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Just like how SEO decides the ranking and popularity of blogs and websites, optimizing the SEO helps make videos easily discoverable too. In this section we have blogs that can help you optimize your video SEO.

Creating live video content for social media requires effort and time, which can get unrewarding in return later. Marketing online is challenging because content once published, lose their reach and popularity with time.It reduces the engagement rates on videos due to which they become futile. Hence, as marketers, it is wise to repurpose video content to bring back impressions using the same efforts.  Making a video would involve planning, recording, editing, and publishing at the...


Earlier, digital advertising involved more risks with lesser ad inventories and improper digital ad management platforms. Agencies, brands, and publishers bought digital ads and resources through salespersons and sellers. The process of purchasing was mostly manual. Therefore, advertisers got limited inventories for specific ad campaigns at more expense.  The traditional way of buying digital ads and sources were unreliable, expensive, limited, and slow. As there were no means to track and record the real expense,...


YouTube SEO plays a vital role in the ranking of videos uploaded online. The right optimization helps videos reach the maximum audience and gain the best of the engagements. YouTube now is the second most visited website in the world with over 1,300,000,000 users across the globe. Over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, and this brings enough traffic on channels. YouTube gets approximately 30 Million visitors per day, and out of...


Metadata: Metadata is one of the most important parts of an upload. It consists of all the information and packaging you give to your video. Metadata of a video consists of: Title, Description, Tags, Thumbnail, and other information like category, publish date, cast & crew etc. The metadata is one of the two most important metrics that make your video discoverable. READ MORE: 5 noteworthy ways to increase engagement on