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They say content is king and we agree! The whole entertainment boom across the world has, in its foundation, great screenplays. Whether it’s a novel storyline or an adaptation of a classic- screenwriting is one of the most important pillars of successful content. It is an art and a skill that you can learn and hon. What can be a better platform than YouTube to start this journey! Here is a list of top screenwriting YouTube channels that must visit if you’re interested in this domain. 

1. Outstanding Screenplays

As the name suggests, this channel is dedicated to decoding some of the classic screenplays ever written in the history of cinema. From Akira Kurosawa to Christopher Nolan- from Pulp Fiction to writing a brand new screenplay- you get easy tips that can help you immensely.

2. Tyler Mowery

With his channel, Tyler Mowery, actually showcases in-depth process of screenwriting. If you’re stuck somewhere in your draft, you will surely find these content help you get going. You can actually learn the practical know-hows of how to structure your scripts, develop the characters, creating the perfect pilot and so on.

3. Behind the Curtain

In their own words, “Behind the Curtain crafts educational video essays using the most valuable insights from professionals in the industry.” Their content focuses on two main things:
a) Learning from successful professionals
b) making a platform of like-minded professionals

Here actually gain insights and knowledge from iconic screenplay writers who have given shapes to films like the Batman series, Django Unchained, Wolf of Wallstreet etc.

4. Lessons from the Screenplay 

Arguably a must-follow channel if you’re interested in screenplay writing. This channel delves deep into finding what makes some of the milestone films so great. It finds out techniques, analyses scripts and shares experiences straight from the screenwriting teams of famous films and web series. It’s no wonder why their subscriber base increases by the day. 

5. Film Courage 

A channel dedicated to not only the craft but also to the various practical business aspects of filmmaking and the entertainment industry. A platform of shared experiences, handy techniques, tips and hacks- Film Courage can give you knowledge on how to sell your films, how to get the pitch deck written, what generally goes wrong in the industry. Such insights can be of great value if you’re thinking of developing a career in the entertainment industry. The channel is very diligent with its content- they upload very regularly to make sure there is no dearth of knowledge when you visit them.

6. The Closer Look 

Who says knowledge-sharing has to be boring?  The Closer Look ensures you get a hands-on analysis on what makes a great story tick on-screen and they add a lot of fun in doing so.
Some of their tiles read: How To Waste A Sequel, Tenet – The Best Kind Of Failure, How To Bore Your Audience – Holmes and Watson! And what’s even better, their content is as on-point as their titles. The brilliance of  The Closer Look is that their videos are packed with knowledge and insights without making you feel heavy.

7. Jenny Nicholson

When you’re talking about hilarious content that actually makes you learn things about screenwriting, you can’t miss Jenny Nicholson. Agreed that not all her content is related to screenwriting but the ones that are can’t be missed as she analyses them with their trained eyes.
Watch out for the episodes like Well. Let’s read Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX script, Frozen 2 Script Doctor, THE Vampire Diaries Video. They are detailed, insightful and again, so fun to watch!

8. FAST Screenplay

The channel starts by emphasizing why screenplay writing should be taken up by people- irrespective of whether you’re interested in the subject or not. They provide you with a step-by-step screenplay development system that is generated keeping a produce’s angle in mind. The videos explore every aspect of scriptwriting- creativity, the business, how to survive it and to be unique in choosing and developing your content 

9. Script Sleuth

Another channel that is helping script-writers with tips and techniques to hon their skill is Script Sleuth. They beautifully breakdown the content and add their insights to it. Another good thing about them is that they cover films across languages and countries. The videos are stacked with knowledge yet very easy to decode. 

10. Robert McKee

One of the most sought-after screenplay writers and a Fulbright Scholar has his very own YouTube channel, dedicated to sharing knowledge and mentoring screenwriters across the globe. Through this channel, you can access a lot of webinars, interviews and Q&A sessions that will surely help building a solid foundation. 

Whether you’re a trained writer, just getting started or looking to find insights about the industry, these top screenwriting YouTube channels can help you immensely.

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