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Making YouTube channels has become common and everyone wants to become popular by enlarging their channel. YouTube has its own algorithms for ranking your channel and content, but many of the newcomers are unaware of this.

In this article, we will discuss some of the strategies that are friendly to YouTube’s algorithms and increase your awareness.

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1) Use the best keyword

If you have just launched a YouTube channel or want to expand your previous one, Keyword Research is a practical and basic thing that is required.

Choosing the right keyword will put your videos at the top of YouTube’s search, while choosing the wrong keyword will bury your efforts.

Here is the way to find the right keyword for your content:

Step # 1: Create some basic keywords:

First, you should list the keywords that are in your head for analysis.

For example, if you have made a video about SEO tips, the basic keywords are:

  • Backlinks
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Optimization
  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

These are just ideas about which you can make the video, but these keywords cannot be used because they are too competitive and difficult for you to evaluate.

create basic keywords to grow youtube channel

Step # 2: Convert your basic keyword to long-tail keyword

Since these keywords are difficult to categorize, you need to add a similar keyword to your title that can rank your video.

The best way to find the long tail keywords to search on YouTube. Write the basic keyword and see what YouTube is proposing.

convert basic keywords to long tail keywords to grow youtube channel

You can also use external keyword tools for YouTube such as Ahrefs, to find keywords.

Since it shows several suggestions, you will need to consider some factors to find the best one, and the path will be discussed in step 3.

Step # 3: Keyword analysis for selection

Keyword research suggests different keywords according to their volume. Now, the step comes up for selection and you should select the keyword according to the following criteria:

  • Search for the keyword with the high search volume, which means that more people search for the term.
  • Look at the difficulty level and select the keyword that has less difficulty to rank your content quickly.
  • Use the keyword that has less competition, whether it is a long tail or a short one.

2) Optimize your YouTube videos

Just like the SEO of blogs, YouTube videos need a certain SEO to rank. Here are the strategies that are included in relation to the SEO of a YouTube video.

Step # 1: Title Optimization

It’s not an important thing, but when you use it right, it helps a little bit. It’s about inserting the selected keyword into the video title.

Like other search engines, YouTube considers CTR as a ranking factor. This means that the more people click on your video, the more YouTube will promote it.

Step # 2: Adding video tags

Tags are also important for SEO and you should add relevant tags to your video. Some of the tactics used to create tags are:

  • Use two tags that have your basic keyword and it should be descriptive.
  • Use two additional tags that do not have your keyword but explain your video title.
  • Now use two tags to find the niche or industry you are making video for.

Adding Video Tags to grow youtube channel

Step # 3: Create an optimized video description

This step is very important for viewers and search engines. YouTube always recommends the long description that has information about the video as well as links for credits.

create video description to grow youtube channel

The description should have your basic keyword and, most importantly, it should be free of duplicate content. A copied description harms your SEO so checking your content before uploading would be beneficial. You can check the content of the description using the plagiarism checker. This will search the entire Internet, including the social media and YouTube description, to find any duplicates.

3) Using Custom Thumbnails

According to YouTube Research Paper, it is recommendable to use the custom thumbnail, which is attractive and impresses users.

According to a YouTube report, 90% of the best performing videos have a custom thumbnail.

use custom thumbnail to grow youtube channel

Here are some of the tips to create a creative thumbnail for your YouTube video:

  • It is better to use the most attractive vector image.
  • Use high contrast image to increase recognition
  • Use colors that are not included in YouTube’s default colors, i.e. red, black and white

4) Create playlists

There is a choice on YouTube that allows you to insert your videos into a custom playlist. Playlist is important because it helps the viewer see the corresponding video or sequential video.

For example, if you publish a web series or tutorials, you can share the videos in parts and make the playlist for viewers to look for all the videos of the sequential. 

The playlist helps you increase your session time, because if the user loves your video, they will choose other similar videos from your playlist. 

create playlist to grow youtube channel

5) Share the video with your audience

There are various tactics to inform your audience about your newly posted video. However, we have described some of the most effective ones below:

  • In the introduction or at the end of the video, ask your viewer to subscribe to your channel and press the bell icon so that they do not miss any update of your channel.
  • Add the end screen notations to your video in the form of button to subscribe your channel or view more of your videos, a practice usually performed by all popular YouTubers.
  • Once you’ve posted your video to YouTube, share it with your followers on social media by attaching the link to the video.
  • There is a YouTube feature that offers you to premiere (scheduled live publishing) your video rather than publish it in a surprising way. However, this choice is beneficial to inform your fans earlier about releasing a new video.
  • Add the video releasing information on your statuses, especially YouTube status.

share video with your audience to grow youtube channel

  • To be recognized more, reply to the comments posted under your video.

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