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At Vidooly, we’ve always believed in building products that can add value to creators and help them better their online video business. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a completely new version of Vidooly’s tool for creators! We’ve just rolled out our cross-platform video analytics dashboard not only to our existing customers, but also new users who sign up.

cross platform video analytics

The new dashboard has all the existing features and some exciting new ones like content suggestion, market research, and Facebook video analytics. The new dashboard can be accessed by following this link (using the old username and password) or by logging into Vidooly and clicking on the notification on the bottom right-hand corner.

Here’s an overview of the new features:

Facebook video analytics

The previous version of Vidooly’s creator dashboard was mostly focused on YouTube. With the new one, they can also integrate their Facebook page and get actionable insights about their videos on Facebook as well!

facebook video analyticsBy clicking on More next to each video, you can see detailed analytics of individual videos:vidooly facebook analyticsfacebook video datafacebook video viewersContent Suggestion

Before I begin to explain this feature, let me tell you a bit about topics on YouTube. As most of you must know, every YouTube video can be tagged under one of the pre-defined YouTube categories. While Music, Entertainment, Comedy, Science & technology etc are the categories that YouTube defines, every video is also automatically tagged under a topic by YouTube. For example Star wars, Pokémon GO, Donald Trump et al are topics.

Using Vidooly’s content suggestion feature, you can explore all the popular topics that fall under any YouTube category. This can be a goldmine for creators to come up with new topic ideas for their new videos. If you have a creative block and are not sure what videos to make next, use this feature to get some interesting ideas.content research
You can also see a tag cloud visualization of the topics so that it is easy to find topics just through a glance. Just pick a topic from the cloud and use our Keyword analysis feature to find relevant keywords for your next video.

The feature can also show you the trending video topics in any category from any country, using simple filters:

trending video topicsThe feature can also tell you what topics are used more by your competitors and give you suggestions based on audience interests. We will be publishing a detailed blog on just the content suggestion feature soon. Keep a tab on our blogs section or schedule a demo to see how it works.

Market research

The creator wizard feature in our old dashboard has been rechristened and made more robust with the ability to not just search for channels, but also videos from different categories and countries based on simple filters.

The feature has more filters to choose from while you search for videos now. You can find a video based not just on the category and country, but also based on the number of likes, dislikes, comments, and subcategory! Do you want to find out the most disliked video from a particular country? You can find that easily. You want to find out the most disliked videos that have a minimum of 1 million views, you can find them as well!find youtube videosWe’ll be uploading a detailed blog just on this feature as well. Keep a tab on our blogs section or schedule a demo to see how it works.

Did you know: Our Custom Insights team can give you tailor-made reports on online video, as per your specification. If you want to find out the performance of a particular genre of content or if you want to find out how certain brands are leveraging online video or if you have any other specific requirement, leave your request here.

Video scanner

If you want a detailed analysis of any YouTube video, this feature can be your go-to source. It gives you interesting details of a YouTube video like:

The topic of the video: A video usually falls under any of the pre-defined categories of YouTube like comedy, entertainment, music etc. It is also associated with a topic. For instance, Jon Oliver’s video on Donald Trump falls in the category Entertainment, but the topic is Donald Trump. This gives you an idea about the video on a granular level. The feature also tells you other related topics that the video is associated with. In this case – talk show, HBO and Television Program.

online video analysisTags used in the video: You can check out all the video tags used for the video.

Daily views of the video: See how many views that the video is clocking every day.

daily views youtube videoAudience Sentiment analysis: The sentiment of the audience based on the comments.

audience sentiment

The new dashboard can be a great way to optimize your existing videos and come up with new ideas for your upcoming ones. In the next version of the dashboard, we will be adding features that can help you better monetize and distribute your videos.

Until then, keep a tab on our blogs section for wish you happy YouTubing.

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