ListsHow to Collect Customer Feedback on Instagram to grow business?

In order to build an empire full of booming businesses, one must make sure that the customers are not just merely satisfied but valued to the core. It is a fact that customer is the real boss as they hold the power to uplift as well as destroy any company simply by investing or spending their money elsewhere.

Brands need to understand and learn about the customer experience right from when they discovered their product till the purchase is made because that is the way to keep things thriving and growing too.

Social media listening plays an important role in building a business as almost everyone is on one or the other social media sites.

Agreeing to this quote by Bill Gates,

“Your most disappointed customers are your greatest source of learning”

Customer Feedback on Instagram

Instagram is the biggest and best platform to study the customers & their purchasing pattern that can assist brands in constructive planning. With over 1 billion monthly active users and approximately 500 million daily active users, Instagram is the largest diverse site to collect data regarding most audiences.

As a brand or business, more you understand the customers, their needs, experiences and demands, easier it gets to serve and satisfy them. Listening to the customer grievances and addressing problems properly can help gain more profit besides building a stronger base for the company.

customer feedback on Instagram

With the majority percentage of Instagram users discovering brands on the site and 4 out of 5 users following a business profile, it is the best place to collect customer feedback.

Instagram is designed with the latest features that not just provide the most genuine, versatile and diversified data insights but also an equal stage for customers to express themselves. The photo and video-sharing social media platform is the right place to show gratitude and value relationship with customers by engaging with them appropriately.

How to effectively collect customer feedback on Instagram?

  1. Create Instagram Polls

These are the short term contests that are posted like Instagram stories which stay till 24 hours of publishing the only. They hold immense power of recognising the real public demand and plan decisions accordingly. Instagram polls use the audience’s FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to extract information as quickly as possible because they keep checking for more on the site. It is one of the easiest ways to collect customer feedback on Instagram and get assistance in proper decision making.

Be that deciding the packaging design or upgrading a particular bestseller, taking a poll will make it easy to select the best choice by going with the majority. The best part about the Instagram polls is that it also helps look at the people who voted on the poll and explore their reach online besides recognising the potential market along with their interests.

In order to post an Instagram poll, make sure to select the right background photo, you can also add a plain screen but adding images relevant to the audience-brand relation can make it more engaging. Provide the right options along with emoticons if necessary and optimise the poll according to the theme decided. To make sure that people participate in it, offer discounts, surprise and other possible rewards as per the campaign budget.

  1. Post Question Answer sessions

One of the most effective ways to collect customer feedback on Instagram is to begin a Q&A session for direct interaction with concerned audiences. These question stickers allow limitless communication between the customers and the brand that makes way for more online engagement and real purchases.

When people click on the sticker they can type anything wish to and ask questions or express their views on a certain matter related to the host profile. Responding audience can decide the content they wish to put on the Q&A sticker space hence they can choose to stay creative, critical or exclusive. These questions are confidential and can be made public only if the host brand wishes to make it so. As a brand make sure to answer all of it or most of it that look important to the brand.

  1. Study customer comments on posts

Reading what customers comment on different forms of social media posts is the most genuine way to know the trend or topic concerned. In the era of social media, internet users can utilize the platforms to be heard or voice out their opinions. Brand scan carefully examines the comment section to collect customer feedback on Instagram as people stay real on it. While most of the time the comment section is prone to more negative content, criticism and unnecessary trolling, it is still a place with more insights and direct data. Brands can easily find product reviews, expression of discontent and other product-related information that can be used for further development.

  1. Keep a check on inbox

Customers on Instagram are more comfortable with sharing grievances on the DMs as they are more personal with the brand, and tend to yield a quicker response. It is therefore wise to keep a check on the business profile inbox for more information. Keeping a track of all these messages piling up in the inbox section can get difficult due to various reasons hence using a social media tool to sort the messages and organise the inbox is smarter. At times, people who follow the business and try to connect through direct messaging end up in the other hidden inbox that usually removes spam. Hence keeping a watch over all the message inbox is safe.

  1. Brand mention tracking

Instagram is a place where people tend to express their opinions through hashtags and mentions in their media posts. Business and brands can easily trace the trend and discussions about them easily by typing the trending mention. Most of the users tend to tag and mention brands directly while talking about them or their experiences. In order to collect customer feedback on Instagram through these brand mention make sure to click on the notification and read the context of content posted to understand the user intention appropriately. People like to be heard hence when they mention your brand, pay attention, comment on the post and respond as soon as possible to show you care for the audiences.

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