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As the second wave of coronavirus returned in the month of April and May in 2021, the pandemic lockdown was extended further to avoid more fatalities and curb the spread. The companies that prepared to re-start their business like before and get their employees back to offices had to stop again.

Many brands and start-ups shut their doors last year itself while some sustained the wrath of the disease and several companies are still struggling through these tough times. Using few of the best remote collaboration tools are now the need of the hour for teams working from home and collaborating over major projects and other important work.

best remote collaboration tools

While most of us use many of those usual tools, there are several other applications and software that can simplify working in teams while improvising the overall performances of the companies. Using the right remote collaboration tools for meetings, discussions and presentations can help users amplify the profits while overcoming certain disruptions that may arise during distance working.

Here we are listing a few of the many best remote collaboration tools that our readers can use to improve their workplace conditions besides keeping the team spirit intact.

Best Remote Collaboration Tools to use in 2021

  1. Trello

Organising major projects into boards, listing the tasks for teams, useful card system to keep the teams in order and informed are a few of the amazing jobs that Trello does for companies. It is a systematic application that manages workflow and simplifies team efforts for better productivity and overall development. With its brilliant features like task assignment boards, timelines, productivity metrics. Intuitive customization builds to assist teams at work, it is one of the best remote collaboration tools that companies must try with their employees working from home.

best remote collaboration tools

  1. Slack

It is a simplified real-time messaging tool that helps people come together on discussing designs, projects, brainstorming ideas, express opinions on certain output by someone etc. Teams can collaborate over these tasks with ease because Slack is equipped with features that enable smooth communication without much error. This helps teams save time, space, energy and effort in writing emails for everything while enables them to keep their focus on work unlike regular chats on messenger apps. It helps employees working remotely by bringing them all on one manageable dashboard.

best remote collaboration tools

  1. Todoist

Basically a task manager with features that can help teams prepare well for work with organised tasks, refined to-do lists, trackable work progress, priority-based schedules etc. The application is also a gem when it comes to delegation of work and team functions. There are boards that can be personalised and used as per individual needs and style. Moreover, it can also be used as a single dashboard for all tasks through email, files and calendar shares thereby making it one of the best remote collaboration tools.

best remote collaboration tools

  1. Notion

While the real world made communication easier with a certain physical presence, immediate surrounding, body language, expressions etc. working from remote mode needs updating in the same style of communication. The notion is a one-stop-shop for all needs that can assist employees in working closely without much gap in communication. Right from maintaining a to-do list, plan for projects organised online workspace to having clarity in team communication, Notion does it all. It is surely one of the best remote collaboration tools that companies can use to help better equip their workers through digital platforms.

best remote collaboration tools

  1. Chanty

Great communication, effective collaboration, glitch-free connection are primary to teams working from home. Synced communication with videos, texts & voice, screen shares along with other files, links & tasks besides better organisation of work makes Chanty one of the most effective and best remote collaboration tools that companies can try. The tool allows users to build their own Team books to filter and handle activities of their teammates as well as maintain continuous contact to ensure execution of tasks at the workplace.

best remote collaboration tools

  1. Krisp

The AI-based noise cancellation application is a boon in the times of zoom calls and online meetings taking place frequently. Krisp is equipped with technology backed by artificial intelligence that cancels unwanted noise in backgrounds from both sides of the call thereby making it more effective. Moreover, it helps generate HD quality voice for better speech and removes echo problems in any room. It is definitely one of its kind and deserves a special place in everyone’s life who is working remotely.

best remote collaboration tools

  1. Blink

A virtual office is an answer to all our work from home woos. Right from the tangled workflow, to confusions in work distribution, everything deserves some transparent space for teams to study, analyse, understand and work accordingly. Blink is the virtual office that supports employees & employers to share tasks, files, align team members on projects, bring the on-site team on one deck and discuss matters on a single dashboard thereby making the forum more like a real office. It also allows users to carry out surveys, studies etc. that are essential for the company.

best remote collaboration tools

  1. Fluvid

Working in teams from home can lead to many confusions when it comes to problem-solving, brainstorming and sharing tasks. Fluvid is a groundbreaking and promising online screen capture and video recording application that helps its users connect with teams & customers easily. It is best used to present in online meetings, prepare lectures, marketing videos, live streaming, sales pitching, quality analysis of data and whatnot. The simplicity of the features makes it one of the best remote collaboration tools to be used in offices working on digital platforms. It supports and assists users trying to make or record videos, edit the work and share them across platforms for better connectivity. The tool has advanced features like password protection, analytics, crop & trim, drawing gadgets, lead forms & CTAs etc. for more productivity and result with less effort.

best remote collaboration tools

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