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It is not just for “Oops! I overcooked my chicken” posts anymore.

Twitter is the display picture aka DP of our recent times, the global crises, new found recipes, economy fluctuations, brand partners, gateway to digital forums and even the Government’s public notice board.

Confused about why would you ever need Twitter management tools when you really would prefer selling on other sites like Facebook and Instagram?

If you were wondering about how a professionally inclined social media site like Twitter would help in marketing, then read ahead.

The serious social media platform has over 330 million monthly active users besides 145 million daily active users. They tweet, retweet and read the world news on it.

The twitter has great power of joining, damaging, partnering as well as instigating the masses. Recent studies position twitter as a top growing platform where Facebook has already plateaued itself on the graphs.

The Pew Research centre’s study on Social Media Update 2014 stated that while Twitter has just 23% active users in 2014, Facebook was a host to over 71% engaging users by January 2015.

Here, the fun lies in the fact that from 2013-2014, Twitter’s audience base increased by 27.7% i.e. from 18% to 23% but Facebook remained same at 71% both the years.

It clearly tells you why you should get your brand working actively on Twitter.

Here we have briefly explained some amazing Twitter management tools which will assist brands in improving engagement online.

Top 10 Twitter management tools for business

  1. FollowFly

Managing brands on Twitter can be challenging when you are unaware of the latest trends and top liked posts on it. With FollowFly one can easily trace the best content on the whole platform to improvise their own tweets.

Twitter management tools

There are several Twitter management tools but this tool is accurate in its results and lets us know what people shared/posted and what was effective.

Twitter management tools

  1. Social Oomph

We can rarely find multi-tasking Twitter management tools like the Social Oomph which is available for all social media platforms yet prioritizes Twitter. Users can shorten URL’s, find trending hashtags, optimize content, organize profiles and bulk upload posts.

Twitter management tools

The management tool also helps track mentions, retweets and handle up to 5 profiles. It surely has many other features like scheduling posts, knowing profiles to unfollow/follow, filter spam accounts etc.

Twitter management tools


Apart from shortening URL’s and Tracking analytics for Twitter handle it assists marketers in adding customized banner at end of content.

Twitter management tools

It appears at the end of every page one shares on the platform for effective conversions. Brand managers use such Twitter management tools to make the curated content result in better profits. User can add a call to action at the end which will lead the clicks to website or any landing page of choice.

Twitter management tools

  1. Buffer

It is the one-man-army for most brands on twitter due to the multiple options available on it for setting up complete Twitter marketing handle. Buffer is one among the top Twitter management tools which has several integrations, extensions, functioning elements to make content easily shareable and effective for the targeted audience. It also provides social media marketing aids to other major platforms for better content curation & creation.

Twitter management tools

  1. RiteTag

Heard of real time hashtag management? Well RiteTag is an integration of more than one function to enhance your tweets on twitter. Being one of the best Twitter management tools it can help add images, gifs, videos, emoticons and other graphics in just a click.

Twitter management tools

The tool has a major feature that is hashtag analyser that colour codes the trending hashtags depending on the necessary factors for the user. This simplifies the process of effective tweeting and social media posting.

  1. SocialRank

It has special features which that analyses and traces the followers list on the user profile. SocialRank can be categorized under the list of smart Twitter management tools for its ability to differentiate the best and most popular audience profiles that the user mostly engages. The most important part here is it assists in recognizing the profile which deserves utmost priority for effective marketing.

Twitter management tools

  1. Audiense

Having one of these smart Twitter management tools to just analyse millions of filtered accounts to get research results is highly beneficial. That is exactly what Audiense does.

All the user needs to do is enter the country/region along with few details like job roles, gender, demography etc. and a click.

Twitter management tools

It will summarize all the relevant accounts and produce a report on the same study besides showing the important profiles that the manager must deal. The management eases decision making and simplifies marketing campaigns/tweets/shares on the platform.

  1. Bluenod

Visualizing the ocean of communities on Twitter can get complicated while posting any content. Bluenod helps find the right target market, collaborate with credible influencers and come across the most effective content on the platform. Unlike other Twitter management tools, Bluenod can create an easy to understand plot that describes targeted users and networks.

Twitter management tools

  1. TweetDeck

Increasing engagement rates easily can be super fun with Tweetdeck. It provides a all in one dashboard that allows users to do most of the activities that help create better content online. Users can trace mentions, trending tags, study Twitter insights for valuable inputs in the possible future campaigns.

Twitter management tools

Moreover, this social media management tools provides a section for Twitter chats that you can respond to without being on the platform itself. Tweetdeck is the right tool to schedule posts, make edits, find networks, target relevant groups and prepare just on point twitter marketing schemes.

  1. ManageFlitter

Specifically designed for Twitter enthusiastic brands, it is surely one of the most important and mandatory Twitter management tools to use. They have a unique feature called PowerPost that recognizes the right time to post or schedule brand’s content to help it float on top for longer period rather than getting lost in the noises online.

Twitter management tools

Their analytics assists user in understanding how the audience helps in engaging with the post to make it viral/ trending over longer duration. Due to requests from the Twitter itself they have discontinued their follow/unfollow feature while the search option has been upgraded for more precision.

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