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The last two decades have drastically changed the way people lead their daily lives. The way they communicate with each other and stay updated with the world around them, has completely changed with the advent and growth of the internet. Almost 40% of the world is connected to the internet today! Existing businesses have evolved and newer business models have cropped up, in tune with the zeitgeist. Internet plays a vital role in brand marketing and advertising now. Print and television have slowly started to loose their sheen and every brand wants a piece of the digital audience.internet users

However, not every brand can crack the digital juggernaut. It is not cut out for old time marketers who didn’t have to support their campaign performance with solid statistics. In digital marketing, different stages of a consumer lifecycle like awareness, purchase intent, retention etc can be measured with empirical data.

The dawn of the Influencers

Performance measurement of brand building campaigns in the old days used to be like this:

Hire a popular celebrity – make an advertisement – run it on popular TV channels or print mediums – correlate it with a bump in sales – call it a successful campaign

But it is not so simple now. The concept of ‘celebrity’ has changed. It is not just movie stars, sports personalities or musicians now. It is the age of digital celebrities; or as they are called – Influencers. These are the people who get people to not just think about your brand, but also buy from you! Unlike the traditional celebrities, these digital stars still work their regular jobs and do regular stuff that their followers can relate to. They have a dedicated audience unlike movie stars or celebs who have a large but detached fan base. Also, brand endorsements seem like a natural fit in their content because the sole purpose of their online presence is to share their life with their fans. Measurement of the ROI for such influencer campaigns is also easier when compared to a celebrity endorsement.

How to find the right influencers

Most influencers are popular just on one core social platform. However, there are quite a few who have a massive fan following across different platforms. Dan Bilzerian is a great example. He is not just popular on Instagram, but also on Facebook and Twitter.Dan Bilzerian instagram

So, the first thing that a brand has to think about while looking for the right influencer is – identifying the right platform. For fashion and lifestyle brands, YouTube and Instagram are the right platforms whereas, for electronic gadget manufacturers it is mostly YouTube. The first step therefore is identifying the right platform for campaign execution.

Identifying YouTube influencers

If there is one platform that can be used by almost any brand, it’s YouTube. It has a huge user base, majority of which is the millennial audience with buying potential. Check out these interesting examples:

1. EA Games, one of the most popular video game companies in the world teamed up with YouTuber Freddie Wong in 2011. Wong came up with an all-out action video that was watched more than 6 million times! This was a great campaign which aroused a lot of interest in their target audience.

2. British fashion company Mulberry teamed up with popular YouTubers Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr for a video showcasing their range of bags.

3. Turkish Airlines partnered with 10 popular travel vlogging YouTubers and sent them to locations around the world to document them. The videos collectively have almost 5 million views with great audience engagement. This was a brilliant campaign with a long tail reach – these videos still get views everyday!

You can find hundreds of such examples where brands from diverse verticals have utilized the influence of YouTubers to reach their target audience. Coming up with such campaigns requires a lot of research however. If Turkish airlines hadn’t done an extensive analysis while picking the travel vloggers for the campaign, it would definitely have bombed.

So what’s the easiest way to research and pick the YouTubers? Keeping this in mind, we at Vidooly have developed features that can help brand marketers find the right YouTube creator for their influencer campaign. The first step is to identify the right creators. Vidooly’s dashboard for creators has a feature called Market Research that can help you find any YouTube channel based on your requirement. You get simple filters to zero in on the right YouTube channels for your campaign.

Here’s how it looks:youtube channel finder

Note: You can register here and try out the dashboard for free!

In the above example, the filters help you find YouTube channels that create videos around smartphones. So, if you represent the marketing team of a smartphone brand, you now have a list of 400+ YouTube channels from the US that make videos around smartphones.

Next step is to find out more about the YouTube stats of the channel. On Vidooly’s website, type in the channel name in the search box:techrax channel stats

Now you can find out a whole lot more about the channel like:

1. It’s overall Social Media presencesocial media presence of techrax

2. Overview of its YouTube channeltechrax performance youtube

3. Brands that it has already worked withbrand endorsements youtube channel

Not just this. You can find out other interesting stuff like:

4. The interest of the audience of that particular channel. You can find out the other videos that they watch and the channels that they follow. This can give you a clear indication of the kind of content that the subscribers of that particular channel watch.

5. The video performance of the creator on other social channels like Facebook and Instagram. This can help you understand the kind of reach that the creator can give you if you work with him.

6. Historical growth graph. This can help you know if the creator’s videos get consistent viewership. This is really important to know if you’re looking for a long term benefit from working with the creator. Your campaign might be for a short duration, but the videos made by such YouTubers keep on getting views!

If you want to run an influencer campaign on YouTube and need some assistance in planning, please drop your contact details here.

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