ListsTop 10 Comedy Videos on YouTube from India – June 2016

In this article, we’re listing down the top 10 comedy videos on YouTube from India. Here are some interesting observations:

– The channels Shudh Desi Endings, East India Comedy and Be YouNick have 2 videos each in the list.

– Only one of the videos has clocked over a million views!

– Only one of the videos is from a language other than English and Hindi. There is a lot of scope for regional comedy content.


 – Below each video, we are noting down interesting stats about the video like – views it is clocking every hour, estimated earning from the video, total subscribers added to the channel because of the video etc.

 – All the the statistics mentioned for the videos are taken from Vidlog – Vidooly’s chrome extension for video analytics. And they are updated till 6 July.

Here are the top 10 comedy videos:

10 – ‘The Bro Code’ by Be YouNick

bro code stats

9 – ‘Better Life Foundation – Episode 1’ by Them Boxer Shorts

Views: 142,340      Likes: 1,848       Dislikes: 42       Views per hour: 201

8 – Gold Digger Prank by Be YouNick

Views: 150,932      Likes: 2,339       Dislikes: 1,155       Views per hour: 207

7 – Indian Families by Sapan Verma from EIC

Views: 156,453      Likes: 3,790       Dislikes: 363       Views per hour: 786

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6 – Punjabi Food by Sorabh Pant from EIC

Views: 182,258      Likes: 2,655       Dislikes: 1,991       Views per hour: 340

5- Restaurants vs Dhaba by Mahathalli

Views: 303,362      Likes: 3,708       Dislikes: 104       Views per hour: 838

4 – Mumbai on Humour by BeingIndian

Views: 305,371      Likes: 6,280       Dislikes: 136       Views per hour: 455

3 – Housefull 3 Spoof by Shudh Desi Endings

Views: 837,736      Likes: 9,9,86       Dislikes: 2,160       Views per hour: 1833

2 – Sultan Trailer Spoof by Shudh Desi Endings

Views: 897,015      Likes: 12,684       Dislikes: 2,268       Views per hour: 1,128

1 – Girl Calling Guys “UNCLE” Prank by TroubleSeekerTeam

Views: 1,191,423      Likes: 2,439       Dislikes: 421       Views per hour: 2166

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