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Right from sourcing information, compiling facts, writing that blog up to self-satisfaction and hitting publish button, Content creation is not an easy task.

It takes right amount of expressions, writing skills, appropriate images, infographics and more assistance to ensure the blog is engaging, readable and capable of gaining views. Penning this from the perspective of a blogger and writer, content marketing tools are essential while creating content. They help write in a constructive manner and avoids unnecessary errors.

content marketing tools

Creating and publishing great is not enough to keep the site running because it is important to grow the view and other measuring numbers on the insights page.

Therefore, content marketing tools must be a priority for regular content creators who are interested in attracting right readers and increase the views on it.

Let us know about few content marketing tools which would assist in creating masterpiece articles and blogs.

Effective content marketing tools to use now

1. BuzzSumo

It provides some of the finest insights and data that can help generate ideas, create good content, monitor performance and understand audience. The all in one content marketing tools are a must need these days as the markets have grown diversely and everyone has an opinion to share.

content marketing tools

It gives some of the best and functional topics to create content on to get maximum views. It is definitely the best tool to try if you need to do some serious SEO and content creation.

BuzzSumo is a must try if you are a content marketer looking towards exploring more by creating great articles and content.

2. Buffer

Social media is an integral part of content creation. Where else would you use the content created in order to attract readers and consumers? Buffer is a great analytical tool and surely one of the best content marketing tools in 2019.

content marketing tools

It helps in simultaneous posting over platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Moreover, Buffer determines the ideal time to post so that there is maximum engagement and views. So all you need to do is schedule your post around the time when the appropriate consumers are on platform.

3. Canva

In order to create a content that is interesting you must never miss the visual appeal of the article. As a content marketer you must be aware that visual content is constantly growing and is much demanded but they are difficult to create.

content marketing tools

Canva makes it simpler. The intuitive drag and drop feature in the content marketing tools helps design any image with ease.

It requires the user to have basic ideas and creativity as the rest technicalities are done by the tool.

There are many beautiful stock pictures, templates and graphics on it which one can use in their blogs to make it more attractive and self-explanatory.

4. Hemingway editor

How about a writing coach to monitor each line of your content?

Hemingway editor is a great way to know which of your lines are hard to read, have excessive passive voice, grammatical errors and unnecessary paragraphs. content marketing tools

The editor is one of the most useful correcting content marketing tools that you should try to make your content simpler and easier for readers.

The Hemingway editor is the smart way to give shape to your overall writing and ensure an engaging, interesting, simple and useful article before hitting publish.

5. Clearscope

Content marketing is hugely based on how to design our SEO strategy and use keywords to rank the blogs. Out of all content marketing tools, SEO managing tools are essential because content marketing depends largely on SEO optimization.

content marketing tools

Simply creating content is not enough as it should be easily shareable, clickable and readable too.

Clearscope finds the most relevant elements that people are searching online

6. Google Analytics

It is one of the must have content marketing tools that assists marketers in understanding the demands of the online market. Google analytics provides information regarding content marketing campaigns, user engagement metrics, landing pages and reach of content.

content marketing tools

The tool sharpens content marketing strategies in future for marketers by getting the most resourceful, assisting insights.


The video content editing tool is a blessing for all content creators on YouTube and other video streaming apps. Creators can use the tool to collaborate over video editing by adding suggestions and changes dynamically in the video.

content marketing tools saves time and effort while making video editing an easy process. Quality content is created after corrections and changes made by creators in collaboration with other partners.

8. Vidooly

Accurate insights, suitable video uploading time, performing content, views, subscribers and much more analytics can be obtained from Vidooly. It is one stop solution for every content creator who is looking for insightful information and data.

content marketing tools

The tool analyses performance and provides necessary details about what works and how to make content more profitable. Vidooly is recognized for its genuine insights that make it highly trustworthy.

Do try the Vidooly creator dashboard to create and design some amazing videos with the data backed facts and figures it provides.

Narrato - Content Marketing Tool

9. Narrato is a content ordering and writer hiring platform. It offers customized, well-researched and creatively-written content at budget-friendly prices. The platform’s smart algorithm matches clients with writers who have the most relevant expertise. The platform offers quick turnaround time – just share your content specifications, and get premium-quality content in 24-48 hours. Narrato has a built-in readability, grammar, content quality and plagiarism checker, which ensures the writers have the modern tech support to create awesome content.

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