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Here is our review on Indias highest viewed and subscribed YouTube channel - ChuChu TV Kids Songs.
Akshay Chandra5 years ago

ChuChuTv is India’s highest viewed YouTube channel. With more than 4 billion viewership, this YouTube channel is also among top kids YouTube content creators in the World.

Few channels can claim the level of devotion earned by ChuChu TV Kids as fans around the world send them pictures of their children watching and learning different rhymes while sitting with their mothers. This channel had received the Gold play button honor from the YouTube and is 29th most popular YouTube channel in the world.

Their rendition of nursery rhymes like our beloved “Baba black sheep”,“Johny Johny Yes Papa or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” proved to be an eye-catching spectacle for millions of kids around the globe.

Here is the infographic this popular YouTube channel and review it using Vidooly’s deep analytics and insights.

ChuChuTv Infographic

Industry Report

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