Tips & TricksHow To Block Unwanted, Annoying Videos on YouTube

If you have ever signed in on YouTube you must have experienced this. Your homepage is like an unwanted classmate who keeps asking the teacher annoying questions and things you’re just not interested in, like homework. The unwanted classmate is a channel, any channel you despise. And annoying questions are the videos, that sit on top of your direct vision and choke you with unhelpful recommendations.

Like, “Look I’m here again, wanna watch me?” “NO!” Okay, you ignored it once, twice, but videos or channels like them keep showing up. Well, don’t you worry! I’ll tell you how to block them!

Also, if you’re a parent and you want to monitor that your kid watches kid-friendly things, then there’s also how to block adult videos with YouTube Safety Mode, down below. You can do that even if you want to avoid inappropriate videos in general.   

I’ll get to the main solution straight, it’s Video Blocker. It’s an amazing extension for Chrome & Firefox. I use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, so I’ll show it to you in Chrome. Basically, it allows you to specify YouTube channels that you want to block from view and they will never show up again. Until you unblock them. You can block videos from certain keywords too.

Install Video Blocker on Chrome

Click this link and download the free extension for Chrome by clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button. videoblock1

When the confirmation box pops up, be sure to click on “Add extension”. Once it has been installed, you can block channels in one of the following ways.


Method #1 : Short

Find the thumbnail for any video made by the channel you want to block. Right click on it and select “Block Videos From this Channel”. That’s it, you blocked the channel.

Method #2 : Long

This is the longer method. Usually, the extension shows as an icon near your chrome settings but if doesn’t, follow this:

  • Under the Chrome Menu button in the upper-right corner of the browser, select Settings.
  • From there, click on Extensions and under “Video Blocker” click on “Options”.
  • If you have a lot of channels you dislike, you can actually load them via a .csv. The “Wildcard” feature lets you block multiple channels containing the same text string too. But If you really hate about a hundred of YouTube channels, then I’m afraid you have to do it one at a time.
  • Go to “Add”, and type the channel name into the box provided and click the plus button.
  • Make sure you get the spelling right. Like- write Funk You and not F*ck You, if you want to block Funk You.  

Method #3 : Restricted Mode

video block 6Safety Mode is Restricted Mode now. To enable this option, when you are watching a video you need to scroll down to the very bottom of that page and find the small link that says “Restricted Mode: Off”. Click on it to change the settings. Then ClickOn” and save the changes.

So these were some quick and easy method to remove a channel from your sight forever.


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