Tips & TricksHow to create a LinkedIn Newsletter for your brand?

Newsletters have always been an essential tool for any business. From building brand awareness, advocacy, and disseminating crucial information- newsletters have helped bridge a significant gap for marketers. Keeping newsletter’s significance in mind, LinkedIn has introduced its very own newsletter feature in 2021. 

Let’s understand everything that there is, on how to create a LinkedIn Newsletter for your brand.

What is a LinkedIn newsletter?

Like any newsletter, this is a tool where you can create and publish a series of articles on a topic that is relevant for your niche. You may choose to publish your newsletters- a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. 

Eligibility criteria for LinkedIn newsletter:

Currently, LinkedIn has rolled out this feature for LinkedIn Creators and Company Pages. This feature will be accessible only by the page admins. The page has to comply with the following criteria to be eligible for this tool:

      • Has more than 150 followers
      • Creates and posts original content in the forms of videos, posts, articles etc.
      • The page and the admin profile conform LinkedIn community guidelines

Even after meeting these criteria, LinkedIn may take a while to run its background checks and approve this feature for your page. 

What is the difference between a LinkedIn Newsletter and LinkedIn Article:

The most important difference between a LinkedIn Newsletter and LinkedIn Article is that when you post an article, it can be ‘discovered’ by your audience. However, upon creating a Newsletter, your followers would get a notification alert, automatically from LinkedIn. This increases the chances of your newsletters being read by your target group as soon as you post them. 

Why should you create LinkedIn Newsletters?
    • To grow an engaged audience:

For businesses, it’s no longer enough to just grow followers. Increasing ‘engaged followers’ is the order of the day. LinkedIn Newsletter gives you a whole new way to connect with your audience. You may even have people who only subscribe to your newsletters but not your page. Their affinity analytics can give you an idea for further promoting the right content to the right people.

    • Promoting Thought Leadership:

This feature allows you to create engaging and in-depth content on any topic- which in return, boosts your authority and propels your brand’s thought leadership to the next level.

    • Generating more leads:

Linkedin Newsletters can help you generate new leads without coming out as a ‘direct selling’ brand. It focuses on your brand’s domain knowledge which gives it an edge over your competitors, in the minds of your target audience.

Steps to create LinkedIn Newsletter:

Now, let’s dive into the most important part- actually creating your first LinkedIn Newsletter. Follow this step-by-step guide:

1) Choosing the right page:

If your business has more than one LinkedIn page then this is a crucial step for you. If all your pages meet the criteria, then LinkedIn Newsletter can be posted from all of them- be it a company, showcase, product, or service page. However, remember that the tone of voice and topics should be relevant to each of these pages. For example, if your newsletter is about an organizational announcement, it should not go out from your Product page. 

2) Setting up the newsletter:

Click write an article at the top of your homepage. Alternatively,  you can visit the ‘Start a Post’ prompt and click on the ‘Write Article’ button.

After that, you need to click the Create a Newsletter button that you can find on the top menu bar.

Once you’ve put all the necessary details like logo, title, description, and publishing frequency- hit Done. LinkedIn now will promt you to finish writing your company newsletter. Remember, you can change the frequency as you go along in this journey; so for now, choose the frequency that seems right. Be sure to create a header image that goes with your newsletter. This makes the newsletter stand out and appeal to the readers. The recommended size is 300×300 px.

While writing the newsletter, dont forget that LinkedIn lets you use tons of text formatting options and you can even use external links, videos and GIFs, and Call to Action buttons in your Newsletter. Also, to ease the writing process, LinkedIn automatically keeps on saving your content on the go. 

3) Publish your newsletter: 

Once you’re through with writing and reviewing, you can publish your newsletter or save it for publishing later. If you choose to publish later and want to have feedback on the draft, you just need to open the Publishing Menu (in the upper-left corner of the newsletter), choose Share Draft and copy the link that comes up. You can share this with your team. Whenever you want to return to the draft, click on the Write Article button and then on the Publishing Menu dropdown (upper-left corner) where you can see your draft(s). Once revised and reviewed, you can hit the Publish button. When you want to return for the next newsletter in the series, follow the same process as stated above. 

4) Edit your already published newsletter:

If for any reason you need to edit an already published newsletter, fret not, LinkedIn has got your back. To easily edit any newsletter issue, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the content. But remember editing title etc. can confuse your subscribers and it’s always advisable to publish your newsletter once you have thoroughly reviewed the same.

Best practices to follow
  • Use a catchy and to-the-point title for the newsletter
  • You can use 10,000+ words in a newsletter so it is important to create in-depth content but not to create ‘content fatigue’ for your audience
  • Be consistent with your and true to the broad topic of the newsletter
  • Always use a proper call to action that will help yield the right response  
  • Encourage all employees to share the newsletter
  • Share the newsletter on your organisation’s other social media pages
  • Use analytics to understand the key metrics, learn from them and implement new content strategies
  • LinkedIn Newsletter can be a game changer for your content marketing strategy. So it should be given due importance. With regular publishing, and good content you can create effective newsletters for your organisation.

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