ListsBest 8 Thriller Web Series with Killer Twists & Plot to Watch in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic led lockdown introduced a new normal to the people including a new way to interact, communicate and choose entertainment. Most brands re-equipped themselves with upgraded features, remotely accessible system and better customer services. The OTT industry continues to make headlines every day with its prominent service provider brands like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot etc. churning attention-worthy content.

Entertainment in the lockdown was more of watching videos, browsing through social media sites and binge-watching TV series on SVOD platforms. While there was no limit to the type of content that gathered the most views and attention of the audience, certain genres are more preferred and have the potential to quickly escalate on the trends.

In this blog, we will list some of our favourite and the best 8 thriller web series that doesn’t just have a gripping plot but also stand out in the visual creativity, BGM scores, & mind-blowing elements.

Best 8 Thriller Web Series to Binge Watch

  1. Criminal Justice

IMDb – 8.1

Cast: Vikrant Massey, Pankaj Tripathi, Anupriya Goenka, Jackie Shroff, Mita Vashisht

Seasons: 2

OTT Network: Hotstar

thriller web series

Vikrant’s character Aditya Sharma is accused of murdering a female passenger who happened to be a drug addict but the accused pleads not guilty. The plot of the web series takes unpredictable twists with Pankaj’s character assisting the lead with his case. While all the evidence is against the lead character Aditya, there is still hope for him to know and reveal the truth. The courtroom legal drama is very well executed with all the suspense, music and dialogue delivery. It is a very well-written, directed and acted series that one must watch. The second season has a gripping story with more pieces of evidence that are helping the advocates prove the real incident that took place on the night of crime along with the revelations of the real criminals.

  1. Asur

IMDb – 8.5

Cast: Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka, Sharib Hashmi

Seasons: 1

OTT Network: Voot

thriller web series

This is one of the best thriller web series that dominatingly inclines towards the mythological history of the streets of Benaras and its connection with modern-day criminals. It is our favourite actor, Arshad Warsi’s debut on OTT networks who is seen to be leading the sequence with his extraordinary acting skills. The plot involves a forensic-expert-turned-teacher named Nikhil Nair played by television’s popular face Barun Sobti, who returns to his roots in the CBI and gets into a mysterious and suspense-filled chase against a serial killer. He is along with his mentor Dhananjay Rajpoot played by Warsi who faces all events in the web series. The drama sequences appear to be slow but are very well acted and dramatized to ensure thrill and short little adrenaline rushes.

  1. The Family Man

IMDb- 8.8

Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani, Sharib Hashmi, Darshan Kumar, Sharad Kelkar

Seasons: 2

Network: Amazon Prime

thriller web series

The web series has reached heights beyond the OTT platforms and has become a trending hashtag on popular social media sites. The storyline revolves around the life of a common man played by Manoj’s character named Srikant Tiwari. He has a family with two children and serves in a special force of the national investigation agency that deals mainly with the activities of terrorist organisations. Srikant has a lot to handle right from visiting his child’s school to buying vegetables for home and surviving deadly attacks by terrorists and their allies. The gripping tale has two different plots in both seasons where the first one is based on terrorism that is related to the Kashmir valley as well as other major parts of northern India. The second season deals with the clash of the agency with Tamil liberation rebels based in the city of Chennai. This is one of the best thriller web series that one much watch in 2021.

  1. Paatal Lok

IMDb: 7.8

Cast: Jaideep Ahlawat, Gul Panag, Neeraj Kabi, Abhishek Banerjee

Seasons: 1

Network: Amazon Prime

thriller web series

This marvellous piece of web series bought in both fame and praise for Anushka Sharma’s production house Clean Slate Productions. Jaideep Ahlawat’s character Hathiram Choudhury as a policeman just doing his duty garnered the most attention from audiences. The other characters that have a done a great job are Neeraj Kabi as a Journalist and Abhishek Banerjee as Vishal Tyagi, the antagonist. The plot is based on the backdrops of east Delhi showcasing lives in three different parts i.e. the heaven a.k.a Swarg Lok, the Earth a.k.a Dharti Lok and the hell a.k.a Pataal Lok. It shows crime and injustice and the struggles in each of the character’s life thereby leaving an impact on the audience minds regarding the societal norms and lifestyle expectations.

  1. Special OPS

IMDb: 8.6

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Karan Thacker, Sajjad Delafrooz, Sharad kelkar, Meher Vij, Muzamil Ibrahim

Seasons: 1

Network: Disney Hotstar

thriller web series

It is a very well-crafted, brilliantly executed and best thriller web series that is inspired by several real-life espionage missions undertaken by the Indian government in the past few decades. The storyline revolves around Menon’s character named Himmat Singh serving in the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India. He has a family and serves the nation with his smart, intelligently hired team of undercover agents functioning in different countries. Himmat Singh has aligned the terrorist attacks on the country and discovered a regular pattern along with other pieces of evidence that make him believe that there is one particular terrorist behind all named Iqlakh Khan. He sets out on missions to dig out more details and the man himself while facing internal audits by the government to enquire about his expenses of the allocated funds. It has some really crazy twists in the end that have the potential to leave audiences baffled.

  1. Aarya

IMDb: 7.9

Cast: Sushmita Sen, Chandrachur Singh, Sikander Kher, Ankur Bhatia

Seasons: 1

Network: Hotstar

thriller web series

It is a crime thriller that has a story around Sen’s character named Aarya Sareen who is a caring mother and doting wife. She is unaware of her husband played by Chandrachur’s character Tej Sareen, a pharma baron who is into illegal business and gets mysteriously killed by his mafia syndicates. The illegal mafia goons also want to finish the family but Aarya fiercely protects her children and joins the illegal groups to find her husband’s killer by being in the network itself. She rises up to become a vengeance-filled powerful mafia queen who also takes care of the three children. The script, dialogues and acting of the legendary actors from the Bollywood industry is on point in the drama series that one must watch.

  1. Delhi Crime

IMDb: 8.6

Cast: Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal, Yashaswini Dayama, Adil Hussein, Akash Dahiya

Seasons: 1

Network: Netflix

thriller web series

The Netflix original is the first-ever Indian series to win the international Emmy awards in the category for Outstanding Drama Series. Delhi Crime is based on the most infamous gang-rape case of 2012 that took place in Munirka of south Delhi and its aftermath. The storyline shows the struggles and hurdles that the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Varthika Chaturvedi played by Shefali Shah has to overcome in order to recognise and punish the criminals behind the heinous and brutal crime. The authentic acting of the actors makes it more interesting and worth all the time. It educates audiences on many important laws and other ways to avoid & fight assault along with further harassment that may come on the way of females in the country.

  1. Kathmandu Connection

IMDb: 5.8

Cast: Amit Sial, Aksha Pardasany, Anshuman Pushkar, Gopal Dutt, Anurag Arora

Seasons: 1

Network: Sony LIV

thriller web series

It is a gripping thriller and crime drama that makes the audience have an adrenaline rush in the background that spikes every now and then. The web series is based on the 1993 Bombay bomb blasts that are being investigated by DCP Samarth Kaushik played by actor Amit Sial. The mysterious killing of an officer, kidnapping of a hotelier and stalking of a journalist point towards one common phone code traced back into the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. The investigation authority tries its best to track down and catch the culprits behind the cases that are ultimately linked to the bomb blasts. He faces new challenges, hurdles, professional barriers and everything possible to hamper the case findings. The trailer is brilliantly shot without disclosing the faces of the actors playing the suspects and antagonists. It is probably one underrated yet marvellously done best thriller web series to watch in 2021.

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