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Video marketing is nothing new now and it is undoubtedly an essential part for an effective marketing strategy. In today’s hectic schedule, people prefer watching a two-minute video rather than 15 minutes reading of the same information. This time, we have brought to you, a complete guide on the Best time to post videos on Facebook so that you can easily amplify your reach.

The easy-to-digest format of the video is taking over digital marketing, with around 80% of the global internet traffic coming from videos. Consumers like them as they are entertaining and engaging while for marketers, videos give a potentially high return on investment (ROI).

Having a video marketing strategy in place for your website or social media to maintain engagements, capture attention, build relationships and getting viewers to take action can turn out to be a grand opportunity for your brand or business to reach out to the potential audience. With more consumers leveraging video, it’s very crucial to begin implementing a marketing strategy on your social media platforms.

Social media is the best medium to amplify your brand and content or be it any business you run, offline or online. Having a presence on social media can help you in maximizing engagement and generating higher leads. Despite all the efforts to unseat it, Facebook remains the dominant social media platform for marketers. With over 2.23 billion active monthly users logging in to Facebook and spending an average of 35 minutes on the platform, Facebook is definitely the most critical channel for reaching out to your audience.

Before moving on in the article on the Best time to Post Videos on Facebook, let’s go through some valuable statistics of Facebook video that will surely convince you in planning a strategy for posting videos on Facebook to grow your brand’s voice and get the maximum number of impressions on the content.

  • Video posts have an average engagement rate of 6.01% which is higher than photo posts (4.81%), link posts (3.36%) and status post (2.21%)
  • Facebook videos (including Live-streaming videos) have a view count of up to 8 billion per day
  • Mobile-optimized video posts generate 67% lift in brand awareness
  • The time spent by the audience to watch video posts is 5x compared to static post
  • 62% of Facebook consumers are influenced by video posts to make a purchasing decision
  • The beginning of your video matters the most! In less than 30 seconds, 73% of the viewers decide whether to watch the video until the end
  • About 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Hence, using text overlays, captions, and bold texts matter in a video post

As a marketer or advertiser, tweaking social media strategies to reach your target market is not a cake-walk. We all know that every social platform has a unique posting format and the rules of social media marketing keep changing and keeping up with the best practices to post video content on social media can be challenging and tricky.

Before scheduling a video post, you have to know the basics to define your targeted audience such as knowing their demography, age, gender, where do they live, what do they do for a living, levels of education and more. Now with more and more brands connecting with their audience on social media, it becomes more important to know how your audience engages on social platforms and what they want from your video content.

When it comes to Facebook video, realizing the best times to post and gain the highest engagements is very important. Now the question arises, “Is there a universal best time to post on Facebook”? The answer is, “NO.” Everyone’s audience is different and based in different time zones, and hence it’s not that simple to know the time of day when your audience is most likely to view your post.

People have different browsing habits on various social platforms which vary with hours and days that best suit them. For Instance, Twitter posts perform well at evening times around 6 PM while Pinterest users remain active after midnight. Also, the highest engagement time for Brands varies with the type of business being promoted on Facebook.

A corporate account may see maximum clicks at the start of a workday as people look for inspiration, whereas, for an eCommerce brand, engagements depend on seasonal and daily shopping patterns.

Let’s take an example to know how time zones (here, US population) affect the performance of your video post. Eastern Time Zone covers nearly 50% of the US population whereas, Eastern and Central Time Zones (with time difference for one hour) collectively cover 80% of the US population. Scheduling your post based on these two time zones is most likely to tap a large portion of the US audience.

US time distribution for Best time to post Facebook videos(Image source: Ignite Visibility )

There have been multiple studies attempted to uncover the best time to post on Facebook, but each finding gives a varying range of results. Here, we have gathered aggregate information and statistics from various studies and have also shared as to how a couple of strategies can help you in figuring out the Best time to post videos on Facebook as per your business or interest. Here are some of the exciting studies to consider:

  • Thursday to Sunday seem to be the best days to post on Facebook
  • The best time to post across industries is 9:00 AM when people are going online for the first time in a day
  • Video posts on Facebook are likely to have a higher click-through rate in the early morning or in the early afternoon. People interact more with their devices at around 12-1 PM when most of the people are on their lunch break
  • For Healthcare Companies, morning time is the best as most of the people look for improving their health in the morning, i.e., 6AM-9AM or 11 AM-Noon
  • On Sundays, people pay more attention to comment and share on posts as compared to weekdays
  • Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursday and Friday

Despite all the studies and Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, there is no magic timing to draw a definite conclusion to find the best time for posting videos on Facebook. It ultimately depends on your industry, the audience you are targeting, time zones, the behavior of the audience, and types of services and products you offer to them.

But when there is no universal time to post on Facebook, you have to decide the best possible time to share your Facebook video. You can proceed with the following three approaches to identify the Best time to Post Videos on Facebook:

1) Best Time to Post Videos by Using Facebook Insights

Let us start with the best way to sort the time. This option is easily available at the top of your Facebook page, in the ‘more’ sub-menu tab.

Insights tab on facebook page - Best time to post Facebook videos

Once you’re on your Page Insights dashboard, you need to select Posts in the left-hand column menu. This will take you to a graphical interface where three primary information will be given under the tab ‘When Your Fans Are Online.’

The first two data points are graphical representations of number of your followers being online based on days and times respectively. The third data point displays your Facebook post with the Reach and Engagement they received.

When your Fans are Online - Best time to post Facebook videos

The Days chart shows the average times across the week your Facebook followers remain online. You can also hover over each individual day of the week to see an overlay of how that day performed in terms of time chart. Each day has its own time chart, and that can be looked at by hovering over the concerned day of the week.

If you want to see the average Times chart, then take your cursor away from the Days chart, and you will get an average picture of the time when your Facebook followers remain online. This is very helpful in understanding your audience and to find the Best time to post videos on Facebook.

What can be interpreted from this data?

As can be seen above, here at Vidooly, we can see our audience remain online seven days per week and that their individual deviation value is meager when compared with other days of the week. We can also see that from around 3 pm, the number of people online starts gradually increasing up until around 11 pm where the number begins to decline very slightly and then becomes near to flat for approximately 3 hours.

There are plenty of ways to interpret such data. But, for us, this would suggest that the Best time to post videos on Facebook are during the workday in the early morning and late evening because that is the time when our audience is most active on the platform. Still we recommend testing a variation of times between these hours to see what works best and if there’s a best time at all.

How to find the Best time to post videos on Facebook?

In Facebook Insights you can use the third data set which records reach and engagement figures for every post and videos you share to your Facebook Page. Go through this data to identify the key times (within your most active range) where your videos have performed well and keep these time notations in mind before posting your next video.

2) Best Time to Post Videos on Facebook by Using A/B Testing

Posting the same content at different hours and time intervals helps in getting a general sense of what time of the day your audience is most responsive. Try posting the video content early in the morning, around noon when most people are on lunch break and then in the latter part of the evening. After getting a broad idea of the most responsive slots of the day, narrow down the tracking to specific hours to get the best possible time to post.

3) Performing Competitor analysis

Track and analyze your competitor’s content and posting behavior on Facebook to identify their strengths and weaknesses while posting. This will also help in differentiating your content and give an idea to stand ahead of the crowd

Well this sums up the most of the tactics you can follow in your pursuit to find the Best time to post videos on Facebook but still there remains a road ahead where you experiment within the selected time frames and get the best time slot according to your need. So keep posting and keep sharing your experience with us in the comment section below.

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