Branded ContentBrand Manager? Know Different types of Brand Integration on YouTube!

Know Different types of Brand Integration on YouTube! YouTube video marketing can be powerful if done right. And brand integrations are how to do it right. Here are 5 tips to know how to integrate brands into their videos.

There has been no dearth of Successful Integration of some power packed YouTubers with assortment of products and companies syncing and blending beautifully which are not only high on entertainment value but big on money as well for the Youtubers. Earlier, we talked about Brand engagement, and today let’s delve into that topic furthermore with Brand Integration.

What is Brand Integration?

Brand Integration, as the name suggests, is the Integration of the brand with  popular performer/s (here, we are talking about YouTubers) i.e. a brand pays to be a part of someone else’s content. To understand this better, one can jog one’s memory of subtle and subliminal marketing,  once very popular in movies. Who can forget the Starbucks coffee visible in almost every frame of the movie Fight –Club or Fed-Ex being given the spotlight, in the movie Castaway?

Well, now that you have a vague idea of what Brand Integration is about, let’s have a peep into how a brand works with a simple classification into 5 activities which a brand undertakes to  be a part of a Youtubers successful endeavour

Title Sponsorship/Association:

EIC  and Coupon Dunia- The world of brand integrations, last year saw a plethora of tie-ups and associations and East India company is a significant name when it comes to successful YouTube company in the genre of comedy. The founder of Coupon Dunia, Sameer Parwani  highlighting  the concept of saving money especially during the festivals which weigh heavier on the pockets and took out two Videos in association with East India Company  with ‘Deal-Wali Diwali’ and ‘Wrecking God ‘ airing the displeasure of the common man during the festivals dealing with hooliganism .The latter video also sees famous  comics like Suresh Menon, Jose  and Vj’s  like Bani and Gaurav partaking in the video. While Kunal Rao, founder Of East India Company  is more than happy to see the association as a CSR activity with a dash of humour.

Product Mention: 

TVF with Cash Qissa Missing Dimaag ka-CID Qtiyapa took the youtubers by storm by lampooning as well as spoofing one of the longest running teleserials  on TV. A complete no–brainer this episode apart from commenting on dude comedies of Sajid Khan to the inherent nuances of the serial itself, is seen to be promoting Cash with the protagonist announcing about cash ‘s  economical discount coupons and that he was set for mall to go and shop. We say witty indeed

Product Placement: and Permanent Roommates- The viral Fever went crazy with its fantastic reception of permanent Roomates in terms of its views in the YouTube world, being India’s first fictional digital series.  As the name suggests the marketing has been done very creatively or rather cleverly in terms of the protagonist mentioning the name of the sponsor in terms of its promotion as an app or using it to see new property. All in all a clever content strategy which takes in visibility as well as promotions and nobody seems to be complaining.

Branded Content:

Felix Kjellberg PewDiePie world’s most famous YouTuber and gaming -Encashing upon his reputation ,a name good enough to put a smile on people across YouTube with his antics and gimmicks, and a raving entertainment value  was approached by Techland  for Dying Light, to market under his promotional channel and been used in billboard as well.

Give Aways:

Scherezade Shroff- Young, Peppy fashionista with DIY quick hair and make- up tricks tutorials  is one of the most popular YouTubers, when it comes to fashion, glamour and giveaways. Yes, her tie –up with different brands shows her giving freebies to her followers via confidential couture .With an impressive subscriber base of 35,000 plus followers, she is a priority when it comes to luxury lifestyle brands.

Although there are various other forms of Brand Integration as well with more subsidiaries branching out from the above five, these are the major five which we have taken into consideration which are actively used across the globe!


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