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Child safety on YouTube has become a topic of maximum concern both online and offline. Child users on YouTube are growing in number and so are the safety issues related to them.

A lot of crimes, abuses and exploitation cases have been reported on the leading video platform due to which it was deemed unsafe for minors. child safety on YouTube

Reports, studies and video evidences show how paedophiles have exploited the video publishing platform. Some accounts with fake details use the comment sections of the safe video channels to link out child pornography sites, to communicate directly and put up sexually tantalizing content.

YouTube is continuously criticized for the algorithms they have designed that enables abusers to monetize such accounts. Constant news reports have made rounds about the failing child safety regulations on the site which is growing each day. Many brands pulled down their ad videos from the platform for a similar reason.

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Child safety on YouTube has been a discussed problem and the platform has taken some necessary steps towards prevention, protection and control of such abuses. child safety on YouTube

YouTube sent a memo to its advertisers informing them about the “immediate actions” they have taken on the matter.

YouTube admitted to the fact that there is still more work to be done regarding safety of minors on its platform despite their efforts by suspending comments and report option. child safety on YouTube

Child safety on YouTube is a primary concern for the platform due to which they drew a roadmap including major changes, tweaks and improvements. This roadmap would improve the overall experience by improving the ability to find ill oriented engagements.

Child safety on YouTube with 3 recent updates:

  1. Disabled comments on Videos featuring Minors- YouTube has disabled the comments section of millions of accounts by Minors prone to online abuse. The action was taken after there was a rise in predatory behaviors from other users on minor channels. YouTube is trying to expand this facility and disable comments from most channels to ensure the prevention of such crimes and abuses.

YouTube has seen minors and older children taking up weird harmful challenges like the Blue whale and Momo challenge ending with self-harm cases. This required to control and therefore they moderated minor accounts. child safety on YouTube

Few creators will be having the option to regulate their comment section provided they actively moderate the channel videos and use YouTube moderation tools to minimize the risks. YouTube aims to increase the number of such creators by still catching faulty content.

  1. New comment classifier- Tens of millions of provocative, abusive and disturbing comments were removed using the new classifier. This tool efficiently removes content that is against the policies of YouTube.

The updated classifier would not affect the monetization of the video channels but will actively recognize comments that are violating and will sweep it 2X times more.

  1. Action against creators causing atrocious harm to the community online- Videos streaming harmful challenges, provocative messages or disturbing scenes will be removed completely from the platform. YouTube child safety would not support any kind of content which will harm the normalcy of policies.

Challenges and videos promoting wrong notions in community and are targeted towards the young creators will be terminated. YouTube requests its users to flag such content and report them to the site for quicker and better action. child safety on YouTube

Child safety on YouTube is a vast topic and it requires a lot of changes in order to keep the minor safe online. The site discourages any kind of content that promotes mental abuse, sexual predation, self-damaging challenges and harassment. They are continuously working on web developments and policy making to make the site a safer place for all.

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