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Pankaj Singh2 years ago

There are several reasons for us to sleep properly. For beginners, sleeping well is associated with memory and learning. By lacking a proper sleep you put yourself at a risk jeopardizing your own safety. If you don’t sleep well during the night you will most likely feel drowsy in the day.

Directly, this may affect how well you can drive a car or run heavy machinery and may yet still induce you to make small mistakes in undertaking simple tasks. Sleeping well improves your mood: After you’ve slept well you enjoy a better concentration, you become more patient and less cranky and irritable. Moreover, you will have enough energy to appreciate every day, & habits are more tolerable.

The proper sleep channels to better heart well-being: Lack of sufficient sleep can lead to high-stress levels, hypertension & arrhythmia. Constant stress is additionally harmful to your health, normally.

Sleep is a vital determinant in our general health: Insufficient sleep lowers your immunity making you be more prone to illness not to mention cancer.

So, I find some youtube videos about sleep for helping you have a good night.

1) Delta Wave

There are multiple ways to try and fall asleep, delta wave is one of them. Delta wave is a certain kind of music with certain sound waves to help your mind relax and fall into a deep sleep. The sound wave from Delta Wave doesn’t help stimulate your mind, like some would think. Delta Wave stimulates your brains waves to relax and shut down so anyone could enjoy falling asleep. People with insomnia has difficulty sleep so they possibly could turn toward this music to try and find peace of mind so they can fall asleep. However though, it doesn’t help everyone.

2) How to fall asleep in 2 minutes

Even though you just hear about one sleeping disorders, insomnia, there are over 70 different types of sleep disorders. 96 percent of the people who use this trick to fall asleep was successful.

The first process of this is to lie face up on your back and relax all of your face muscles. Every single muscle in your face should be relax, from your tongue, jaw, and your forehead.

The second part is to drop your shoulders as low as possible to release the tension in your neck.

Step three is to breath deeply, focus on the air that is filling up your lungs.

Step four is to relax your legs, make sure you have no tension in your body.

For step five all you need to do is clear your mind. Picture yourself in a calm peaceful place, no loud noises and no distractions. If you want to get more guide, go to

3) 12 myths of about sleeping

There are a bunch of different myths when it comes to sleep. Like “People who are not early risers aren’t living right”. People who are night owls don’t risk their health more, they are as healthy as early birds. Another one is that if you get less then 8 hours of being asleep at night that its bad for you. The actual truth of this one is people who get less then 8 hours of being asleep are more likely to live longer compared to people who are asleep for 8 hours or more a night. Studies also show if you are disturbed during your sleep you actually act more like someone who only got a few hours of none disturbed sleep.

4) Never fall asleep with wet hair

There a couple different reasons why you shouldn’t fall asleep with wet hair, like catching a cold. Having wet hair makes you colder which could make you catch a cold one of these nights. Sleeping with wet hair could also make you lose hair or have itchy irritated skin. There are multiple reasons why you should never fall asleep with wet hair. You could also wake up with a headache due to one of the sleep phases we go through while sleeping. During this sleep phases our bodies tend to heat up a little more, but when we have wet hair during this process the cold and heat mixing is causing you a headache.

5) What happens to your brain and body if you don’t get sleep

When you aren’t sleeping regularly, your brain initially cant make new memories. So, its like without sleeping the part of your brain that connects your new experiences to your memories kind of shuts down. Without sleeping these toxins in your brain called beta amyloid, which is actually associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Every night your brain washes these toxins out of your brain but without sleeping they just keep building up. There are many side effects that happen to the body that doesn’t get approximately enough sleep. The reproductive system is one of those factors. Men who get just approximately 4 to 5 hours of being asleep every night could feel like they’re 10 years old due to their testosterone.

6) Whats scary about sleeping

Some people get paralyzed while sleeping, nothing they did. It is something within the mind that makes people feel like they can’t move at all during being asleep. Some people say it feels like someone is holding them down, the strength is unbearable because they can’t move at all.

7) Things that happen to us while we’re sleeping.

Something that happens to us, is we think we’re falling, this is due to how our brain reacts. Why this happens is because while our brain is already asleep our body is still trying to transition into falling asleep.

There are multiple ways we look at sleeping. Most of us don’t think much of it but some of us think about sleeping all the time, especially ones who have sleeping disorders. Sleeping can cause so much harm to your body and brain if you don’t get enough of it. Sleeping is such a necessary thing we all need in our lives.

Pankaj Singh

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