How to create Facebook Messenger Ad: A Complete Guide

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With more than 2 Billion Facebook users, the company is now having more active users than the whole population in India. And as they say, with every user comes great responsibility; Facebook has changed its ambition from becoming the most populated social media platform in the history of Internet to developing new ways to advertise and safeguarding that whole ecosystem.

Along with Facebook’s several new updates, the company introduced Facebook Messenger ads. This update is the obvious choice for the company as messenger’s growth has skyrocketed to 1.2 billion users since its inception in 2014. This is the reason for face book’s latest offering where you can send advertisements through Facebook messenger and promote new or seasonal offerings to engage your customers in a personal real-time conversation.

Real-time example of Facebook Messenger ad
Real-time example of Facebook Messenger ad

Facebook Messenger ad

There’s a new way to engage prospects on Facebook that you probably haven’t taken advantage of yet. Facebook Messenger gives your business a fast and convenient way for people to get in touch to arrange appointments, ask questions about your products and services, and more.

These messenger ads appear on the Facebook News Feed, but users who click the ad are redirected to the Messenger app, where they’re subsequently able to ask a company a question, get feedback, or redeem a reward.

So, if you are wondering how to create facebook messenger ads without any prior knowledge, then here is the step by step procedure of how to create Facebook Messenger ads with screenshots.

1. Go to advert creation in Adverts Manager or Power Editor.

2. Choose Traffic or Conversions objective.

3. Enter your campaign name and click Continue.

  • Choose your audience, budget, and placement.Note: You cannot use Instagram as a placement option when selecting Messenger as a destination
Select Your Campaign Budget
Select Your Campaign Budget
  • Choose the page you want to connect.Page

4. At the advert level, choose your format. You can choose Carousel, Single Image, Single Video or Slideshow format.choose your format

  • Select Fullscreen Experience (Optional)Fullscreen Experience

5. Choose Messenger as your destination.

If selecting a manual option, type in the message you want to greet your customer when they click the ad in their timeline.Links

Text: This is the text that appears above your ad. You’ll need to add a tagline to attract your customer, and it should describe your ad in a couple of lines.

Message Text: This is the greeting that the user will see in Facebook Messenger after clicking your ad. This is where you’re promoting to start a conversation about a product.

After selecting the Facebook Messenger option, select your image, add your headline and the description to create Facebook Messenger Ad.

.add your headline

Headline: This is the bold headline that appears immediately below your image.

News Feed Link Description: In this 150 character meta description you’ll need to provide a brief description of what you are promoting.

Also, select “Send message” option in the “Call to Action” section. Although the call to action does not impact how the message is delivered, a CTA option must be selected when using Messenger destination.

Use a category page

Advert creative will automatically be filled using images from a destination URL, like a category-level web page. Use this option to send people who click on any product in your advert to the target URL.category page

Choose a welcome message. When people click on your advert, they will automatically be directed to Messenger and receive a copy of your advert and the welcome message.Choose a welcome message.

  • Selecting “Structured Message (J SON)” Bot.J SON

You can use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to create a formal message that can include text, media, quick replies and a call-to-action button. People who click on your advert will receive your structured message; they won’t obtain a copy of your advert. View JSON specs for Messenger.

You will get a popup to add few more sections such as introductory text, image, message title, subtitle, and the code template to complete the creation of Facebook messenger ads.JavaScript Object Notation

After you’ve reviewed your advert, click Place Order.

In this way, you can create Facebook Messenger Ad. So, start experimenting with your audience and try various headlines/description to make your message crisp and simple.


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