Lists5 Best Link/URL Shorteners for Social Media Marketing

Just like dressing up and appearing presentable for that board meeting or viva voce creates an impact and impression on the people around us, keeping links/URLs short, organised and simple improves the aura of branding & social media marketing.

Uniform Resource Locator or the popularly called URL are cursors that help in identifying various webpages/files on the internet as required. It works as an address in a virtual world where every different page/file has a particular unique link assigned.

An URL shortener is a link minimizer that enables marketers and basic users to cut short the long links into compact forms that can be used for the same purpose as the original URL.

Moreover, nowadays URL shorteners for social media marketing have changed the way these digital tools were used by making them yet more functional. There are certain online brands that developed advanced URL shorteners that not just make longer links short & simple but also provide data insights, tracking metrics and other essential information.

In this blog, we will discuss various URL shorteners that are leading the market and making it easier for marketers and brands to enhance their social media marketing strategies.

Top Best Links/URL Shorteners for Social Media Marketing

  1. Bitly

It is one of the most popular URL shorteners for social media marketing that anyone can use for free. The free access provides facilities, data and insights for up to 500 branded links and 10,000 un-branded links. However, anyone can use this tool anonymously for any number of links as per requirement. The best part about using Bitly is that users can get information related to the number of clicks on their shortened URLs, location of clicks and the top users. It is widely used for its simple and easy availability of features and simple usage hence is one of the most reputed digital tools. This tool also has premium and enterprise versions that can be used to get access to yet more advanced options for the shortening of URLs. Now, you know where to get the video, blog, shop etc. links trimmed for a better presentation on your Instagram business profile.

URL shorteners for social media marketing


Owly by Hootsuite is definitely one of the most versatile URL shorteners for social media marketing. The digital tool is well equipped to support shot link metrics in a comparative way with other social media analytics that further helps in better decision making over the strategies and plans. Using Owly can be efficacious for digital marketers as one gets the complete package along with the additional benefits of URL shorteners for social media marketing. The overview vision makes way for smarter choices and stellar performance of ad campaigns as well as other marketing ideas.

URL shorteners for social media marketing

  1. Tiny URL

Even though the URL shortener is an old one from the days when social media was not much of a priority in our lifestyles yet it comes with its different set of pluses. The tool is one of the simplest URL shorteners for social media marketing that may lack few advanced features comparatively but helps make customized links. The best part about using the link cutter is that it is free and has no tracking device that allows user to get benefits without actually creating an account. Tiny URL helps users customize their latter part of the link that creates a beginner impression at first sight. Moreover, it is free!

URL shorteners for social media marketing

  1. Hyperlink

Not just real-time data and information but details per click, location of users, reference information, device tracking and live-tracking dashboard are just a few of its features. The hyperlink is one of the most used URL shorteners for social media marketing that supports brands in exploring the most in the market through their customised & simplified links. The neat and well-organised dashboard helps people who are in a rush moreover, the tool with advanced packages also provides customised domain names to brands using it.

URL shorteners for social media marketing

  1. Sniply

If you want to add a CTA to the shortened URL or links, then this is the right digital tool that will simplify the process for your brand. Social media is a wide place with various articles, videos, podcasts, blogs and more being shared, mentioned and liked online hence, CTAs have more potential when circulated on these platforms. Sniply is known for its feature that helps users use the shortened URL as a link in a post as well as a CTA. When marketers want to mention their content like articles, blogs etc. in the post, their links can be used to direct the user to the page while the subscription/offer notifications can continue to pop up below. It also provides data tracking and insights like other URL shorteners for social media.

URL shorteners for social media marketing

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