for YouTube channel optimization

  1. Custom URL

Recognizing the YouTube channel as a webpage during its homepage creation can provide users with brand-building opportunities. Selecting an easy-to-remember URL for the channel is the first simplest practice for YouTube channel optimization. The custom URL can be the channel’s display title, user name, any vanity URL, or the linked website name. These customized URLs help marketers give a tone to their channel with capitalized and small letters in it. It is essential to utilize the customization option on the URL as it is easy to get these days. Moreover, they build brand personality on the platform. Create different sections on your home page that include popular videos, latest video uploads, playlists of the latest series, videos describing your channel etc.

  1. YouTube channel icon and art

The channel icon is the signature or logo space where users can make a statement as it appears on almost every possible space of interaction and engagement. This icon is visible at the bottom of videos playing, comments, and almost all major places. In contrast, Channel art is the banner space that shows taglines, video upload schedules, social media account details, and other information relevant to the channel. A single 2560 x 1440px image is the recommended channel art size that can be used for all devices. Users can include significant information on the inner zone of the banner art to avoid any cuts on different devices that audiences may use to access the channel. Using the correct type of introduction art can help attract new visitors & subscribers while providing pertinent information to retain viewers.

  1. YouTube channel description

After optimizing channel icons and art to inform the audience about the type of channel, YouTube channel description is the specified area where detailed information regarding the content of videos and host or the creator is mentioned. It is a briefing about the channel that is also known as the ‘About’ page, where the channel owner can elaborate about the content that can be expected from it along with upload schedules and the people working on it. Using appropriate keywords in the channel description can act as a great bridge for passing visitors and subscribers. Providing a well written and optimized YouTube channel description increases the ranking scope and improves the YouTube SEO, and makes way for channel growth. Therefore, users may provide business contacts, social media links, websites, origin country etc., for specific audience targeting.

  1. YouTube channel trailer

Providing a short preview of the kind of video content to be expected is a great way to communicate the channel to visitors. YouTube channel trailer is the auto-played short video that is displayed on the home tab of the channel. It should consist of a sneak peek into the channel’s agenda instead of providing information directly. Publishers can strategize the video concept and add CTAs and subscription requests as it is visible to visitors who have not yet subscribed. Being a great space to express the channel content builds trust among the viewers and helps in-channel optimization, leading to viewership growth. In the long run, the channel trailer feature can also be used to promote a recently launched series on your YouTube channel.

  1. Using social media & website links

Provide the right social media links and website links at the header image or the channel art on top. The bottom right side of the banner art is the most common place to add the links relevant to the channel as it is the first place to attract visitors’ attention if designed appropriately. The links to the websites and blogs are the first mention in the channel art, followed by the social media clickables that will land users on the linked accounts. Using the space can add more followers and page visits on the landing pages, thereby building an overall online presence building a community around your brand.

  1. YouTube channel keywords

As discussed above, optimization begins with using proper keywords at different content spaces such as the YouTube channel description, video titles & descriptions, tags etc. These optimizing practices can amplify the impact of YouTube searches and provide the algorithm with good keywords to make the channel content appear on the top of search lists. Furthermore, mentioning the most used relevant keywords will give YouTube information regarding the content category, subject matter and related content. It, in turn, makes it visible to the searching audiences.

  1. Organizing page layout and playlists

Channels are more likely to receive subscribers if everything is easy to trace and understand. Videos can be categorized into latest uploads, popular lists, recommended lists etc., besides the channel trailer playing at the top. It is like showing the guests around the rooms in your house where one introduces it with a name tag. A well-organized page appears more welcoming and interesting to scroll through due to its less hassle handy features. YouTube provides the layout and playlists options to help publishers highlight their best work and ensure visibility at the right places. Moreover, playlists are a great way to connect the visitors to the kind of content they are looking for and bring relevant videos up on the list.

  1. Optimizing YouTube channel videos

There are several ways to ensure that the videos are well explored on the search pages by the relevant visitors. Having a well-framed YouTube video within 100 characters is a first and foremost video optimization trick. In addition, providing videos with content suggestive, keyword-rich, short, concise, and relevant titles can improve channel keyword optimization. This, in turn, will help the video surface higher at YouTube searches. Adding keywords directly linked to the content of the video or pitching direct information/benefits that users can reap from watching the video can also help in many cases.

  1. Video description optimization

Apart from the titles, the video descriptions are a great place to mention high searched keywords for complete optimization of videos for better ranking. The YouTube video descriptions can be of 5000 characters and must consist of trending hashtags and catchy phrases in the first few lines as they are displayed initially on the video. The metadata with highly searched keywords will enhance the discoverability of the videos—mention collaborations, partners, leading information and other interactive words to gain the attention of visitors. Also, add compelling Call to action buttons as well as external URLs, web links, social media accounts, “subscribe here” options and well-researched words to make the video well optimized for the platform.

  1. Watermark branding on videos

There are two ways to add a brand logo to the video, i.e. making it seen at the beginning of the video & continue to display it for the rest part and make it appear after 30 seconds of the video. Creating the logo to appear throughout the video ensures proper branding in the complete video and also increases the chances of getting more subscribers.

  1. Adding subtitles and CCs

Videos with subtitles and closed captions are an advantage when it comes to acquiring larger diverse audiences. It can also help reach the hearing impaired audiences with visible content. Optimizing and arranging the subtitles is very important because that makes the video more presentable and engaging. These should not exceed more than a line or two, must be in sync with the audiovisuals, be easily readable, have names of speakers if there is more than one character in the scene and be grammatically correct.

  1. Call to Action

Having specific call-to-action options such as the subscribe, comment, like, bell icon, watch another video etc., is undoubtedly a massive plus on keeping the audience within your channel and related landing pages. We can categorize the CTAs and use them as per the needs of the campaign. The channel can always have a CTA at the beginning of the video, and this is to make sure that viewers that bounce before the end have a chance to interact through the click options here. It is mostly the subscribe and bell icon options that are shown at the start. Publishers can also use end slates or the End-screen CTA to provide similar options to viewers watching it. The video with an end slate can offer the viewers many choices like watching another related video, go back to the homepage, watch a playlist suggested etc. Creators can use the space to promote their other channels, merchandise, websites & videos at the ending screen that appears in the last 5 -20 seconds. There are info cards for creators who would like to provide a link to the other content. The cards can appear on top or sides of the video playing and can help promote five videos or playlists. So, select the CTAs wisely for more conversions.

  1. Thumbnail optimization

One of the essential YouTube channel optimizations practices and a major factor in improving CTR, Thumbnail optimisation. Creating an attractive thumbnail or display picture for the videos is a must to gain visitors and subscribers. A thumbnail that conveys the right information and appears unique is sure to get clicked on by viewers. It is the first thing that people get to look at before any other feature. That is why most high performing videos on YouTube have attractive custom-made thumbnails on the videos. While creating the icons, one must make sure that the text on the picture is short, concise, and correct. Ensure that the thumbnail art is relevant to the video’s content and matches the keywords in the title and description. The accuracy of the thumbnail, the higher the CTR; thus, more unique visits lead to increased YouTube viewership and channel growth and ranking.

  1. Community tab and comment section

The two most interactive sections on YouTube channels are the community tabs and comment section, where publishers can directly communicate with the viewers. In the community tab, creators can add polls, text posts, interactive images and other channel/content-related updates to engage with audiences outside the video uploaded to the channel. Whereas in the comment section, creators can select the type of comments that appear on the video and channel. Apart from monitoring the perception of the video by the viewers through observations, publishers can engage with them directly.

Vidooly integrates technology for better optimization

Decrypting the best practices of YouTube channel optimization, it is proved that organizing & efficiently managing the channel along with it produces is an essential key to achieving success on digital platforms.

Vidooly’s AI-backed software technology tracks data & converts it into reliable information/insights to be used by the team of certified experts to design the best YouTube growth strategies, campaigns and optimisation approach.

Our clientele includes several leading brands/publishers across industries, mainly the booming ed-tech companies, news & media channels and entertainment labels. Right from video SEO, YouTube channel optimization, driving viewership to videos, improving organic reach, and handling the overall channel performance, Vidooly does it all.

While channel management may seem to be a cakewalk at first, it can be a daunting task when you have larger goals in mind with respect to your video creation goals. Outsourcing the same can be highly advantageous to make the complete channel management a smooth functioning, hassle-free, systematic and organized work. This helps the publishers focus solely on the video output and make space for creativity in their content. The proper running of optimization tools and techniques can boost revenues by improving conversions, CTRs and YouTube viewership and aligning audiences’ demands and consumption patterns with channel objectives. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to be in trend, utilize competitor analysis data, use the YouTube features to their optimum and get benefits of it? Well, all leading brands & publishers do.

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