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Engaging one-on-one with the audience, be it stakeholders, potential customers, or company executives, can do wonders for a presenter. Today, over 61% of marketers use webinars as an effective tactic to build the brand and generate leads. Webinars are one of the most efficient ways to demo services, products & further churning out quality leads. However, creating and hosting a webinar can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to presenting to a live audience. 

Moreover, the COVID-19 situation has made companies around the world transition to remote work. Fast track 2021, a webinar is no longer a buzzword. PowerPoint presentation webinars are helping brands with their cumulative brand value and directly reach the target group. Moreover, they are highly cost-effective and time-saving! Regardless of the industry, an array of businesses and individuals can leverage webinars to accomplish goals.

Why Host Webinars?

  • Boosts brand value 
  • Helps with establishing authority & trust
  • Fosters business relationships
  • Accessible to a global audience
  • More intuitive than traditional communication set-ups
  • Great source of high-quality sales leads

Now that we’ve learned how beneficial webinars are! Let’s move ahead and know how you can host an engaging, memorable & compelling webinar.

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Know Your Audience:

Before you jump straight to planning your webinar, you must comprehend your attendees. You may consider yourself asking questions like who will be attending the webinar, what problems or challenges they face, what are their goals etc. Asking yourself these questions will help you plan for a webinar that is audience-centric and not sterile.

The goal here is to determine whether the niche and audience resonate with each other or not! Your webinar will only attract sign-ups from people who are interested in the niche, you must target a very specific part of the audience and accordingly create a presentation for the webinar. It is then presenters can come up with webinars that can attract the right audience, ensure superior knowledge-share and result in success.

Use PowerPoint Templates:

Ready-to-use PowerPoint templates can significantly enhance your webinars. Presenters can explain the details about the services, products, or subject matter in a detailed yet engaging manner through PowerPoint templates. Rather than designing your webinar from scratch, you can use ready-made business templates to create highly engaging webinars quickly!

Presenters can use beautifully designed, corporate-friendly templates to represent data in a short & concise fashion, assist the audience with a visual aid, ensure consistent branding throughout the webinar and enjoy the ease of customization. Rather than hodge-podging your webinar slides with different styles, a consistent design scheme can do wonders for your presentation goals.

Emphasize On Visuals:

It is common for your audience to lose track and get distracted during the presentation. When we talk about great webinars, it all boils down to providing your audience with a seamless experience while they interact with you. Visuals play an essential role in delivering a full-branded, compelling webinar experience to the audience. It is eye-catching visuals that help presenters attract the audience’s attention all the way until the webinar ends. 

Do you know the human brain processes an image in mere 13 milliseconds? Unlike raw text, visuals can help the audience remember the information better as the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster! Include 3D infographics, shapes, vector diagrams, iconography, and boost webinar experience manifolds. You can also highlight, re-iterate essential points of your webinar, and initiate a call-to-action (CTA) with the right set of visuals.

Maintain Consistent Interaction:

While you’re hosting your amazing webinar, you should not forget to engage and interact with the audience now and then! In online meetings, it is common for the participants to feel left out. You can engage with your audience through regular polls, quizzes, feedback, and more. 

The goal here is to leverage interaction tools and methodologies to encourage the learners to actively participate. Moreover, presenting the slides in a storyline manner can help your audience capture the end-to-end webinar. Talk about that one revolutionary idea! Studies show that the audience engages more during presentations when there is a story involved.

Wrapping It Up:

Great presenters capture the attention of the audience in the initial minutes of the webinar. Now, whether your presentation grabs the attention of your audience in that time span or not, draws the line between a closed deal or a missed opportunity.

Professionally designed slides paired with relevant content can generate much-needed audience engagement. Consistent branding throughout the webinar can help you remarkably increase brand recognition.

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