Lists8 Best Visual Marketing Tools to Grow your Business in 2021

Every time the marketing team at Vidooly discussed a piece of content for the social media, the graphic designer at the table met with the most eye contacts. Of course, it is the visuals that matter after all.

Visual marketing tools are an essential part of every marketer’s life because how otherwise can they efficiently explain their point without much complex hassle?

Marketing has changed directions and pace along with the market demands that come along with available resource, technology and devices. Man has come a long way journeying through emails, Orkut, Facebook to Instagram. The short attention span of customers and their busy schedule has changed the pattern of content consumption that has made way for more digital media and advertising over the traditional ways.

Nowadays, people scroll through their social media handles and browse through electronic media for news, entertainment, gaming and more while commuting or doing other activities.

The complete situation now demands quick information that is attention-grabbing, easy to understand in just a few seconds. In a way, content needs a visualization.

Now no one has much time to sit down and go through the heavy notes, description, stories unless it matters or interests them to an unusual extent. It is more graphics now.

Best Visual Marketing Tools in 2021

  1. Pixlr

Great effects, layer features, varied adjustment and crop sizing, different brush styles, sharpening tools, number of frames and more make Pixlr one of the best visual marketing tools. It equips designers with the best variety of features and facilities that eases the process and makes the creation more effective. The free app is available with editing tools that are somewhat similar to Photoshop where users can also import their images into the program and edit as required with all privacy. The special effects and transitions are a must-try.

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  1. Awesome screenshot

It is one of the most unique and cool visual marketing tools that all marketers must learn and use in 2021. We have often come across leading websites that show the screenshots of their own websites and pages to explain themselves along with the products they offer. All this customization can be done easily with Awesome Screenshot application in an effortless manner. It makes annotations better. The tool is wonderful to use while trying to explain genuine work and ideas with pictures of resources and animation based on the same effects available.

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  1. Font Squirrel

Graphics are not just pictures and animations but fonts and content as well. Picking the right font style that will help create attention-grabbing creatives is a task for designers, therefore, here is a great and well-thought program that does the job of getting relevant fonts. It is a freeware that is licensed for commercial work in an easy-to-use format for the users. It has a brilliant library of fonts that can help convert any boring design into a masterpiece meant for marketing campaigns.

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  1. Typewolf

This generous free resource for graphic designers is something you must check once. The website dedicated to typography is full of styles that are designed from the perspective of a graphic designer and artist. It is free and provides material useful for web designs and not just plain projects. The designs available have been well researched and collected over various websites that are in use. It is a must-use option for designers interested in adding the right expression and character into their designs.

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  1. Canva

Most simple, affordable and widely used Canva is probably the first choice of graphic enthusiasts and designers. How can a blog on the top visual marketing tools not have Canva? After all, it is the basic and first place where we go in search of design customization and picture curation. Their drag and drop feature is a key option that eases use and amplifies the true essence & originality of the application. Canva has a huge store of pictures, templates and stock images that one can use as per requirement along with using their authentic photos too. Visual marketing to Canva is like peanut butter to the bread. Best and most preferred!

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  1. Design wizard

The cloud-based image and video editing software are a must use for graphic designers. It provides free as well as a paid version that are expert stores for customising graphics. The application with its license for commercial use protects users from copyrights issues and their curated content provides millions of images, videos and illustrations for best results. It is definitely one of the best visual marketing tools that one must use in 2021.

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  1. Piktochart

It is not just a basic editing tool but also one of the well-equipped visual marketing tools that are best used for complex designs. Piktochart is the ideal resource to take help while creating infographics and charts to explain detailed data. The free application provides access to several themes, layout and editing facilities that users can easily utilise to build brilliant infographics that can convey details without much hassle. Now making newsletters, banner ads, social media posts is yet more interesting and easy.

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  1. Dribbble

A community of the world’s best graphic designers. Artists and creators are all one needs in life to excel in visual arts making. Someone pursuing the profession should make it a point to check this website as it is a place where people share their creations for other’s opinions and support. It is like a live library of real-time designs that one can take inspiration from and develop their own versions. Dribbble’s community is just the right place to search for new ideas and curate design with unique styles.

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