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World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games of all time. But when it was launched in the year 2004, it was a very popular game. Yet a majority of people don’t get to play it because it used to be a paid game.

But hurray, the good news is that this most amazing game is now available for free. But before we begin to tell you that how can you get the same, let me tell you that it will be for a limited period of time. But you can check out the complete game, play for a while. So you will get to know everything about the game.

So, let’s answer the question Can You Play World Of Warcraft For Free.

Can You Play World Of Warcraft For Free?

So, to play the World Of Warcraft game for free through wow boosting, what you have to do is to create a free account. The free account can be simply levelled up to level 20. You can continue to play after hitting the cap, but you will not get additional XP. But in the free account, there are certain limitations.

Like in the free account, you will only get 10 gold. Also, there are limits on the in-game communication, and you can not join the guilds in the free accounts.

So, you have to create a free account on the world of warcraft through the site and register on it according to your country.

Now, here is a trick. After the update in 2015, you have the chance to make your free account a paid one without even paying a single penny. Wanna know how? Then just read 


So the thing is while you play for free, you need to earn gold in the game. Now, you can access the game after your free trial is over by spending those gold. But let me tell you that for a beginner it is nearly impossible to earn gold like that.

This is the moment where most of the people use the WOW classic power leveling service. They help you increase your level and earn all the resources. We will recommend you to take the WOW best-boosting services from the lfcarry. Because LFcarry is the best service provides we know at the best budget prices.

They could simply help you to improve your gaming, earn all the resources allowing you to get the World Of Warcraft game for free.


So now you must have got everything you need to know. As you can see it is one of the most amazing games of all time. But everyone loves to save money. So all you need to do is to earn gold and extend your free version to play the game for as much as you want.

You are never going to get any other game this much easily without paying any real cash at all.

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