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There’s a very low chance of that you have never come across a makeup or any beauty tutorial on YouTube. The rise of the beauty community and all the business generated from makeup goes way back. So there’s also a very low chance you don’t know about the most successful OG beauty vloggers like Michelle Phan or Zoella. We have even seen style icons like Kylie Jenner giving makeup tips and tutorials on social media, and even makeup brands like Lakme, but why is Billboard getting into the makeup tutorial business? Here’s why.

Billboard, the magazine and website that is famous for its music charts, published a short video on YouTube last week. It was a Britney Spears look from her new album ‘Glory’, recreated on a model. Billboard’s distribution strategy was great which is why the video shot across their website, social media, and three other major content portals. Their official video has only about 3000 views, but it crossed over 100,000 views across all platforms.

Also, the long awaited ‘Glory’ was being released that day, and Spears had to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards that weekend. That’s when their first makeup tutorial in the weekly series called “Rock the Look,” came out. It basically shows how to recreate looks from iconic album covers, music videos, award shows, and even runway appearances by pop stars like Britney Spears and Elle King.


But it’s not a big investment for Billboard. Four people from Billboard’s in-house production team put it together. And if they doing this among their other responsibilities then it is an important experiment for them. With a different distraction, they are now thinking about the kinds of videos they can make.

“A lot of our new ideas are coming out around this distributed content model, this is absolutely on-brand for us.” said Michael Palmer, the general manager of video for Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter.

But Digiday reports he added that with a packed video development pipeline and aspirations to raise its profile as a video content producer, series like “Rock the Look” and others will be spread as widely as they can.

“The more places we can put it, the better,” Palmer said about his videos.

Billboard has managed to keep both, the music industry and their fans hooked onto its charts.

Its  social media footprint is far larger than other trade publication’s (over 14 million accounts in total). Billboard’s most followers are on Facebook but their Instagram of 2.1 million Instagram followers puts it ahead of magazines like Cosmopolitan, and also many top beauty brands and influencers. This helps them connect with these beauty brands. This is their latest episode:

“This expands the number of advertisers we can go out to,” Palmer said.

Billboard has an advantage because of its access to music-industry talent, a strategy it has applied to its other branded projects as well.It’ll be interesting to see if that advantage is enough to create an audience for their makeup tutorial series.

Jamie Katz, one of the directors of account management who handle Sephora at Duncan/Channon  said,

“The Billboard example is really interesting. To me, it’s not about who puts it out but if the content makes sense for their readers.”

And it really is a courageous move like Apple removing the headphone jack and introducing Air Pods. Of course, the chances of Apple being successful at their move is way higher than Billboard’s. It won’t be easy to foray into the enormous YouTube beauty community. But it will be interesting and entertaining. Perhaps longer tutorials and actual celebrities could make an appearance once a while, to get their game going.

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