ListsBlog Vs Podcast: Which One’s Best for your Business and Brand

Reading a blog over a book and listening to podcasts instead of regular music is not just a FAD these days but a gradual lifestyle transformation that is here to stay.

While these are a part of our daily life, they play a vital role in the marketer’s career and brand’s growth. It is important to note that going through a blog Vs Podcast article will not help in determining who is better for the brand rather experiencing the challenges of running either or both the type of media will help ahead.

As we discuss blog Vs podcast, it is important to note that both have been helpful in establishing brands and creating awareness related to business. Hence, it depends on the type of business, audience demand, work ethics and other brand-related factors that determine the best option for the brand.

Boon and Bane of Podcasting

Podcasts are digital audio files that are contextual and are intended to impart ideas, information, and knowledge regarding specific topics. These are easily available on the internet and top podcast applications. There are several pros and cons that come along with the media type and brands can consider these to choose their smart marketing pick.

Counting some of the advantages: –

  1. Convenience: They are convenient and easily consumed as once the user subscribes to the host channel or brand, new podcasts are automatically downloaded to the device. It can be listened to anytime.
  2. Time-effective for the consumer: Travelling in a metro, going for a morning walk, working out in the gym, or anytime possible for a particular individual, one can listen to a podcast. It’s the audience choice.
  3. Target audience: Podcasts are popular among the younger generation as surveys claim that over 60% of podcast listeners belong to the age group 17 to 54 years.
  4. Personal communication: Comparatively, podcasts are more audience-oriented and ensure direct communication with the listeners. Be that verbally or visually, it conveys information in a much personal manner instead of reading emails and documents.
  5. Engagement: Information overload is a part and parcel of the internet era where everything is available mostly for free on the World Wide Web. Yet considering the fact that not everyone has the time and interest to invest in reading articles or watching proper videos, podcasts are just the right source of information that not just engages but also cuts down the monotony.

Disadvantages on the other hand are:

  1. Cost: Podcasts compared to blogs are more expensive and require a specific arrangement. Moreover, they require technical expertise to handle complexity.
  2. Time-consuming: While podcasts are easy on time for consumers they are more time consuming for the creator. In order to launch or produce a one-hour episode, creators may need to spend more hours developing it. Right from recording, editing to making major corrections before posting adds to the time.

Boon and Bane of Blogging

Blogs are regularly posted written content consisting of information, data, analysis, details, etc. on a website that users can read as per choice. While the podcasts are the marketers favourite recently, blogs have lived for a longer period and have come a long way with great upgrades.

Here are a few advantages of blogging that can help business: –

  1. Comparatively, blogging requires almost no specific technical support other than the platform that is hosting the content. It takes information, ideas, opinion and other content digitally available in text format.
  2. Blog creation takes less time as there are few steps to complete a basic average blog. Mostly brands need a topic to research and write about, edit the content copy and check the quality before posting.
  3. There is more scope for search engine optimization (SEO) thereby improving its visibility and ranking. This widens its reach and engagement opportunities.
  4. As we further learn about the blog Vs podcast topic, reading a blog is less time consuming than listening to a podcast. While a podcast might be convenient for user consumption one cannot ignore the fact that a 30-minute podcast episode is still longer than a 3-minute read.
  5. Blogs suit almost all types of business online. Digital spaces are mostly content and owning a specific blog site has become a mandate for brands with websites online.

Blogging also comes with certain disadvantages therefore, listing some below: –

  1. Brands need to have an account on any of the major blogging sites or use a publishing platform for the same.
  2. One needs to have fine writing skills along with a sound idea about researching various topics besides basic computer and software knowledge.

Blog Vs Podcast: Right Pick for Business

All brands are different in their own way and the kind of business involved is a key factor in determining what suits more. Moreover, it is not just about the kind of business or brand but the image and personality that walks beside the founders, c-levels and employees.

One needs to understand that blogs and podcasts are completely different in their way of delivering a piece of certain information or communicating with the consumers. If the business is run by people with smart writing skills who love to play with words in content than speaking over a mic than it is blogs. These are more suitable for brands that need to put elaborate descriptive information along with more specific visual graphics like graphs, charts, pictures, videos etc. for their consumers online.

On the other hand, podcasts are meant for brands that require a daily platform to keep in touch with customers. Communicating with specific entertaining theme-based script to be specific for the business on podcasts side. They provide a lighter yet interesting way of imparting information and ideas to their audience who are mostly preoccupied with other work but can listen to kinds of stuff on their audio devices.

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