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Vishal Sharma3 years ago

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn, with more than 650 million users located in more than 200 countries, stands out as the most significant “professional social networking site.” With its professional image and technological advancements, LinkedIn is a popular social platform for brands and businesses to connect professionally across the globe. In this blog, we will explore why you need to use LinkedIn groups and discuss how to create and effectively utilize them.

Expanding beyond helping in recruitments and prioritizing business voices, LinkedIn has grown into a powerhouse of leads and engagements, where more than 45% of the users come from upper-management which makes the platform ideal for B2B lead generation.

LinkedIn Stats How to Create LinkedIn Groups & its Importance for Business

Probably most of us are on LinkedIn and are using it for either job updates, research, or career networking. But how many of you are aware of LinkedIn groups or have joined any group? If not, then probably you are losing out on the opportunity to take full advantage of Linkedin’s most valuable resource, LinkedIn groups.

The LinkedIn groups is a dedicated forum on LinkedIn, where professionals from the same industry or same interest discuss relevant information about a product, topic, or service.

Groups can be unlisted (requires approval by the group manager to participate) or open for anyone to join. LinkedIn has over 2 million groups on its platform, and you can join up to 100 LinkedIn groups at a time.

Launched from a perspective of social marketing, LinkedIn groups became flooded with promotional advertisements and spams, which eventually turned down the idea of valuable discussion and meaningful interaction among members and businesses. But LinkedIn soon fixed this issue and last year revamped LinkedIn groups to bring it back to its original functionality, focusing on the platform’s group experience.

When used correctly, LinkedIn groups can be a useful tool for businesses and professionals to grow and reach out to a dedicated audience.

The benefits of joining or participating in LinkedIn groups for your Business

  • Social media is changing: Social media is seeing a significant shift from huge public pages to niche closed communities. Users now like to engage more and more with the content and groups offer a streamlined space where meaningful content is given priority. We have seen how social media platforms like Facebook is growing its community of users by recognizing the importance of genuine interactions within the groups.
  • Significant growth of Linkedin’s usage: A powerful channel of professionalism serving high-quality content, Linkedin is one of the fastest-growing social networks, and according to LinkedIn, around 46% of the social media traffic to B2B sites comes from LinkedIn. Around 91% of the marketing executives consider LinkedIn as the top choice for finding quality content. LinkedIn groups, when appropriately used to build networks, can serve as a powerful medium to share thoughts and interests with professionals from the industry and at the same time help in reaching out to the target audience.
  • Direct engagement with the potential audience for free: LinkedIn groups eases the task of targeting the audience interested in your service or idea. Groups gives an immediate chance to engage with members who have already shown interest in an opinion or service without paying anything. No more bombarding of consumers with advertisements!
  • Market research becomes less challenging: Critical marketing success depends on serving the right content to the target audience. With LinkedIn groups, you can get better insights from like-minded members which gives a sneak peek into the challenges and improvements.
  • Capitalizes the reach of your content: LinkedIn groups acts as a social channel to spark networking and conversation, which may then turn into a marketing opportunity by showcasing the right information to the right audience.
  • Get a chance to become a valued contributor: Sharing your ideas, offering advice, regularly engaging with members is an excellent way to earn respect and trust. Members will surely appreciate your inputs and will be happy to hear from you next time.

Where to find relevant LinkedIn Groups for your Business

In the search box at the top, type a phrase or keyword, and click on the “Search” icon. Now, from “More”, select “Groups” to filter out the list of groups.

You can view the list of recommended groups by selecting the “Work” menu and then select “Groups.”

LinkedIn Discover How to Create LinkedIn Groups & its Importance for Business

If you are not a member of any LinkedIn group, then you will be prompted to “Discover Groups,”  and if you are a part of any group, you will see most active Groups.

Creating your own LinkedIn Group for Business

    • In a web browser, log into your LinkedIn account at, select “Work” and go to “Groups” as discussed above
    • Click on “Create new group” seen at the top right corner of the page to open the simple form to fill

New Group form in How to Create LinkedIn Groups & its Importance for Business

  • Fill out the below fields mentioned in the form:
    • Group name (mandatory)
    • About this group: a short description of the group (mandatory)
    • Group rules: having clear group rules will encourage moderate conversations and help in managing the group (optional but highly recommended)
    • Privacy: Standard or Unlisted (mandatory)
    • Uploading a thumbnail photo is optional
  • After filling the form, click on “Create.”

This will create a group of which you will be the owner. You can start the conversation on the group by making your first post.

Grow your LinkedIn Group

Once the group is created, invite your connections who are interested in your group topic.

Additionally, promote the group on your LinkedIn profile and other social platforms. Grow your group community with fewer members to build a meaningful discussion rather than clogging it with self-promoters or people posting irrelevant content

Best LinkedIn Groups practices

  • Use well-engaging messages and be clear and precise in your posts
  • Keep engaging with the members and ensure timely replies as continuous answering and interactions prove helpful in growing your community. You may ask advice for some scenarios or give suggestions in the group
  • Focus on what your audience wants and avoid discussing the same topic in different groups of interest
  • Be regular on your group and add value to a discussion to keep the communication active
  • Optimize your group information to include keywords and phrases relevant to your topic which are most likely to be searched
  • Use your brand’s logo to attract more members to check out your group
  • Highlight the most valuable discussions in a week by sending out weekly newsletters in the group. This will also show your commitment and inputs towards the group

Although LinkedIn groups haven’t always had a good reputation in terms of engaging communities, with recent efforts from LinkedIn, groups are now a powerful tool to build your audience and generate leads. Remember there are millions of groups on LinkedIn and finding the best group based on your interest needs a little research such as evaluating the number of members in the group, its description and purpose and connections in the group

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