Lists7 Best Voot Select Web Series to binge watch on the weekends

Voot is the Indian subscription based video-on-demand (SVOD) site that streams varieties of shows, web series and originals. The online video streaming website has regular show updates which include reality shows, drama series, TV serials and its own originals.

Voot web series are few of those most engaging content that widens in terms of audience and continues to grow every day.

The shows are unique while the engaging content keeps the right grip over their existing audience. Voot is the online arm of Viacom18 and hosts over 40,000 hours of online content. Several voot web series have been released in multiple languages such as Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and Gujrati.

Gripping story lines, awe-worthy star cast and impressive dialogue delivery make few of the popular content streaming on the SVOD platform. Best voot web series can be easily found on their site and sorted based on their ratings and reviews too.

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It gets confusing for many of us as we sit down finalising a list of web series to binge watch on the weekends and then end up with monotonous picks. Worry no more as we have listed down the best voot web series that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Best Voot Select web series that you must watch

    1.Time Out
  1. The story revolves around the life of the happily married Rahul and Radha who are trying to digest the unplanned pregnancy on their way. It clearly depicts the early midlife crisis and pains of adhering to the expectations of the society in the episodes. With Tahir Raj Bhasin playing the role of Rahul and Sarah Jane Dias as his wife Radha face regular issues with life that we all do. They are typical urban salaried couple managing life between mediocre jobs, Huge EMI’s, unhappy surrounding and more. Rahul has no interest in having a child and is tired of the marriage, job and everything else that millennials commonly complaint about nowadays. He is looking for a way to pause or “timeout” the situations. The series is relatable and engaging thus it can be considered as one of the best voot web series streaming online.
  2. best voot web series
    1. Fuh se Fantasy

    Staring Tanuj Virwani, Satarupa Pyne and Madhurima Roy, the story is about exploring every shade of lust, desire and love. It is based on bedroom fantasies that people would not discuss otherwise. The male character Tahir meets besties Leela and Kiara while being on a hitching trip and went on to become friends with them. Three of them enjoy moments together while discovering the other side of life which they lacked in their regular days. As one of the best voot web series it showcases all the situations that people dream about in their life.

    best voot web series

    1. It’s not that simple

    Women these days don’t stay quiet and go on exploring the extremes. Girls have been subjected to confinement, abuses of various types and are the ones who are expected to sacrifice every time. The voot web series revolves around the life of Mira who is on the journey of self-exploration and breaks the chains of patriarchy to do so. The voot web series has a simple storyline with enough twists that explains how life is confusing when the past knocks while you managing the existing issues. The series stars Swara Bhaskar in the lead role that is trapped in the monotony of regular married life.

    best voot web series

    1. Courtroom- Sachai Hazir ho

    This innovative best voot web series is based on law and crime that is hosted by Vikas Kumar. It shows real life events enacted by various actors who in a way try to bring out the truth of the incidents. The episodes are engaging and reveal many ill concepts prevailing in our society. Courtroom comprises of top notch crime events and covers varied issues. Right from #metoo campaigns to high profile scams and murder mysteries, it brings everything on this one channel. Watch the episodes for some thrilling experiences.

    best voot web series

    1. Untag

    Social media is the main craze these days. Right from Instagram stories to Facebook posts and snapchat snaps, people are out there trying to impress everyone else. This society leaves back tags on people describing any attribute or characteristics found in them. Such tags become toxic after a while and the series shows how six people have got critical tags imposed on them by the society. It is one of the best voot web series that motivates audiences towards self-love. Untag shows how these six people fight against the odds and refuse to accept what life throws at them. Right from being called fat, bitch, cunning, maneater, gay and what not to objectifying people in certain ways, they face it all here. Watch it for some positivity in life this weekend.

    best voot web series

    1. Feet up with stars

    Anahita Shroff Adajania hosts this amazing and best voot web series where celebrities are seen in their regular attires within the comforts of their own living rooms and bed rooms. The teaser starts with the saying “coffee, couches and spilled beans… that’s so last year” which basically means that she brings things out differently. The stars on the show reveal some darkest of their secrets, hush-hush talks and more that make the series more unwinding, fun and engaging. Go catch up with your favourite star now.

    best voot web series

    1. Shaadi Boys

    The voot web series shows the chaos and drama in Neil, Nitin and Mukesh’s life. These three friends are on the journey to explore the start-up world with their ideas on being wedding planner in Delhi. They are on the path to discover some unplanned thrill at the Big Fat Indian weddings. Check out the web series to know what happens when the bride of the wedding falls in love with one of the three boys. The storyline consists of twists and surprises that will leave you stunned as the characters discover more in the Indian weddings.

    best voot web series

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