Christmas Video Ideas for Content Creators

So it’s that time of the year again! We’re just a couple of days away from the biggest gifting day of the year. Aren’t you all excited?! If you are a content creator looking to gift your fans a great video on the occasion, here are some cool ideas that can inspire you. So, here are 10 Christmas Video Ideas:

1. Hack videos

Christmas can also be a stressful time for a lot of people because of all the spending and moving around. (By the way, did you know that heart attacks peak during Christmas?!) Helping people out with some neat hacks that can make their lives easier during the hustle and bustle is another good video idea.

2. Christmas Song Videos

This one’s a no-brainer to be honest. If you run a kids channel, it goes without saying that you should make a video on Christmas songs. It doesn’t hurt if the video is long by the way. While the parents are busy decorating their homes, shopping or cooking tasty dishes to celebrate the festival, the digital nanny can keep the kids busy and at the same time teach them some nice songs to celebrate Christmas.

3. Family vlogs

If you run a vlogging channel, recording the celebrations is a great idea. It not only helps you capture the special moments that you spend with your close ones; people from across the globe can also get a taste of what it feels like to celebrate Christmas in your part of the world.

4. Making listicle videos

Listicles work great on YouTube. Channels like TheRichest, Top10Archive, MostAmazingTop10 etc have millions of subscribers and they clock millions of views daily! Irrespective of weather you make listicle videos for your channel regularly or not, making one right now during Christmas can be a good idea. The listicle can be on anything related to the festival – Top 10 Christmas Songs, Top 10 Christmas Movies, 10 Famous people born on Christmas etc.

5. Makeup videos

Any special occasion calls for special makeups right? Christmas is associated mostly with spending quality time with your loved ones, gifting nice things to each other and eating nice food. And not to forget – taking a LOT of pictures! So who wouldn’t want to look good in their holiday pictures?! Makeup videos to help people get ready for the festival is a must for creators who make fashion and lifestyle videos.

6. Minecraft Videos

Minecraft videos are a huge draw on YouTube. Making a minecraft video on anything related to Christmas can be a good idea to clock in some cool views.


7. Christmas Parodies

Parodies are always fun aren’t they? You can make parodies of famous christmas songs or even come up with a small script to mock some stupid things that people do during the holidays.

8. Christmas Gameplays

Most games have special updates to celebrate Christmas and the holidays. If you run a Gaming channel, you can make Gameplay videos on the same.

9. Christmas dance videos

Christmas also gives you a chance to dress up like Santa and dance to some groovy music.

10. Christmas activity and decoration ideas

If you have read a blog on some cool activity and decoration ideas for Christmas when the whole family is together, you can make a nice short and crisp video on it. The activity ideas can also help offices that celebrate Christmas in their workplace.



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  • Shane O'Brien

    December 4, 2018 at 4:24 PM

    Hi! I am looking to make a fun xmas video for our team. We would like to put our heads on the bodies of xmas characters or similar. The only issues is that there is about 11 of us in the team. Can you suggest any of your templates that we could use? Thannks, Shane

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