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The evident exponential spike in demand for social media platforms is driven by the interest of users wanting to stay updated as well as connected over these networks. People look up to the video-sharing platform for knowledge and information on desired subjects that fulfil their interests as well as prepares them for a lifetime.

All of us are at some point in our career where we seek some support, idea, encouragement and more positivity to carry on with the various other associated problems. While some of us are doing our college, studies etc. most of us are managing jobs, paying bills, starting up with business and surely some are looking for post-retirement engagements. Well, where else can we get the relevant content other than YouTube itself?

One can always get such advice from the amazing career YouTube channels that not just empower viewers with great information and useful hacks but also help them overcome critical situations at the workplace and career.

Here are some great career YouTube channels to follow in 2021 for helpful tips and tricks in life.

Best 7 Career YouTube Channels to Follow

  1. CareerVidz

Started by Richard McMunn in 2011, CareerVidz Is one of the most interesting careers YouTube channels that train job seekers about job interviews, important exams, written tests etc. It has over 502K subscribers who engage in these step-wise, well-created videos about life, career and handling problems at the workplace. Most of his videos are the first-hand experiences of Richard himself that he beautifully explains and relates to others life. There are several contents that will inspire and inform people about handling problems and preparing for the unexpected problems faced in career.

  1. Career-Ending Opportunities

It is one of the quirkiest career YouTube channels that helps people decide over changing the profession and taking up a new career. The channel is targeting a very specific audience with the kind of video content where they don’t just motivate people to change the mind-set but also develop a personality to handle professional issues. It is a matter of fact that most of the people doing a job in the world are doing so due to unavoidable condition or the reason for lacking choice. Here they train the mind to take up the challenge and face the not-so-normal consequences of life. Anyone looking for a big change or trying to mend their career paths must watch the videos here for the required courage and idea.

  1. Career Swami

Nowadays career is certainly unpredictable due to the dynamically changing conditions around us. Taking the current pandemic situation around the world into consideration, we know how many people lost their jobs, ended in a critical situation and went hopeless but there were content creators who never gave up the efforts for inspiring everyone. Career Swami is one such amazing Indian career YouTube channels that teach people about reviving skills, attempting difficult interview sessions, preparing for jobs etc. the channel is bound to create smart viewers with the videos. There are well researched and analysed videos uploaded on the channel that one can watch for knowledge.

  1. Disney Careers

Now it will be shocking if any of us don’t know about the world’s best storytelling, animation and cartoon film making company. Disney has entertained us for years and we remember it as an integral part of our childhood. The company continues the legacy of creating amazing engaging content for its audiences and fans. Its channel is definitely one of the most creative career YouTube channel that informs about the different career options offered by the brand and the ways to train or prepare oneself for it. The videos comprise of the most amazing opportunities for the talented and creative people that can learn and join their team for more exquisite results.

  1. Linda Raynier

She is a great speaker, coach for professional and a smart strategist who preaches positivity and happiness for all at the job. Linda believes that everyone is meant to do something bigger in life and that people must be their authentic self even while at work. There are videos where she inspires her audiences to take up the right career that is meant for their mental wellbeing and happiness. It is a very positive and helpful career YouTube channels that teach & give away heart touching notes about being practical while choosing a career or profession.

  1. Self Made Millenial

Madeline Mann is an LA-based human resources recruiter who loves to share her insider perspective with the audiences about job and successful career. Self Made Millenial is one of the most inspiring career YouTube channels that not just help people learn about the smart tricks to crack difficult interviews but also understand the possible mistakes that can lead to bigger problems in the profession. The channel has a signature approach known as the “story toolbox” that helps people train their personality for behavioural interviews at the job. Overall it is one unique channel to watch in 2020.

  1. Andrew LaCivita

A world-leading career coach, speaker, blogger and award-winning author, Andrew helps people realise their potential through the YouTube channel that is followed by many. He has worked with leading companies as an executive recruiter and helped over 600 individuals in working with all their bests. The main agenda of the channel is to teach people about the major problems faced during the job search and overcoming these issues with smart choices in professional life. the videos are easy to understand and very engaging for anyone serious about landing a decent job with good pay and work environment.

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